Laced Up Braid Hairstyle On Natural Hair

Hey Everyone! This hairstyle can be done on any hair type. I started off this style with freshly washed natural hair. The products in this video can be found at your local beauty supply store and walmart.

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Everyone, it scary, so I wanted to come by really quickly and show you this hairstyle. You can do whatever you want to the back. You can wear it in a puff. You can wear it in a ponytail. You can put it up in a bun. It'S completely up to you um. The main part of this hairstyle is the front. I think it's really cute and if you're interested in learning, how to do it, definitely stay tuned. So I'm starting this hairstyle off on freshly washed hair using a rat tail comb, I'm going to make a u-shape section in the front part of my head. I want the back part of my hair to be nice and smooth, so I'm using eco styler gel to slick my hair down. I pull my hair into a bun tie, a scarf on my head and let the gel set for 20 minutes use a rat tail. Comb to divide the front section in half once that's done, clip away. One of the sections now use a rat tail comb to make a box in the front of your head. After that clip away the extra hair use a gel or edge control to smooth out the hair brush it through your hair then use a rubber band to secure that section. At this point, split the hair in half and again to two strand twist, your hair. When you're finished with that section, just repeat the process, seven more times when you're done, you should have four boxes on one side and four boxes on the other side, for a total of eight boxes, hey people. So this is what your hair should look like at this point now. Take the first twist wrap it around a second and secure it with the rubber band twist. Now that both sides are complete crisscross each piece in the back, wrap it around your bun and secure it in place with a hair tie or bobby pins. So I braided up some hair that I got from the beauty, supply store and I'm going to use this to mimic a shoelace. Take one side of the braid and put it under the hair and pull it through then take the other end and put it under the hair on the other side and pull it through. Each side should be even now take one braid cross it over to the other side and put the braid under the twist and pull it through repeat the same step using the other side of the braid. Keep in mind that you're using this brain as a shoelace. So you're lacing up your hair, the same way that you would your sneakers or your booties when you're done just wrap the ends of the braid around your bun and secure it in place with bobby paper right now, I'm taking a drawstring ponytail that I got from The beauty supply store and attaching it to my bun, the ponytail has two combs, so one comb goes in the front and the other one goes in the back of the bun. I pull the drawstring to tighten. It wrap the string around the ponytail and tuck it under and secure it with a pin. Now I'm taking some hair from the back wrapping it around the ponytail and securing it with a pin that you can use some gel to smooth down your baby hairs. This part is completely optional, but that's about it, a cute style. You can rock anywhere and here's another option. If you don't want to wear a long ponytail make a loose braid secure the end with a rubber band and wrap the braid around the base of the ponytail, then secure it with bobby pins. It gives it a more classy look. I hope you found this video helpful and if you decide to recreate this hairstyle, let me know in the comments below thank you so much for watching. Please don't forget to Like comment and subscribe. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more frequent updates and if you want to see more videos from me, click the link below talk to guys later. Bye, Hey

Briana💋: Wow, this is beautiful. Would you classify this as a protective style? Also, your make-up is always beautiful. I would love for you to do a tutorial on this look.

Denise Williams: Very beautiful. I'm so glad you're back making videos

lovindnaturalmee: Beautiful hairstyle and I would love to see a makeup tutorial on this look.

Dee Thomas: Cute, I like option 2 better. I also like that it is versatile.

AudriYah: Very creative and beautiful. I'm so glad you are doing videos again.

noie28fly: Super cute and creative, I love it!

Crafting with Angie: That is so cool! this is really a neat hairstyle Kerry. :)

Me & These Curls: Very pretty! Love your makeup too

52Vee: Love it! I have missed glad you are back with your creative and classy style!!

TheExWife🎭: Really cute! I kinda liked the twists hanging down on the sides.

Love Britt Woods: Beautiful!! Love your makeup also!!

pamscasa: Awesome style. I have been looking for something different.

Kim may: Very cute style thanks for sharing Great video

Mrs.Allen1975: I have an undercut and sides shaved I will be doing this as a protective style next week

Sonja WaJoBoAt: Love it!

Nicole: That's really cute! i want to try it.

Nakia: Very pretty!

LB23: Really cute! So glad you're back!!!

Julie H.: So pretty, ty... love your videos

Heather Newton: This is so creative and too cayoot.

taredo3: I like both styles and the lacing is very different

Jaycee Spot: My hair is now natural Kerry. I’ll definitely try this style

Susan Brandy: Elegant hairstyle ‍♀️

Mary Jenkins: Yes I will try this style. I think it's cute. And it looks nice on you. Have a nice day.

Charlye 6: The lacing was different, I like it. Tfs

Sameera salah: Beautiful ❤️

Tisha Lee: Different but cute❤❤

mrsclmyers: So good to have you back!

sheerlylavendar: So glad you're back!!!!

Rose Demure: So cute!

Ree Bar: lovely

never too old to learn: :)

NapturlRena24: Cute

Tyra Lloyd: Did you get the top from a YouTuber name for the loveofupdos charley

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