5 Easy Back To School Hairstyles Natural Hair Tatyana Ali

5 Easy Back to School Hairstyles Natural Tatyana Ali. Follow my natural hair journey.

Tatyana Ali has done it again! Today we will explore another video on my natural hair journey. 5 back to school natural hairstyles, quick and easy for School. Transforms your look in a matter of minutes in this video tutorial. Hope you enjoy!!! Thank you for following my experiences.






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Hey curly girl, so today I have five back-to-school hairstyles. Now I'm kind of dreading that I have to make this video only because school is literally oh right around the corner, but I have five quick and easy hairstyles. I usually do and I like to share this with you guys just so you know we can make school easier than what it has to be. So this first hairstyle I have two pigtails. I usually don't wear this, but I think this is really cute. If you're like in middle school or if you are in high school or in college, you like this hairstyle girl, you can do it. I'M not shaming anybody, because this hairstyle is still cute. So this is two pigtails. I have two hair ties and I kind of wanted to spice it up. So I added my little cat ears. I was like. Oh thank you, so next Arace all I have is two space funds. So I'm just gon na like separate the top of my head and from the back of my head, because I want the back to actually be out and then the top to be in these cute little space books. So I'm just gon na take um hair from the top and then I'm just gon na tie everything dye one out in the back with just a hair tie and now I'm just gon na tie. Another hair tie on the two. My hair was already actually in the middle part when I worked on it, because this is from like an old wash and go so I'm just doing this easily. You can always just make a middle part if you don't have one, and then I like to wrap my hair or round itself to make a bun and then just pin it with a bobby pin super easy. I promise you this takes no time. I am so for not having to spend time on my hair in the morning, because I'm literally like dreading, I have to go school once I do that, just like to shake out my hair and getting all big and stuff weak as honey. This is cute pencil, ready, I'm ready to work so the next one I have is the puff. I actually wear this 24/7. I I love this hairstyle. It'S quick! I literally throw it on the top of my head and then I like to like, spread it out and like separate the top, so I'm gon na be able to see, and this hairstyle is super duper cute, quick and easy. No time. I'Ve got the work hard and then this next one is the messy bun. Now you know a lot of girls like taking a lot of time and you're like oh, I got to protect my best good girl. We don't have time for that. We got time to throw this thing on top of our head and get to go and you need to grab my pack and go, but we still need more cute. So I'm just taking out a little bit of like my hair and making it look all messy, because I'm trying to act like I meant to do this, even though I didn't mean to do this. So it's a cute like I just won't happen. I still look good thanks, so the next one we have and the last one. We have it's a scary spice because it reminds me of female scary, spicy, spice girls, and this is like you, put a little two little buttons on the side and if you think out a little bit of your hair, I just use two scrunchies and then just Wrap my hair around it, then I didn't pull the button all the way through and then I just pull it a little bit and if you don't like how your buns look, you can always box in it, but I was fine with this, so I thought this Looks really good. Thank you guys for watching comment like subscribe, and I will talk to you guys later.

Ari and Ela: You're so gorgeous!! Love the styles

Dina S: "Messy" hairstyles look so cute on you while I just turn out looking a mess

Natalia Janae: these hairstyles cute but people behind me always b complaining

alexus haynes: you should do a skincare video your skin is AMAZING

Tanjixx: So glad I found your channel. These hairstyles will definitely come in handy thanks girl!!❤️

Alex: You slayyyed the whole video!!!!❤

amandaxcoureen: waiting for my hair to be this long...

Nordungen: Wow, all the styles are so cute and suit you so well! I have always wanted big curly hair, but sadly I don't have that. But I'll keep watching anyway :)

thatssojayah: I love the puff!! Such a cute go to hair style.

Isimeme Edeko: Dope curly hair styles boo! My hair's a lot shorter than yours plus I have a kinkier texture (3C/4A) so I hd to learn to be versatile w/ my hair which is why i did a "23 Curly Hairstyles" tutorial showing ways to create cute, dope ass hairstyles for shorter haired people like myself!

Ebony Lashawn: i'm in college now but i wear the first hairstyle to classes for sure.. love your videos!

BeingAsA BrandNew: My first day was today. And IM SO LOVE WITH YOUR HAIR TEXTURE LIKE GOALS ITS THICK AND YOUR CURLS ARE DEFINED. If I do a braid out my hair is too thin for my taste but if I do a blowout I spent an hour shingling those loose parts into shape. The. STRUGGLE.

vee: Is that your natural lip color?? If not, please let me know the lip products!! Soo gorgeous!

TAEISROOD: Honestly this really did help cause I never know what to really do with my hair every week for school. Thx

Julia: i am so jealous of girls with their gorgeous natural hair omg you rock them curls girl!

Valeria Monice: Great styles more back to school related videos please?

Naomi Izumba: Literally started watching all your videos today & im already obsessed

EFRAT: Im so obsessed with your channel lately

dana d.: I love your videos and your personality keep up the good work girl :)

Akira Arissa: How does she manage to rock the messy look

Ariana Belvy: School is literally tomorrow. Pray for me y'all

Laiah.Chinelle: OMG ur hair is soooo pretty ahhh I'm jealous ♥️❤

Maiya Andrews: Gave it a thumbs up before I even reached 30 seconds! Absolutely have so much love for her!!

Kayla Cumbo: I love your videos, my hair is starting now to revert back to curly but hopefully when I take my braids out will be more curly to try these styles

Meka Monroe: Love all these styles!!! Space bun is my fav

Reaonna Howell: Your channel actually gives me life ✨❤️

Destiny J. Dykes: Every single one was cute & fit you ! ❤️

Qaya the True Stepper: I love the 'puff' on you! Not a lot of people can pull it off x

Lol Dank: You are absolutely stunning

Imrah Trapp: I think I almost died watching this because of how gorgeous you are.

