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Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel. I’ve been obsessed with heatless curls for a while now! A lot of my friends and family have even asked me how I do it and I figured why not just make a YouTube video.

I hope you all enjoy this video!

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Products needed for my heatless curls tutorial :

*You don’t have to use these exact products. This is just what I used. I mostly bought these from my local shoppers drug mart.

I used my robes belt to achieve heatless curls, so see what you have at home and give it a try.

Hairspray: I actually prefer this hairspray than the one I was using.


Root spray: I couldn’t find the exact one I was using. This is a good alternative.


Hair scrunchies:


Hair tie:


Hair clips:


Grip roller:




Music is by:


Disclaimer: This video was not sponsored, and all opinions are my own as always. Some links are affiliate links. If you choose to use my link to purchase products I make a small commission. Thank you for all of your support.

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These are the products that I use to achieve the heatless curls. I used my robes belt to me. That was the main thing that I used to do. The heatless, curls and you'll see how I use each and everything and use what you have at home and make it your own. I hope you enjoyed this video okay, so I'm just brushing out my hair. It'S really really important to do that. I know all this hair, I'm just splitting up my hair right now and I really want to focus on my bangs, because I want to use a velcro roller and I want to get extra volume in the front. And I don't want to add that in to the curls, so I'm going to do my own thing with the bangs, I'm just putting all my hair back and again just focusing on the bangs right now here, I'm just wetting my hands and making sure my bangs Are wet and that way it can hold on to the mousse a lot better use any mousse that you like, and I want to really make sure that the mousse is saturated. In my hair, it's going to help with the texture it's going to help with the curls and even though I'm not adding this in with the Rope belt or whatever you guys call it. I definitely want that extra volume in the front. So that's why I'm still putting mousse on my bangs here, I'm just making sure that there's no flyaways and making sure that it is all nice and smooth. So here I'm just clipping everything in place and I am wetting my hair and again it's just going to make the mousse just kind of glide on better it's going to make your curls last longer, and here I am making sure again. I am saturating my whole hair with the mousse you'll see me focus a lot on my ends. My ends get really dry. If I don't saturate it with the mousse you'll see me put hair oil at the end. I think it's very important. So that's what I'm doing right over here next, I am just grabbing that robe belt or whatever you guys call it. I mean it is a real belt for me, but use whatever you guys have again. Some people use like socks. Some people can use. I don't know leggings I've really seen it all, but this is what I had. I didn't buy anything. This is just you know what I had at home. You want to take that first section away from your face again, there's so many ways of doing this, but this is just the way I'm doing it. I like to brush out everything again as I go just because it's going to make a nice smooth curl and I'm flipping it around the belt and grabbing a little section from the rest of my hair, just a little piece and adding it to the front piece. So you're going to continue this step again, flipping it around the belt, making sure everything's, nice and smooth grab a little piece and add it with the rest. You'Ll see me here brush things out, just because it's getting naughty, my hair gets naughty super easily. So again, I want to make sure my curls are very nice and smooth and continuing all the steps foreign foreign, so here you'll see me just tie it up with an elastic band use whatever you want. I do have a lot of layers in my hair right now, so you'll see like little pieces sticking out. You just want to make sure it's nice and secure. You can use bobby pins use whatever you want. This is just my version. This is the way I like to do it. It'S something that's very simple, but I notice, if I don't, you know, put those little pieces back in it just kind of ruins the look. It might be something so simple, but it really does make a whole lot of difference here, I'm just using some hairspray again. This is a step that I think that is super important and here I'm using a root spray. You don't need to do this, but I just like to again I love volume in the front of my hair, especially because I'm using the velcro roller. That'S my whole point of doing. That is because I want the volume, so you don't have to do this step. You can just use hairspray use whatever you want, but again I like the root spray and I'm just repeating the same steps on the other side. I just sped this up a little bit because I think you guys get it, but if you guys, don't you guys? Can just you know, start over again and watch the version. That'S a little bit more slower. I just wanted to speed things up just in case you guys get it and I don't want to bore you. But again you can definitely just pause and Rewind and make sure you got all the steps. You'Ll definitely see me brush through again. I think that is so important. I honestly have so much knots in my hair. If I don't do that, so it is really crucial for me and you'll see there are some pieces in the back that don't seem you know really secure, but I'm going to show you in my next step what I like to do to make sure that everything Is going to sit nicely and it is nice and secure for the couple hours. I mean some people like to sleep in this. I can't I will probably wake up in the middle of the night and just rip it all off, because I just don't like anything on my head, I like to sleep in peace, so I definitely laid these on for a couple of hours. I left this on for about three hours and you guys will see the result at the end. Okay, so you guys see how the back is kind of loose, you're gon na twist, the same way that you were rolling or I should say twisting, I added more hairspray because I forgot to add some, so you want to roll it all the way around. I know this looks so funny, but I mean who cares? It'S gon na look great and then just use a scrunchie or something big. So that way, it really holds it in place. You can use pins, you can use whatever you want. This was just what I had, so that's just what I used. I want to make sure again, it's just nicely tight and don't it look, fabulous, add a little bit more hairspray. It'S really important and just wait. This is the waiting time. Okay, so it's been about three hours, hence the reason I have glasses on. I was watching TV and I've been watching. This Is Us by the way. It'S amazing comment down below. If you guys have seen it don't spoil it for me, I'm only on season four. I sped this up, I'm just you know taking it all apart right now, very self-explanatory start from the bottom, take off those elastics, very gently and just unroll. It'S gon na look so funny at first and hey. If you like that type of look, then that's great for me, I definitely want to brush it out, so it looks funny for me at first, but make it your own. Do whatever makes you happy and just taking that piece off, it's gon na look fabulous. I'M just gon na leave it like that. No just just velcro roller, but look at the volume I mean insane right, so you'll see me kind of spreading it all. Apart with my fingers, then I'm gon na use a brush because I'm like Sarah. What are you doing? Use a brush, it's gon na take forever with your hands and I'm just kind of splitting my hair apart the way I would like it when I curl my hair and here you'll see me kind of fluff up the bottom. That'S going to give you extra volume, that's my trick. It is the best trick ever, but it really does give you that volume and finally, the last step here oil. I think that is really important. It'S just going to give you that extra glossy look lock. Everything in place obviously make your hair, nice and smooth shiny, frizz free and, to me, that's just an important step anytime, I style my hair doing anything I mean it's always: hair oil and yeah. This is the final look. I really hope you guys enjoy. It hope you have an amazing day.

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