Natural Hair Care | How To Make A Hairstyle Last A Long Time

Here is how I made my daughter's cornrow hairstyle on her natural hair last 3 weeks.

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Hi, everyone, okay, so I'm reading this video because people have been requesting for it like crazy and I just said: okay, I'm gon na do it because we were asking questions and asking questions so the first thing to do in terms of making the hair last so Long ahead, I said three weeks: she do have extensions or anything so three weeks - and this was little my hair when I braided it and then three weeks after this is distinct. So you see it is really not as bad as you know. It could have got another week, but I didn't want to test the elements, so you can see our scarf as carpet is pretty clean. As cup is, I mean there was nothing it was just like. I said I just wish that I had asked her I'd know: product buildup in my hair here was nice and shiny and everything and it wasn't dry and brittle. So what was the trick? What did I do? It was really not a trade. It was low maintenance, low maintenance, no manipulation. I here was already in a protective style, which is calm, rose and I wasn't manipulating it March and the ends usually always braided up and pulled in a ponytail on the back. So what we did was in the morning woo our since I hair see our hair is see if it needs to be moisturized. It does need me moisturize. What I'll do is I'll take my she was doing this most of the time by what she did was you'll. Come to my bathroom. I shall take our moisturizing spritz and you can make the moisturizing spits yourself. We do add recipe. I will post it down below, but she'll take the moisturizing spritz lightly, spritz it all of our hair, okay and then she will not take oil it. She needs to a little bit of all. We did used all just once a week once a week, we'll apply the oil to our scalp and just lightly massage it into her scalp and then during the week for the cream, because what we're doing is the loc method so for the cream. What would do is every other day or every three days, depending on the state of her hair. She will use the shea moisture dish. A moisture did what we choose to use. She will use this, which is more like a moisturizing one. I know it does have certain, but I find it more moisturizing done protein II, then straightening, so she would use this or not hair the next time when she wants to moisturize our hair. She would now use this, which is much more like for us more like a protein form of moisturizer kind of doing the protein moisture protein balance, and I will do a video in the future talking about our protein or moisture, moisture protein balance regiment, which is what We use for here, and I think that's what really helps our here in terms of maintaining its shine, maintenance, moisture and being balanced all around. So that's what she did now. Why didn't she get product build-up? I think there are two reasons why she didn't get rid of buildup. One reason. The very first reason is that the ingredients of the products that we use are all-natural, which isn't any synthetic products products like mineral or products like silicone. There are silicones that as armed, which are the one below silicone and there's one more petroleum in it, we didn't use products that will attract dirt into our hair. Yes, there are some products that will attract death. So now, when you loosen the hair, you see in the ridges of the loose in the kind of loop on the nuts of the loosened thing you see like build-up right at the bottom. She didn't have that because we stop to this. Products were very light with the product, for example the creams where she is the cream. She used just a ton of the cream and they just worked on that and and put it try hair and we kept things really simple. One other thing that she did in terms of keeping the fries away was, and she was really good at didn't. So it's so amazing, but what she did was that when she comes back from school she just wasn't about it, and I'm like why worry about that she's like, oh, because I want to see how long my hair will last I don't want my hair to get Messed up right now: okay, fine, that's cool with me, but she'll put on that bar neck and down so prevented. You know children. They rub the heads on the floor. They also prevented up from getting fries and getting all this dirt or linked into our hair so that up to in the morning when, because when I get it a little bit frizzy towards the beginning of the third week, what happen was a shoe tie down the Scar on my hair just to lay down here and keep the free steam, so that is what we did nothing different from what we normally do. The only thing was that we did no washer here and I have to watch since then and she was kind of happy to see her hair off read out, and but that's it if you like this video, you know what to do subscribe and also don't forget To check out the Instagram account with an Instagram account and I'm showing you so many things for that, I'm showing you, you know what we eat and show you our fitness tips. You know workout, videos and stuff and funny things we do so check out our Instagram page discover natural and we'll see you guys in the next video thanks for watching bye.

Evelyn Annette Gordon: I love the way you are training your daughters in caring for their hair.Your such an inspiration to watch

Ebs FroFrenzy: You always have such great tips! I love your videos. 

Kay Stary: You're amazing, thanks for sharing such wonderful tips!

Favored4life: Great video!  My oldest who will be 8 in April is starting to take more interest in her hair.  She asks if she can moisturize it herself so I will use some of these tips.  They are growing up too fast.

popcornxxx: Good tips - thank you. I also put my bonnet on right away and keep it on because of the lint I kept getting in my hair. I think I got it by putting on and taking off clothing over my head. I also make sure the bonnet is loosely tied.

go4thandconquer: Great job! Her hair looks great. TFS & Blessings

Curdell Haughton: Great tips because my 3 old year her hair get really dry and mess up when I cornrow some time by the next day and i would like it to last for the week because she start school lol! Now i know what to do thanks so much!

Sunny Skies: Great Video! I was wondering, I want to use cornrow braids as a protective style. Is it okay to co-wash the braids once or twice weekly till takedown which would be in a month?  My scalp itches and I sweat from going to the gym two to three times a week. I want a long term protective style where I would not have to take down the braids weekly for a co-wash and deep condition, but be able to leave them in for 4 weeks, which is when I plan to take braids down and shampoo and deep condition. I would have the braids covered with a scarf when not at home. 

Dashia Rahmaan: Her hair looked could have gotten another week out of it for sure.

brendice8280: My Lovely Sista, You have been very helpful with your tips. Hopefully now I will get my lil Princess and my hair on the right track ☺

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