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I'M gon na go ahead and do the unthankable y'all see this head. You can't adorable, you see this. If you got 4C hair, these products are for us, they're, Dark and Lovely nine dollars for this little bottle. Why would I buy this? We also going in with the shade sheet. However, you say all I know is it's too little to be 16 for this 4.5 for y'all first thing, I'm gon na do is go in with the wash and the deep conditioner, and once I do that, I'm gon na come back. I'M gon na go in with the wash do. Y'All see my hair. Now it's already shrunk up but like watch how bad it shrink I'm gon na be giving Norby and dark and love it she's doing the best she can and she's got my curls dancing. That'S why I love Dark and Lovely: that's why influencers don't show their hair. They probably look like this. They end with the deep conditioner everybody see how today look like this. Is this cute to you call me muffin top

mackayla s: “ I could’ve got a 1.5?!” YESSSSSS TOO ACCURATE

Tandra Jackson: Loveee your personality !!!


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