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My daughter picked this style out from my saved pins on Pinterest. Im showing you from start to finish how we achieved the look, HOPE YOU ENJOY!

If you want to see more Pinterest inspired styles let me know.

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If I don't have a particular style in mind for my daughter's hair that week, I let her scroll through my pins on pictures and pick out a style that she likes, and this is what she picked out. I told her that I wish I'll do my best. Every style for her - and this is how it turned out if you want to see how we created this, then keep on watching her hair has been freshly washed and conditioned. I have a whole watched, a routine video for you guys so check that out. If you're interested, I feel like this style is pretty simple, so I'm not going to talk through the video, the first ponytail. There are two twists: the second ponytail there's three twists in the last ponytail I added four twists total. Once the style is completed. I added beats to the frames. Her style lasted two weeks and I recorded how we maintain this style so check that out on it should be coming up next week. If you have any questions about the style that I didn't answer here, leave them below. I try to be as detailed as possible, so I do show you guys start to finish on how we do this style. If you enjoyed the video, don't forget to give it a thumbs up. If you like to see more Pinterest and start Styles, let me know because we always get inspiration from somewhere subscribe too much. Only if you haven't already - and I will see you guys soon -

LadyJustice: Hey guys!! I recently made a Facebook page, and it would mean a lot to me if you go like the page!! <3 i will start to post quick 1 minute snippets to that page and also posts pictures of Jayla's hair. both new and old. Im horrible at promoting my channel but since I'm so close to 10k i might as well start promoting now. thanks so much!!

Ty-Li TV: Love your daughters hair! It's so healthy and pretty and the length is giving me life!

Tati Guzman: you seem like such a nice and gentle mom. my ultimate goal for when I have kids is to be the best mom I can

Phonics808: I love this style! I would love to see other Pinterest styles that you do. I will try this next week for my daughter. The style she had before this one we got from your channel.

aly: I love love love how you don't have a professional background and let the kids play in the back!! It makes the video really come alive and I just love it!!

Shay Na'Bre: Yes... I love it , very pretty. Yes more pinterest inspired styles you know I need ideas for my big girl...

MyNaturalMyChoice: beautiful! will attempt on my niece hair!

Skye&TheGang: Soo cute!! I need to start doing stuff like this with Iysis. Great job love your videos!

Your Dad: Love this video I might do that style on my head

Dr. Adrienne Elle: Very cute hairstyle especially in contrast to the two plats that I had to rock as a child lol #BlackContentCreatorsNetwork

The Phoenix Lifestyle: Cute hairstyle! This looks similar to a style my mom used to do for me as a kid.

B.WildBeauty: Second thumbs up and comment! Love this style how cute (: good job! ✨

mikhail114: Turned out really cute

Williams J: Hello I really enjoyed this video on this style that inspired you on Pinterest. I love it. Is this how you are able to retain length on your daughters hair. Just leave it alone. How do you preserve it the style, keep it moisturized?

sc3140: So cute!

Jasmin Paech: i love it

Jasmine Carter: Pretty I can do my doll hair like that

Williams J: Okay. Thank you so much for responding so fast. I appreciate your response!

Ayanna G.: I love to comment to your channel I watch your videos all day lol

Alicia Motley: so cute!

Miranda van Dijk: She is so lucky to get such rad hair!

Alana Melissa: looks good!

hana: That is so pretty

Saniya Sanders: can you do a another braid hair style for Christmas

Nikki Nicole's Curls: Beautiful as always... I have a question... What products do you use on her hair.... She has the same texture as my son hair.... But its been very dry and brittle at time.... And her hair looks very hydrated and healthy....

peanut092010: Will try!

Mechelle LaMarr: sweet!!

Angelee Chin: Beautiful ! ..what's ur opinion on elastic bands in children's hair?...I noticed that u used it in ur daughter's hair.

Saniya Sanders: I love your channels

Molly anna: i have no clue why (probably coz i don't have this hair texture) i find it very interesting is it just me?

Saniya Sanders: her hair was so cute

Saniya Sanders: your daughter is a good girl

Saniya Sanders: have a good Christmas day and break

Saniya Sanders: how old is she

Saniya Sanders: Have you ever put wives in her hair

Saniya Sanders: Do she have any brothers or sisters

Savannah J: Quick and simple love this style I am going to try this style on my granddaughter this weekend

Saniya Sanders: what is her name

Saniya Sanders: I mean by weave

jamie M12: rue 'iinaa ladaya shaear mithlih

Your Dad: First to comment

Saniya Sanders: ok

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