How To Part & Style Curly Hair For Volume

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How do i part my hair for volume? First thing you want to do is separate the top section of your hair. Now i'm going to take diagonal sections from the top of my head until i reach the front triangle, and now that i'm just left with this triangle section in front of my head, you could fully continue to brush up and back. If you like to part your hair, though you always want to do a diagonal parting. That way not all of this hair is on one side which can make one side look flat. This is the finished result. I can let it part down the middle and it still has a lot of volume. This is my hair parted to the side. I keep everything else, symmetrical kind of parted down the middle, going down the back or i'll just freely flip. I really have full control. I hope you found this helpful

Manes by Mell: Whether you style with a middle part, side part, or no part these tips when styling will give lots of root lift and movement! It’s almost always advised to section and style the top of your hair separately from the back and sides because this area grows out of your head at a different angle. The best volume will come from styling off your head at a 90* or mèche angle. WHY HERRINGBONE/DIAGONAL? Diagonal sectioning is the king when it comes to diffusing lines whether that is when highlighting or parting your hair. Working in this herringbone type of flow will allow you to flip your curls wherever you want them to go once the hair is dry for a more organic look. ALTERNATIVELY, If you like a precise parting (side/middle), you should still style up and off the head to allow the roots to curl well, but also, keep those lines diagonal for a side part or create a zigzagged line for a centre parting with max volume ADDITIONALLY, For added lift, see my previous video for a root clipping tutorial, as well as my DIY haircut tutorials for layering to remove excess weight off your head Let me know if you try this/if you found it helpful!

Thalia Matos: THIS IS WHAT IVE NEEDED. I was having trouble with the front most portion. Thanks curly godmother!

Anita Wallace: This tiny video changed everything. I’ve been brushing the top section forward and doing horizontal sections starting at the back. It was awkward because the sections were too wide. Doing this herringbone pattern makes the sections the perfect size and makes my curls lie in the right position. Thank you so much! I hope your wrist is healing well. ❤

Christina: I’m in a trance watching this on a loop It’s so helpful and I can’t wait to try it with my new Gel Foam!!! Woohoo!

Anysia Baylis: Girll you is blessing me with these tips Lovee your channel❤️

Shahad ND: Mell, i’m so grateful for every video, every comment, every tip, every recommendation you made, I’m grateful for you, because you transformed my curls from dead lifeless to bouncy shiny full curls. Thank youuuu

A NB: I was just thinking that I needed a tutorial like this! I'd love to watch a longer vid on the tips/tricks, does/don'ts, as well as common mistakes about parting and handling your hair while styling. I'm struggling a lot and lose patience so easily. My hair also seems to go wonky and get some breakage even though I feel like I use enough leave-in and spray with water... Ugh!

Sarah Mohammad: I tried this last night to style my hair and it turned out amazing!! Especially the back and crown area they look so beautiful, I used to always have them look so flat !

VA Who Ate The Donuts: OMG thank u!!! I've always wanted volume on top of my hair because there's barely even volume. Especially since I've tried a lot of ways that to give it some volume but doesn't really work. I hope this works for me✨✨

Michelle S: I was ready to cut my hair short until I saw this video. My curls look so good now. Thank you for this and all your great videos. I appreciate you so much !!

Maanasa Krishnan: Thank you so much Mellthis is LIFE CHANGING… my hair sits so beautifully and allows so much movement. Thank you ❤️

Molly Soukup: thank you so much mell!!! I absolutely love this and we'll try this technique thank you for taking your time to help us to have better and healthier and more beautiful hair

Angela Schnelly: Your curls are gorgeous! I can't wait to try this.

Courtney Hairston: You are a lifesaver literally for my head. Realized I was doing my head S000 wrong thanks to you 6 A And your hair is soooo beautiful

Tina castillo: Your hair looks beautiful, thank you for your videos.

Felicia Lopez: The diagonal part has made a huge difference! Thank you, Mel ❤

Julie Champion: Hi Mell! I have been on my curly hair journey for just a couple of months now and always struggle with the top sectioning. I saw you do this once before and have been having trouble finding that video! Thanks for the refresher! I’m doing an Olaplex No 3 treatment right now and can’t wait to try this the correct way!

Mandie Atwood: I always thought I liked your hair best blonde, but it's looking pretty juicy in those brown coils! Any way you have it, you're always beautiful! And thank you for the great advice! ➿

Veronica O: Always with the realistic, helpful tips!!!

jd._: Love your tutorials!!! I struggled with the front of my hair being extremely dry! Any advice. I have 3 C curls.

maryam sadat tayebi: This is like magic, I'm at 6th day and still got volume

Diana: Doing this next wash day! Thank you Mell!!

