Easy & Heatless Overnight Curls Using Sponge Rollers | Tommelise

Hi guys, in this video I am showing you how I curl my hair overnight using sponge rollers! They are easy and intuitive to use and as the result I get defined, bouncy curls that actually hold on my fine and straight hair.So I definitely recommend you to check out this method, if your hair is similar to mine.




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So so guys today, i got a hair video for you, in which i will be sharing with you. How i got these big volumized defined heatless curls overnight, using some sponge rollers yay. They are very easy to work with, and the results are always amazing. So make sure you're watching to see the entire process, but before we get started. I would like to ask this if you who are here for the first time to subscribe to my channel right now and of course, don't forget to give this video a huge thumbs up, because if you would like to see more hair dedicated videos on my channel, Then i would film them for you with pleasure and once you're done with that we can dive right into it. So hi guys and welcome back to my bathroom the place where i talk about beauty on my channel and in one of my recent makeup videos i wore my hair, really curly and asked you if you would be interested in a tutorial how i curl my hair Overnight in this easy heatless way - and some of you were excited about it - so this is something new that i've tried only for one time, but i got amazing results from and um these bad voice. Sponge rollers actually worked really nice for my naturally very straight hair. I have quite a lot of it, but it's so fluffy. It is so soft that it doesn't hold any kind of curl and i need to curl them overnight in order to have some volume. So today i will just show you how i put them in my hair and then you'll see the result next day, so uh first things. First, i have this new pack because i ordered just one and it was not quite enough for the amount of hair. I have because it's you know pretty long and before we go right into them, i need to apply some product on my hair, because the only thing i did with my hair just for now is washing it with this. You know solid shampoo from lush that smells amazing has some salt, so it adds volume and texture, and i did not put any mask or conditioner, because that would even make it softer than it is already and that won't help. You know with the curling process. So since my hair is really fine, i want to use some volumizing spray, and this is the new one that i just picked up from my drugstore, which is so affordable from balia, and it's called foaming water volume effect. So i will just spray it all over. You know my hair, especially focusing on the roots just like that it smells really chemically. But what would you expect from you know such a an affordable product so just rub it all over and maybe brush through the hair with my hair brush. Just like this, so you know we have some texture so tomorrow in the morning there will be some additional volume because all my curls like when i take off from the curlers they are fluffy and bouncy and beautiful, but like after an hour, they just fall flat. So let me know if um you can relate on that and right now i will apply a little bit of this. Frizz is dream curling styling foam just so it will help with the grip, so the curls will stay in shape and usually i would start in the front right where i have my grown out. Curtain bangs. So, just like these two small sections of hair are just enough, and now i will roll the hair up and secure it with a closure, and it's really easy so now i'll repeat on this side, cute fried so, and these guys is one set of the sponge Floors there are 10 of them, and it's good that i got the second one, so let me continue and almost done now. We just need to sleep on this cute hair. How do i look guys and take all this beauty off now? I will apply a little bit of this beautiful new fragrance in my collection genius by rainier perfumes, which is my favorite tobacco perhim at the moment, have a good night and be back to you really soon and good morning. Everyone it's the next day and yes, i'm already almost fully styled. My makeup is on i'm dressed. The only detail that is missing is this hair and, although because of the color matching, everything goes together really well, and i would be even confident enough to go out like this. Let'S not stress the people and actually show how the curls turned out. So i will start from the bottom, because otherwise it will just create a mess, and this is the moment of truth, because you never know how it will look in the end. But this is not bad, so opening these um sponge rollers i'm afraid to break them because they're sort of fragile and the front pieces are always. You know the most interesting because they framed the face, but so far this is how the hair looks when you just take this sponge rollers off, and i know that this is not the most natural look, because the curls are still really defined. But for me it's really really nice to have this definition because, as i've said, my hair is really straight and it will definitely feel way more relaxed in a few hours. So now i will just style it a little bit brush through it and already. Then it will look just a little bit more natural, but i love heavy curls. I love curls, like that really defined, really beautiful. They remind me of snakes. What do you think so at this point i would take a comb like this and just go over the top, not really for the curls, because the rollers left marks, as you can tell, but they won't be that visible in a little bit and regarding the volume Because we applied that volumizing product well, it's all right. The curls are really bouncing so they're adding a lot to the lift, but i can see a lot of that from the roots of the hair. So i just brushed it like this, and now i will do some backcomb teasing, so these are small sections of hair and this will help with the volume and also help to hold them in place doing this roughly. But, of course, if this is too much for you, you can always use your comb and gently come with it for your hair. But i personally prefer to put my hair upside down like this, and just gently run my fingers through it, because the curls are actually so defined and not stick together. It just creates more natural look like this, which is the final result, and i absolutely love how it turned out, because i prefer myself with big volumized, curly hair. And let me know if you like, when i wear my hair straight or curly like this, and if you enjoyed watching this video. I would definitely recommend you to check out these easy to use and nice to sleep on sponge rollers for yourself and make sure to give it a huge thumbs up if you had fun and found this video helpful check out the description box for more health information Where you can find me on social media and definitely subscribe to my channel and click that notification bell to stay updated about my new uploads, and that was all from me today, make sure to stay tuned, smell, good and we'll see each other next, one really soon. Bye guys

Tommelise: Do you prefer me with strait or curly hair?

Amanda Beekman: Thank you for the tutorial! I love how beautiful your hair looks!

Sara Williams: Girl. You are beautiful no matter what! But I do think there is something Hollywood glamorous about curly hair...xox

panna królik: Have you tried curling on the robe belt? I usually use this method and it's really quick to "braid"!

mschickie007: Curly ! You have a gorgeous head of hair !

Duone Swart: Could you do a tutorial like this, but with the jumbo size?

Wendu Ehibudu: Curly ❤

Shaffer Wishner: What is the size of the rolls?

Angel Hope Shakti Athena: Nice

Roman Kolomiza: Curly

Linda DeLillo: That's a terrible result! You need a wider comb to avoid Shirley Temple spirals.

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