Heatless Curls Using Leggings?!? No Sleep Lost, & Works So Well Im Shocked.

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Hello, you guys welcome back to my channel how are ya, how you doing we're starting this video in the evening, because we are back with another heatless curls tutorial, for you, simple, easy, beginner friendly and literally gives you life-changing results, so stay tuned a while back. I did a video using a literal, headband, a heatless curls method, and you guys blew that video up. So thank you so much um. It got so much love the big things were. It created amazing results, but also it's easy to sleep on. So today, I'm bringing you another tutorial that creates amazing results, is using a household item and is easy to sleep on so you're, not gon na want to miss this one so grab a hairbrush, your favorite hair oil and a pair of workout leggings. Yes, you heard that right, a pair of workout leggings, so this obviously is going to be like in two parts: um, I'm filming putting this in and then we'll take out the results tomorrow morning and you guys will see the whole video together, but literally doing heatless Curls, with a pair of leggings has revolutionized the game for me and also helped my blowout. I have a blowout, that's in my hair today my hair is kind of messy um. It helps my blowout last too, so I'm taking the day hair oil is so prickly. Pear, hair oil - it's only my favorite, it's linked on my light To Know, download the app and follow me to see all my linked products. I love putting a hair oil in every single night and every single morning, but especially when doing a heatless curls method. To avoid any Tangles or any frizz, so I'm going to run this through and brush out my hair, and then we can begin wrapping our hair in leggings, I'm starting with dry hair with hair oil. My hair has lots of product in for my blow dry, so this is great. You can dampen your hair, but I do this actually on dry hair and I'm going to take my hands and just begin splitting my hair down the middle. It doesn't have to be perfect by any means, but just to end up with a hair on each side like this. Anyone else have one side of their head where the hair is thicker than the other, because the same which is so annoying. But it is the way it is so I am going to take these they're actually inside out, so I just wash them in this tutorial. I learned on Tick Tock. By the way, guys and literally it was life changing the girl went viral for doing it, and it's just so good, so you're going to take your leggings and put the crotch right on your head. Basically, and what I like to do, is I like to take one side of my hair that I've already sectioned off um with one of the legs and take a clip? You can take a spreadsheet and just pin that off the side, because we're gon na do one side at a time and then I'm also going to grab my little scrunchies that I'll use to secure this. So I just have two little scrunchies, because it's like a bathroom method, um, it's just way, comfy and way better, and then this little flap back here, which is like the waistband. I kind of just like slightly like move that over to this side um, because we're going to start on this side and if you've never seen the bathroom curls. These are different in the sense of how it all Lays in the end. So please bear with me keep watching. I promise. I don't see the bathroom method, because it's not comfortable enough and this works. So I'm going to do the method where I switch between wrapping hair away from my face and hair towards my face. It sounds more complicated than this, so I'm just going to do it, so I'm going to begin by taking almost this like front bang section and I'll, take it and wrap it around. Just like normal around that leg. I'Ve got it here, great amazing again. This is gon na, be perfect. Mine probably won't be perfect, but then what I end up doing is the hair split. You know one half, I take a section like this and we just get nice and clean and clean section, and I take that section and I wrap it. You can just take it up, smooth it hold on, I wrap it around the legging, but towards the face and under so you end up with pieces on both sides, and you continue that pattern. But now we begin adding hair. So I'm going to add hair around the face for the piece that's going away from my face wrapping that around like so it ends up back in front and then that piece gon na grab some more from the back, make sure it's super smooth and then crisscrossing. This over the legging - I hope this is making sense. I know it's better when you can visualize it, and this is too complicated. You also can wrap everything away from your face and not to the two different directions. I like doing the two different directions, because I feel like the curls just looked like me. You know the most natural gives you volume, because they're not all going the same direction and kind of like sitting on each other and it's just kind of fun to mix it up from your standard curls all going away from your face, so it almost ends up. Looking like you're doing a braid, but it is a tiny bit different, so I'm almost done with the grounding of the hair. So wrapping this one around you kind of just keep going back and forth with the pattern, and then here is my last piece. I make sure I've gotten all my hair wrapping around so before I continue on. This is what I've got going on right now hold on is two pieces on both sides and I'm just going to continue doing what I was doing up at the top. But this time I'm just not grabbing here because it's nice to wrapping it around and then wrapping it around and they just end up crisscrossing, each other, basically a whole way down, and then we at the very end secure with the spreadsheet. Well, I'm excited to show you how you actually sleep with these, because you end up looking quite funny. Okay, so now I've got these two little end pieces that are left out, which is fine. I'M okay, if like some of the ends, are perfectly crazy, curled down and take a scrunchie and I'm going to secure that. I like to use a smaller scrunchies. Just because I want this to be as flat to my head as possible, and I always have to really see my fingers like holding on to this the whole time, because I want these ends like super Security in here, so we're up about three times great. You can see about my little ends there, that's fine and what you do is you take that legging and you slide it up, and it will sit like that for a second while we do the other side. So now I'm just going to take this slide it on over to that side and I'm going to do the exact same thing on this side. So we're gon na speed it up. But you can kind of get the idea and if you need help with the wrapping, how I didn't go back and watch that other clip um, because it will be the best angle, so again, switching directions but doing the exact same thing. If I move you guys over to this side, because I wanted to show you better that end is done and we're gon na again take this up and kind of protect our heatless hairstyle, and this is the hilarious part. So that's all done and it looks nice and secure nice and tight we're going to take our leggings and literally fold them over the rest of our hair, which helps with like frizz flyaways. Everything. And this is when you can kind of decide how you want to do it. Sometimes. I tuck part of those ends up in there taking that end of that legging, and so it looks like this, depending on what you're comfortable with some people then take it and fully and tuck it under the legging. So it's more comfortable to sleep on it really does depend on if you're a side sleeper a back sleeper. I'Ve slept with them both fully down and they were super comfortable on the sides, because they're not so thick and hard and like with this whole thing. Your head, just kind of like, is cushioned in a different way. I don't really know how to describe it like. I literally cannot do the bathrobe, helus curls or like those foam like that. Look like bathrobes like foam pieces, because it gives me the worst like neck pain and I've done this multiple times and been fine, which is literally so phenomenal. So this is what I'm gon na look like going to bed um and I'm going to take out the results with you in the morning and show you y'all starts to be impressed. This is probably my new favorite method for heatless curls and it's literally using a pair of leggings, an athletic pair of leggings, so I'll check in with you guys in the morning. Let'S go to sleep, so this was a lot um comfier to sleep in um as well. I would say in the bathroom because I would say overnight it kind of loosens and softens um, I'm a really sensitive sleeper. So it always takes me a minute to adjust to it um. So it's still super comfortable, but you can kind of like take that and massage it um on your head, if it ever feels like too tight, which I really love - okay, let's unwrap this! Oh, oh, my God. Okay, we need to shake this out because I put hair oil in my hair too last night. It'S super soft and super easy to run my hands through wow um. It looks amazing, it's super big voluminous I literally haven't brushed. Yet I haven't put dry shampoo in it. It gives massive curls I'm gon na brush it out a little bit um. So yeah, it looks great. It literally looks amazing. I hope you can see these curls and how good they look around my face. You can kind of see how these pieces are framing my face again, which I love. Let me show you from the back two hold on You Got ta See. Obviously I use a hair brush to brush it out. If you get frizzy, you can always use a wide tooth comb, because if my hair, you know, got like a little poofy um and you can use hair oil to separate it, but you can even see curling it frontward. Sorry curling it away from my face and then curling it towards my face that cure kind of just created a softer curl in general. That'S like super natural um. Sadly, I'm learning about to go work out. So I have this up in a ponytail, but I can check in with you guys after my workout and see how it's lasted and how it's Fallen. Obviously, I'll keep mine that I was sweating. It was up in a ponytail, but it literally looks so good. I'M gon na throw in a little dry shampoo because my hair gets greasy, but this is incredible for literally no no heat, I'm obsessed. So if you guys haven't tried this method, but I'm going to check in with you guys in a little bit to see how it's lasting and I'm gon na charge her battery. While I come to class so that we can fully get the full results. But look at that so mad because I'm pretty sure none of that footage from this morning had audio, because I forgot to turn my mic on, but my pilates class literally wrecked me, I'm like still shaking this is hours later. My hair looks like this. I went to the gym went to my college class. I just took a shower, obviously put my hair up, but definitely some moisture in the air, and it has fallen into the most beautiful curls whenever you first take something like that out. You'Re always a bit like. Oh, my gosh, but generally I feel like most hair types do fall a little bit so um mine included. So this is it I'm obsessed. I love these results. The lady and curls are just amazing and such a fun New Trend. Um I was gon na say as well. I learned how to do it from this girl named Emily Kaiser, who learned to do it from someone else on Tick Tock, so definitely go check them out. As you wear it more in your sleep, you do get super used to it. So, obsessed, okay, I got ta go because our if you've been following along with me on this channel, our entire life content is a massive container. That'S been on the ocean from England and to Southern California is finally coming to our apartment today with all of our furniture and kitchen stuff. So we're gon na be unloading that I think my mom just arrived to help us. So I got ta go, take care of my life and get an order, but stay tuned for all the more videos. I love you make sure you subscribe and I'll see you soon. Foreign