Shannon-Maree Healy: I’m 24 and for the last two weeks I’ve been doing so much work in regards to learning how to treat my natural curls and emotional work trying to love my damaged curls before they get better. When I was a child, before I started straightening my hair, my hair was a 3A/3B. These last two weeks have been overwhelming and to top it all off I went swimming in a highly chlorined pool but after washing my hair my curls are so heavy my hair looks almost straight again, I didn’t think you could have less than no volume but my hair and my natural curls look so bad I actually cried. I don’t know what to do… I feel so defeated. I can never go swimming again. Do you have any advice other than wear a cap because the swimming caps are so ugly and at the moment I have to go swimming twice a week and I know washing my hair twice a week isn’t good for my hair but also washing my hair didn’t fix the issue I washed it twice after swimming and my hair is so heavy it looks so bad I want to vomit

Karina Salvador: I needed this! I've struggled with this forever!

Leah Sletzion: Yesss thanks! I’ve been tired of having a flat head with my scalp exposed. It’s been rough out here

lngIslgirl: Your hair looks awesome! I been struggling with fly aways/frizz even when I follow your steps. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? I tried the no part to see if it will help. It helps alittle but I still have the fly aways. Too much products maybe? Help!

Lynzi Collins: Very helpful as always!! Love it ❤️❤️

Nicole Heaven: Very helpful! Hopefully getting an appointment to get mine cut down to a twa soon, but hopefully I can try this out in the future :)

pandaislander29: I was literally just agonizing about this yesterday haha. Mel really is a magical curly godmother!

Leslie Alarcon: Hi mell, your videos are always very informative and helpful. I was wondering if this technique would work for wavy curly hair?.

Leah Baez: ALWAYS struggled with the part! I part in the middle for detailing but then my thick hair just wants to stay that way

sweetmother2406: This was so helpful! Been trying to figure this out for years no joke

Nikki2370: Thanked Mell! I'm going to just buy these brushes to do my hair lol

Maria Dominguez: Love your tips thanks

Rayra Melissa: Good to know I was doing it right!

flacabiatch123: Omg this is so much work girlll!!!! I complain about brushing it!

Angie: I never thought of that! How neat!

on1shot headshot: Mel, I have such long hair (to my butt, second layer passed my shoulder slightly ) I find it so hard to keep my roots curly, once it’s dry it’s straight as a bone on the top layer everywhere else is curly/wavy. I’m so nervous to get a cut in a salon because it’s never turned out good so I have layered my hair a couple times to reduce weight but it still isn’t doing anything. Any advice or tips. I want to travel to Illinois just to make an appointment with you haha. (Dealing with long hair is so different I feel from shorter hair and I love my length so I’m scared to get a dramatic cut of any sort)

May May: Just absolutely beautiful hair ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Celeste4lyfe: Hi Mel! I have transitioning hair. After day one my curls start to flatten, and I have to refresh. Is this normal?

yuri m: Trying this next time I wash.

frida lopez: Trying this out made me realize i am cannot do two things at once. I found this very complicated so let’s see how my hair turns out

Teresa S.: This was so helpful. I tried it Saturday and it looks better.

Addie Shiloh: Wow, this is the vid I've always needed!! Tyyyy

Maggie Carreiro: Im loving the brown hair on you Mel

believe1: Helpful? This is wonderful, thank you!

Katerina Hajjar: I love how your hair is cut! How do I get my stylist to do that?

Steff Nic 13: You have the prettiest hair. I love how you style it.

Felicia Glover: Hi Mel, my hair is long, but in its curly state it shrinks, you know. Well my question is I realized when straightened and curly the back of my hair is very thin and shorter than the rest of the hair, what can I do to get fuller hair in the back? Thank you kindly in advance. ♥️

Susan Chavez: @Manes by Mell I have a question. My hair is what I consider curly mainly in the back, well actually it tends to be straighter around the top crown area and sides. What's up with that? I've had great cuts that really brought out my curls and waves all over. I don't do much with my hair and I don't like the results and overall feel of my hair with products in it. I like to be able to run my fingers through my hair rather than a stiff, crunchy feel to it. I don't mind some oil in it or a light hair spray. The only thing I've ever really been told to use by professionals is oil. I have a ton of hair which is not super thick individually. I feel like I've lost some and I'm actually not mad at it because it's a bit easier to detangle. It has always been such a chore to just comb out. Ugh. The latest hair stylist I've seen said my hair is wavy, but I disagree because I have some definite curls. I have not had one cut since the hairdresser I saw that cut it so well and really brought out my curls. I'm at a loss as what to do with it? I can't afford to see her now. I'm looking for some feathered layers, modern. I like mid part curtain bangs or side bangs which I feel are the most flattering on me. Right now it's mid to long length and I'd like those layers to be maybe mid length from the length of my hair. I'm not a fan of too much face framing. Just a a very little amount for me. I went to a cheap salon and she just didn't get it. Help?! Thank you, I hope you see this!

