Socks Curls Round 2- Overnight Heatless Waves On Long Natural Blow Dried Stretched Hair - Hair Hacks



Music: Golden

Musician: Jeff Kaale

Hello, hello, welcome back to another video today is going to be my second attempt at doing sock curls. I will link the prep for this hair and the first attempt somewhere in the description box below so I'm going to work on one side at first. I have secured the first side out of the way I'm gon na do three socks on each side. So I did a diagonal part for the front section of my hair and I'm doing a horizontal part for the back section of my hair, applying a little bit of my can to serum just for a little bit of extra softness and shine. I am going to use a regular hair elastic to secure the sock to the section of hair, I'm not applying it too tight into the hair and not exactly at the scalp. I want there to be a little bit of looseness at the roots, so it's comfortable to sleep in. For my first attempt, I did wrap the hair around the sock, but for the second attempt I am braiding the hair with the socks or just doing a regular braid using the sock. As my third strand braiding, the hair with the sock makes it more easier to secure the ends of the braid, I'm just using a regular elastic to secure the ends. Fingers crossed that the braid slash wave pattern comes out just as beautiful as it does compared to twisting the hair, I'm going to repeat the same process on the entire head until I'm done, and the plan is to keep the socks in my hair for at least 20 hours to see, if I can get a decent amount of hold foreign curls out, it is a little bit tricky taking the socks out of the hair. So I find I just unravel the elastic at the bottom and then unwrap the hair from the sock and then just slide the elastic at the top down that section. So it took about 20 minutes to put the socks into my hair in about three minutes: to remove the socks, so not bad for a heatless form of adding curls and waves to the hair. Leave a comment below. Do you think this was a success or a fail comment if you have tried the viral sock method for attaining heatless curls overnight? I hope you enjoyed today's video. Give it a thumbs up if you did like comment subscribe and I will see in the next one Peace Hope, foreign

Tulanee E: An absolute success! Your hair is beautiful!

Alexis II: Love this hairstyle, wish i could like it 1000x''!!! This is my go to weekend hairstyle!!!

BionAvastar3000: I would be worried the socks would dry out my hair -- what material are they made of?

Raven Midnight: Happy birthday

BELINDA Mobley: Yessss.

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