Come Get A Haircut With Me #Curlyhair #Hair #Curls

come get a haircut with me! My hair was feeling not as full and voluminous as id liked, it also was getting a bit long so I needed a little trim. I love how light and voluminous my hair feels! I hope you guys enjoy this video, make sure to subscribe for more videos like this!


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Hi guys I'm gon na be doing a before and after of getting my hair cut. So this is where it's at right now it is pretty long, but I wanted to do just a couple inches down here, so I want to bring up the layers a little bit so that my hair looks a little bit Fuller and yeah. Let'S go get my hair cut and you guys already know. I already have a video on what I asked for when I get my hair cut. This is the result. Okay, I love how light my hair feels and definitely it just needed like a little trim. But again my hair grows pretty quickly, but I just wanted to like maintain it, but yeah

AlldayArt: Awesome ! OBSESSED w ur curls !

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