15 Quick And Easy Mini Twists Hairstyles On Short 4C Natural Hair

15 QUICK AND EASY Mini Twists Hairstyles on Short 4c Natural Hair✨

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Foreign in today's video, as you can see by the title I'll be showing you guys, some hairstyles, that you can do with your mini twist or even locks or even braids, so basically any style. We did not try here, that's just like yeah, so I'll just be showing you guys about 10, simple hairstyles that you can do with your natural hair without shorts, whether I have Corsair whether they have threes here, it doesn't matter usually when, whenever I have in my Hair like in twitch like this or braids or anything, I always go to YouTube to look like how can I style my hair because you know like after I run it starts to get old and you're like you, don't want to leave it on anymore, but you Don'T know what to do with it. So don't fear serious here to help before I get into this video, though, don't forget to like comment share subscribe. I need to post notification Bell so you'll be notified whenever I press that video, but without further Ado, let's get into these hairstyles write it down again this time, foreign things listening all this time. Thank you very much all this time in your life. I want to be nice come here, so I'm here editing and realizing that these parts are not straight at all like when I turn around to the back. I like the ones that um are my hairs into just. Let'S just ignore that right. Let'S just pretend that they're straight as an arrow, let's just pretend you get the points of the the style, though right yeah back to the video yeah we'll soon and soon guys, okay guys, so we reached another video. Thank you so much for watching. If you stay till the end, hope you enjoy hope you guys learned or found some hairstyles that you guys didn't know before that you can do with your natural hair as well or not even own a natural hair. Thank you so much again for watching and don't forget to like comment, share, subscribe and hit the post notification Bell, so you'll be notified whenever I post a new video and stay tuned for more because your girl is coming back and heavy 2023 is there for consistency. Banger videos and self-improvement self-love it's going to be a good year. Hopefully I can feel that because I said at about 2020 - and I already know how 2021 hi - okay bye now sorry yeah. But you love me:

Sashay Jackson: They all look so good on you!

Khrystal Dimonique: you look so good!

Abigail khadijah: All these hair styles r so cuteee <3

deelishusss: your hair color sooo pretty

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