Jesus Loves YOU: Great, thank you ❤️

Ricki: I’ll try it for sure

Corndog: Mell, please help me out! Since a few days ago I decided to have a better curl routine, now I have always just used random shampoos (not necessarily for curls) and a random cream. I don’t use moisturizers, conditioner or gel. But I want to start using that. I live in Europe, so I don’t have much choice when it comes to good products. What I can get is Cantu. I am all new to this and I don’t know what to start with. I have watched a lot of you videos and they seem very helpful! Could you recommend cantu products? My hair type is 3A/3B and underneath in the back 3C (corkscrews). it’s not too thick, but not thin. It’s very frizzy. What would you recommend to start with and what would you recommend to use after the ‘starter’ products? It would really help :) ❤️ Thanks!

nads: Could I still use this technique but for my bangs, do a middle part? or would it look slightly weird?

Briana Munoz: Oooh thank you cause i was trying to figure this out

Carmel Rose: Great job

XM: Perfect!

míndwídєσpєn: I wonder if root clips were used or not :o I always have trouble clipping my roots! Ugh it’s like I do it weird so the volume isn’t there idk ;-;

horohorosrin: Can you show how to get the horseshoe area parted and separated cleanly?

dreamflite7: I found out that I have 2c-3a hair. I'll never know if its curlier because it is so much easier to blow dry and then straighten it.

chiara zolli: I've tried this styling thecnique, but how to apply gels evenly in the upper part? I've very long hair and I've to flip them to the front in order to aplly products afther styling (otherwise i can't reach the ends), but doing so i completely loose the pattern and gels can reach only the exterior part (that is going to be the interior one once i dry my hair), help

Dolly Ross: I can't wait to get my curls back

Sinner's Shadow: Thank u Mell!

Konstantina Sakka: Thank you is not enough! One problem! I do not know how to store it for later

Caroline Pancotti: Your curls are beeeeeautiful!!!!

Valeria Perez: Oh wow I love it

Luisa gabriela Martinez lopez: Beautifull

ToomieC: You’re wonderful. We love you!

Sydney Rue: What should I do if my hair underneath isn’t as curly but when I part it down the middle I don’t have as much volume?

Kendall: Hey mell, I really struggle with volume but I have butt length hair, which seems to be somewhat fine but not super thin. Any tips? Should I cut it?

Silverbella: How can I do this if I’m supposed to put the product in my hair when it’s wet and then not touch it til it dries?!?!

Beth Bedillion: Love your hair dark ! Keep it

Kathy Sahori: YASSSSS I love this

Sandra McLean: gorgeous

sayes2carrots: You have the most gorgeous hair

D C: I wish I could go to you for a hair cut. I’ve had multiple hair cuts where my hair was butchered. Are you in Chicago by chance ‍

Cat Garcia A.: your hair cut its beautiful!! Do you have short layers? HI MELL

FYS Sessions - Relaxing Music: That hair color really suits u ♥️

LeAh ×RAe× NAvAsïe: Love your hair.

Nina W: Ooooh brilliant!

Y Quintana: How many layers do you have? I have many layers and struggle with sectioning off my hair. Help, what do you suggest?

♥︎ᥣᥙ᥎іsᥲ᥎ᥲᥣі♥︎: My hair doesn’t curl from the top it curls from a little over the ear down I don’t know if it’s the products I use but what do I do

Sydney Wiles: Does this work with very long curly hair

Kadence Weimer: ❤️❤️❤️

TMA: I just wish that I had the volume of hair that you have. I'm 64 yrs old and my hair keeps thinning.

julia Chrobok: Wait can you explain the parting in the front better?

-Paige-: i cant do that without ripping my hair. (OtHeR tHaN ThAt It GiVeS mE mY BeSt ReSuLtS)

Jessica Edwards: OMG that reveal gorgeous

chaitrali palande: How do you finger coil then?

Kathy A: So we don’t need an expensive denman brush

meh mayelle: Well I’m gonna try this today but I don’t really understand .. need to have a side part

monayolo _17: which brush is this?

Susan Holeve: What brush is that?

Meo: Hi Mell!!! how is your hair cut? how many layers? who cuts your hair? Please tell us

Linda Tolley: Show a little more on the triangle at front. I did not quiet get how not to have one side that does not look full.

Jaz: Yooo I’m too dumb to do this ☹️

icecreamfever123: This was to fast slow down

Keyla Espinal: Yaaass!

Chi Chi: I need help with my hair

Miss B: Magician

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