Natural Haircare In 2023 #Shorts

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Transitioning to gray hair

I've been struggling

My hair is damaged


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Thoughts on Products from 2022

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All right, so, let's move into Beauty. So first, let's talk about what I'm doing with my hair this year. As far as washing goes um, you know I wash my hair on my whim or, as I have time or how Styles last right, so this style will probably last me a couple weeks and so I'm gon na, let it be for a couple of weeks. I'M not rigid anymore about how often I wash my hair it's more about. You know how my hair behaves. That'S how often I wash it. I will always prioritize, never letting my hair dry out always and forever, but that's pretty much it otherwise. You know I just do what I want. I mean you can see that my hair is thriving. It is doing well. I did dry it with the Dyson after letting it air dry for 30 minutes um with the diffuser. It took me about 15 minutes. It was like a little still wet right here, but I went somewhere and I came back and here we are it's dry, it's good. I really like that. I can get my hair dry in 15 minutes.

Kearsten W: Loving the Detroit Michigan hoodie!!!! #mycity

Precious C: Do you refresh between days?

Sable 711:

Minolka Dafinice: How your hair behaves

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