M AS: I really appreciate that you included very minuscule details for people like me with no knowledge, like I didn't know to use dry shampoo for really greasy hair and what the oil helps do or prevent. Thank you

Justine S: There are two kinds of people: people who’s hair looks great no matter what and people who’s hair looks bad no matter what.

Eulalia Schultz: Everything you attempt to do with your hair just comes out so incredibly well!! Thanks for sharing! Your's is the 1st video I've heard of on leggings heatless curls! Can't wait to try!

Mike Munks: Tips for this: make sure your starting piece is going away and over from your face. Make sure you use as scrunchy or sometimes I use a soft headband to seal it, hair ties will make crease that you don’t want.

thedevilandhertrumpets: WOW! I’m moving towards more natural hair care, and this is a fantastic tutorial - thanks for the content!

C Bryce: You are so patient and always coming up with new ideas. I don't think I am coordinated enough to do this. Simple braiding on each side, down my back, is all I manage to do after each washing.

Aspen Little: Definitely going to try this! Thanks for the video

The touch: Great how you do it. You are also a natural beauty. That's what makes a beautiful woman in my eyes.

Will Hooper: this is awesome!!

Monika - Paris by Moni - Wojciechowska: Amazing! You look like a Little mermaid ❤❤❤ I have to try it tomorrow

Wendy : The only problem i see with this is if u dampen your hair a little bit , not sure if it will dry completely since it’s covered with the waistband of the leggings

moonliqhtari: I tried to do this twice but I somehow keep doing it wrong

DaybyDay: Oh my gosh I am here for it!

TrueCrimeNut: Beautiful job!! I saw that tic tok video, but you did a better job!!

Désirée Johnson: It's nice, but I think the curls from your spa band and your bangs with the roller came out better imho. It was so beautiful.

Corrine Bruning: Do you prefer this or the other headband way you did it?

Jessica Price: I have tried many different overnight curls and the curls always fall out completely an hour after i take them out

Alegra Russell: First, love your videos soo much❤❤

Bryana Pool: she is adorable! with just the braids, she looks like baby Judy Garland. and then with the whole thing, she is just the cutest little prairie girl oh my god

Jenelle John: 0

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