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I need to grow my hair all the way to my knees and one of the ways that I'm keeping my hair super healthy as I'm letting it grow out, is hardly ever using heat on it. I use heat every now and then just not every day like I used to so. Naturally, I have been trying to find the best snow heat curler. These are super squishy and super easy to use, and I just love them. So, let's take it out and see how they look. Here'S what it looks like freshly out of the curlers. Someone is going to yell at me for this, but I always finger comb out my curls, because I want them to just be like loose a little wavy and ah I wish it would have dried better. This is my fault. I got impatient and I took it out too soon. I definitely did not let this dry enough. Oh, when I sleep with these curlers in it is the best curls ever but honestly, like this I mean my hair is still gon na dry with a really nice wave. So I'm still happy with it just not as happy as I wanted to be.

twiggy: It looks so good! I don’t have straight/ wavy ish hair so I can’t relate to the struggle. Although people have ask me if I curled my NATURALLY CURLED HAIR AND I GET SO CONFUSED BC THEY DONT LOOK LIKE SOMETHING YOU GET FROM A CURLER

Alexis: Nooo not them being damp this happens to me too much

Andra Hayes: One tip for hair to your knees...put it up and/or braid it once it gets to your hips. If you leave it down, when you sit on it, the ends will break and split. But it is very healthy. You have taken very good care of it.

Nyssa Mead: My hair actually curls better if I let it dry fully before putting in curlers. Those curls are super bouncy and last all day without hair spray.

October Rose: I just watched Jessica Kellgren-Fozard’s video of her vintage hair journey and she uses foam rollers to curl her hair. I’m not sure what kind you have there but maybe check those out?

Jaz: Looks so nice :) and hehe I like to comb my hair with my hands to and I hate when I put my hair into braids and the next morning I take them off and it’s still damn I feel ya girl

Little Flower: Use a wide tooth comb to comb through your curls to keep them intact

Sonali Sahai: Dude my hair is tooo thick for that. My hair would still be fully wet if I took them out the next day

Christina Rosencrans: Link to the curlers??

April Best: What type of curlers are they. I can't find them anywhere.

Kaylee: *to grow my hair all the way to my knees* Me: oh that's jot thay hard Me: *stands up to see how far down knees are* Me: TF

Ella Reynolds: Where did you get them

Sophieee🫶🏼: Omg EARLY!! I commented on part one, too! ILSYM and if you could pin me ima be so happy I swear. Also ur sooo pretty and creative ILYSM Also so excited to see the end of your temperature blanket AND the shape pickles!

Kírùmi Töjø: Ooh that’s cool your soo pretty

Billies Fantasy: Is it just me or did you think she was shaving her head don the beginning

stranger things: Good idea

Chloe #stopanimaltesting: I’m in love

katie craig: Oooo where did you get those?

Monkfruit: Does anyone know what these kind are called?

TinaNewtonArt: Piggyback them. Have two curlers on one strand. My mom taught me this.

Alex woods: Ahhhhhhh nooo they were so pretty at first but the look pretty either way

•Viney•: Oo cool I just came from part one

Joseph Sarnicola: How much are they

Danica LP: What brand are those

A Little Ramble: Wait so no hot showers

Alexis: Early

Hello: Why does her phone ring light kinda remind me of Mikey mouse ears?

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