Grwm How I Style My Hair To Get Soft Mermaid Waves

Feeling much better this week so I thought it would be fun to film a grwm for you guys and show you how I curl my hair to get soft mermaid waves‍♀️ Hope you like it!

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Hey guys get ready with me, while I curl my hair to achieve these soft mermaid Waves by the way I just ordered this maternity set on Amazon and it's super comfy Sam calls the Mommy Long John's lull, but really love them anyways. So I start with my hair in a bun, throw it down and of course I have to comb it through, make sure there's no Tangles, then I split it in the middle and I start with one side. First, I clip one side and then I start with whichever the other side and I throw my curling iron, not in such a high setting it's about 14 and I start with the bottom pieces, and I try not to get super thicker chunky pieces that way it Holds well and then I just work my way through and go over to the other side. Usually this takes me about 15-20 minutes just depending on how fast I go and if I'm distracted and all that stuff and then since today I wore warm tone colors, I threw on some gold hoop earrings and there you go super cute soft wavy. Do you guys like how it came out? Let me know:

꧁•٭Bia٭•꧂: How to style your hair to look beautiful like Nic Step1:Have nice hair like her ❤

ScorpSag: I got to get a curler like that & do this style. I know my bf will love this look on me. Thx, Nicloves for sharing all your hair care tips & ideas

Pi : i love that maternity set!! it looks so comfyy, i think i'd wear it even if i wasn't pregnant haha P.S. love the look! ❤

kay odudu: You are looking so amazing, pregnancy definitely looks good on you.

Vrinda Sharma: Your hair is so beautiful

Maria Cruz: Hair is Amazing Thick glowy healthy gorgeous ☺️

Jyoti Purohit: Beautiful hair and you too mama❤️✨☺️

Lori Cooper: You have the most gorgeous hair

mar h: Baby growing so fast and you look gorgeous ❤️❤️

Vicki Vic: Babyboy is growing and you are glowing

UranianUniqeness: Super cute adorable beautiful enchanting mommy to be…and hello to your fur baby, Nyla! I’m an Aquarius just like your fur baby lol ♒️

vampy 1: Gorgeous momma 2 b...stay blessed always, Nics!❤️✌

Shirley: Super cute ❤

SolarRei ASMR: Beautiful hair ❤ What curler iron do you use?

Thaddeu$ ValiantLilBodhi: Congratulations

Naina: Please make a video on your hair care routine

kiran bharti: Mam you and your beautiful.....

Dr.Shubhangi Matkar: Super cute

1188 Music: ❤✨

sweetiesmiley23 _: you're a cute mom

parvana: drop your haircare routine girlll

megha: Can u share your hair care routine

naz naz: omg i didn’t sign for this! i love ur content abt astrology and support it! but this..

JAI SHREE MAHAKAAL: you need a ..............................,.........................from me by ............

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