Pin Curl Waves For Long Hair - Heatless Vintage Hair Tutorial

Hey everyone,

This time I'm showing you how I pin curl my long hair to create these vintage inspired waves. Now there are so many ways to set your hair in a vintage way, and while this may not be the quickest way, I always love how my curls turn out! I hope this video helps if you are trying to figure out how to pin curl your own hair!

00:00 intro

00:16 What you need

00:30 Sectioning my hair

01:04 Making our first row on the top section

01:36 Making our first standing pin curl

02:45 Pin curling the rest of the top section

04:20 Flat pincurling the sides of my head

05:20 Doing the other side of my head and talking about why I set my hair this way

06:49 Pin curling the back off my hair

08:30 Finishing the pin curls and tying it off with a scarf

08:59 The next morning

09:46 start taking down the pin curls

09:53 Starting the brush out

10:45 Taking down the rest of the pin curls

11:57 The rest of the brush-out

12:35 Still brushing but also talking about setting lotion

13:35 Finishing up the hairstyle

Have a beautiful day, and I'll see you next time!



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Hi everyone Today, I'm going to show you how I pin curl my hair in a vintage inspired way.. So if you'd like to re-create these waves that I'm showing off here, please follow along I'm going to start this on dry, just freshly washed hair that I air dried., I'm gon na be needing a brush. My homemade setting lotion and a combination of hair clips and bobby pins.. Finally, I'm going to be using a hair tie to section off pieces of my hair. First, I section off all the hair behind my ears and tie it off to keep it out of the way. While I work on the front section., I'm mostly gon na be section on the go, but basically we are going to create rows all around our head and divide those rows into little squares of hair that we are going to pin curl under. After I tied it Off I clean my side-part up and clip the smaller side -section out of the way.. We are now ready to create our first row on our top section., I'm going to be using two finger to measure out the thickness of my rows. This way, it's easier for me to keep all my rows the same size. After sectioning off the first row. I clip the hair underneath it away.. This is what I meant when I said I was going to be sectioning on the go.. Now, starting from the back off the row, I'm section off my first square.. Let'S make our first standing, pin curl., I'm spraying my section down with setting lotion and then brushing it through evenly to coat the strand and brush the hair flat kind of like a ribbon.. Then I over-direct the hair, and I put it in between my middle finger and index finger to keep my hair as flat as possible.. I slide my hair between my fingers, keeping my hair flat until I'm about 2/3 of the way down.. I then wrap the remaining hair around my finger, making sure to NOT twist the ends and also keep it flat.. Finally, I slide the curl off my fingers tucking in the ends, as I do so, and roll up the rest of the strand of hair., I'm carefull to keep the hair as flat as possible and keep with the little circle shape. I created. You want to be able to look through your pincurl.. Finally, I roll op, the curl against my head. The over-direction should make it easy for the curl to rest on it's own base., And then I use a clip to keep it in place.. I'M creating two more pin curls for this row., So I am sectioning off the next piece of hair and repeating this whole procces. Spray brush overdirect wrap around your finger slide it off and roll the rest of the way. Pin in place and on to the next Section. Most of the curls are going to be set this way as a standing pin curl. Next, I'm sectioning off the second row. Once again, starting from the back and working my way to the front., I'm curling all the pieces of hair, just like I did with The first row. Now be carefull when you're brushing through new sections close to your already excisting pin curls.'Cause. If you accidentally brush an allready, excisting pin curl, you are probably going to need to redo it. Again. And trust me pin curing your hair is enough work as it is.. I tend to take about 40 to 45 minutes to pin curl my whole head.. It used to be a bit shorter when my hair was shorter, but now that it's longer it takes me quite the while.. As I finish, the second row on the top-section, I'm going to be taking one more row from the top-section., Since this section is a bit smaller since it closer to my ears, I'm only gon na pincurl. This

Jennifer Elizabeth: Girl, I took like 3 hrs pin curling my hair for the first time! but I need to do it again and again so I can get used to it

Michelle: This is beautiful! Thank you!

Muffy Crosswire: Love doing this and it’s less effort for me than using a curling iron

Chloe H: Just found your channel, and I just love the concept of it, keep up the work!

Marija: Always do my hair like this! It's healthy and glamurous!

Mary: Do you find that your curls seperate back into individual curls at any point? Perhaps i'm just not brushing enough but mine always go back to little ringlets 5 minutes after brushing! Also, thank you for the great video :) I've been having a lot of fun pin curling my hair

Jennifer Elizabeth: My question to you is how do you keep your curls together? Whenever I do sponge curls my loses it’s curl from the tips quickly :( What type of brush should I use?

arwen Rosalie: Try flipping your head without brushing out first. A good 4-5 times then brush out. During the day if you are out at a restaurant, in the restroom flip your hair again a fee tomes and it gives you a refresh and more volume on your hair.

lenkadan11: In your experience, does it make a difference which hair spray you use at the very end wheb the curls are brushed out? Also, you mention the curls lasti 4-5 days. How do you maintain them? Just brush them out in the morning? Do you have qny particular method to sleep in them so that they take the least damage?

_itsnotkarolina: Any tips on preserving the set afterwards?

Sydney Rupert: What way do you roll them clockwise or counterclockwise?

ladyoftimeandspace: What is your setting lotion recipe? I definitely need a good setting lotion and a homemade one sounds like a good solution.

Julie Haley: Wait, Nadia, what's in your homemade setting spray?

Nataly Cadena: Hi please upload a video on how to make your setting lotions recipe ❤️ new subscriber

wage earner: I'm not sure the bobby pins can hold my hair. even the regular hair clips fall out of my head :( help

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