Lee Monroe: Can I just say, you are bootiful. The fact that my glasses are the same shape as hers (got new ones, ignore my pfp. Lol.) make me feel like I may look as pretty As she did in the video :3

Imana Isis: I loved all these hair styles there so

Koleen: I love these hairstyles and those glasses are sooo cute! Are they prescribed?

Taquashia: You're so pretty and I love your hair!

Amya B.: Hey Taty ur gorge☺️ I was wondering can you do a fav curly hair products vid/tips to growing curly hair? Ily☺️

Deborah Dimelu: YESSSSHHHHH tatyannnnnaaaaa!!!!!!!!! slayyyyyyy as always...... HUGE fannnnn!!!!!!!!

Aida Kassa: Any tips on growing curly hair and finding your curl pattern? Because 1: my hair hasn't grown in two years 2: my curl pattern always changes

grace: new subbie! your sooo gorgeous!

YNR Mook: you just slay so effing much like omg!! you lit asf

joanna lastname: Other girls:My messy bun has to be perfect Me:It's called a messy bun for a reason

Stephanie Waters: I'm in love with your glasses they are beautiful!

Nunya!!!!: love these! :-)

Caitlyn Ashley: Can't wait to try these styles! Where are your glasses from?

tanyaserene: im so happy needed this <3 !

Giannie Vanessa: youre sooo gorgeous hun❤️

Tatyana Ali: Hey guys I got my glasses from eBay! Just search up clear framed round sunglasses


K Kag: Her glasses are so nice I want a direct link for them

amalia urena: I love her attitude!!!

ChiFashion101: im so in love with your videos

Kenzie Nicole: if only my hair was this long :(

Sandra W: funny how you mentioned that the last look reminded you of scary spice but you actually did one of her hairstyles (which happened to be one of my fave hairstyles on her except hers had twine or ribbon wraped around her "space balls" lol) earlier in the vid. Look up the spice world tour, and check it out. then could you give a tutorial on how to do the twine please?!

Jada H: You have to tell us what color your wearing on your lips!! It looks great.

Randy The raindeer: you look so cute in all of the hairstyles

bradison: Is it just me that wakes up in the morning goes to the bathroom, eats some cereal ,stares at the wall or go back to sleep for 10 minutes then scrambles to get ready in the last 5 minutes and just ends up running my hands through my hair and just leaves with a crazy mess

Yana H: Favorite video for school

amalia urena: I love that she said "hey curly girls"

Brianna Johnson: i adore her!

Winta Zere: Beautiful

Mya Salazar: Why am I just finding out about your channel? . Love this video though

Little MS. Diva: I wear the first hairstyle all the time

helia farah: YOU are gorgeous

Satirea: Omg I love your hair

Xyah Mcgough: she reminds me of chili from TLC

curly guurl: These hairstyles are amazing!! def gonn wear one of them!! where did u get your glasses?:)

Kanndiss Riley: Where did you get you glasses from? Love them

My Royal Family 4: Totally agree about the messy bun. What is the point if you take a lot of time to make a messy bun?

Nunu Marie: fell inlove with you today i love your videos

Lisa A.: Gurl where did you get them glasses from? They’re amazing

ɱɛɱơ: Awesome

Andreia R.Pereira: My hair is in pigtails and when she said its cute if you're in middle school, i touched my head like.. Im 17 No hate love ur vidss fo real

Ewanha Itikuma: Were your curls always this defined because i couldn't really tell. if you didn't always have hair this gorgeous can you tell me or make a video about how to change your curl pattern

Kolorlesssoul: We're in the same grade, sis! CO2k17

Cheyenne: My messy buns never look good like yours because my roots are frizzy while the rest of my hair is loose :( so everything looks puffed up

Melanin Â: Hi your hair is on fleek

feli robins: Taty!!! I frinckin love you, and I have a question!!!! What grade are you in? I'm assuming college but I just wanna know...

Flawless xoxoxo: thanks that really help me by the way how old are you??

Shar Smith: you are gorgeous omg

nyessah: When your hair is about that long but probably not that texture

Aarone: Hello, I really like your video and this video too.I'm French and I would like to know what's your editing software and if you are an apple computer thanx!have a good day

Nephthali Ulysse: you lool so cute and you are slayyen im a new sub l will like all of your vids

Amour niaa: You're So Pretty !New Sub !

Oh Snap it's Pat: super cute hairstyles

plam zara: What lip combo are you wearing?

Pouber: I have terribly thin straight hair. But I'm still watching this because I'm so envious of natural curls. So beautiful!

Sonja Johnson: So much hair

Jazzy Jaz: ugh i love your hair

Tyleana Gibbs: My mom named me after your name .My name is similar to yours it's Tyleana

amalia urena: first video I have seen and I want to subscribe!!!

Mackenzie Rumpel: you are so lokey chill OMG it killed me

Seraiah: Where'd you get glasses

Lady Gemini: very beautiful young lady

Soyy Sauce: when i do messy hairstyle my hair looks nappy.

daniel mchale: you are an perfect 10

Tamia: Where did you get your glasses

It's Niidf: The puff

Michaela Hooks: I only love school cuzs I get to dress up

Mikayla Scott: what do you use to edit?

Laila Hogue: Can you give a link to these glasses

Big sis And little sis: These are all what everybody has already thought of.

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