Banana Clip Hairstyle For Natural Hair

Banana clips are so difficult, so I did a simple tutorial on how I use them to style my natural hair. I started on stretched hair which was stretched using the African Hair Threading technique: This method is great if you want a blow out texture.


0:14 Comb or detangle your hair thoroughly. Your hair may be kinky during the process, but I find it easier to start with stretched hair.

0:19 Clip the back half of your hair into a banana clip. That's all I can fit in one without it snapping open.

0:30 Separate the front half into three sections and pin the tow sides out of the way while you work on the middle.

0:42 You will create what appears to be a fishtail braid cornrow in the middle by overlapping one section over the you go back. You do not have to go all the way to the end because the loose hair will be part of your puff/ ponytail.

0:53 Flat twist the side sections and gather them at the middle of your head. Pin them down using a decorative ponytail for a little bit of character.

1:09 Use an edge control to tame your edges. My edge control is Ampro Shine n Jam silk edges and it can be found at your local beauty supply store.

1:17 Neaten your hair and you're done.

This easy style is perfect for a hot summer day if you're going to work or going for a run. You can definitely wear it anywhere.

If you need extra length to help you style your hair, try using cuban twist hair or a kinky straght weave.

**** Cuban Twist Crochet Hair Tutorial:

**** How to Blend Kinky Straight Hair Extensions:

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Hi you guys I'm gon na quickly show you how I achieved this banana clip updo starting on hair. That was stretched using the African hair threading technique. I do have a tutorial on how to stretch your hair using threads, so definitely check that out and you're just gon na comb, your hair after removing the thread and then grab a banana clip and clip the back half of your hair. That'S about all! I can fit in a banana clip anymore, so half of it is gon na go in a banana clip and for the front you're gon na separate your hair into three sections, one in the middle two on the sides and go ahead and clip the hair on The sides down and out of your way, so you can work on the middle, which basically you're going to overlap your hair you're, going to overlap your hair, like a fishtail braid, grab one section from each side after that you're going to flat twist each side, and You don't have to go all the way to the ends, but you're gon na grab both sections on the sides and clip them down using a bobby pin any kind of bobby pin is fine. I chose a decorative one. Next, I am using my edge control by AMPRO and that's pretty much it for this style. It'S quick, easy and perfect for summer. So thank you so much for watching. As always - and I will talk to you soon - bye

Priscilla Boaheng: Love this hairstyle! definitely trying it out ! Thanks for sharing

TheRubyyy123: your hair is beautiful!! :)

Marsha Anis: love it very elegant.

Njideka Eluonye: That's great, but only for long hair.

Braids Wig Queen: that's pretty

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