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You guys so I took them out because I'm really impatient and I wanted to get to the post office, so I just did this in the car but um, I have to say I'm pretty. I am pretty impressed with how this turned out. I know this is a little crazy right. Welcome back the channel if you're new here, if you'd like to see lifestyle updates, beauty hacks living more for less, I mean you're in the right spot. My name is Sarah and I really live this cool little community. We'Ve got going on here and I'd love to see that going. So, if you have, if you've got a friend and you're like you know what I think, this person who likes a channel - and you know what you are more than welcome - to invite them anyways. So here is what is going on here. I have been trying no heat hairstyles for those of you who saw my channel before I was blonde. It'S still me and I've had really long hair. Ever since I can remember my hair was really long and like really healthy in high school, and then I got older. I dyed it a lot and a lot of flat ironing and curling, and my hair was just frizzed out, especially after I went super super blonde. So in an attempt, let's see here um here we go. This is a curtain we're in my old bedroom and I don't have a film studio. So unless you want to see that background, I'm just gon na be in front of the curtain anyway, um squirrel brain. Where was I oh? Yes, so in an effort to let my hair heal so that I can have like a really long, really pretty hair without extensions, I decided about a year ago that I was gon na stop using heat on my hair and up until like this month. I just kind of wore my hair straight or just kind of like scrunched it into this weird. I don't know I was going for Beach hair and it kind of just looked like beach, bum hair, and it wasn't working for me. So now I'm looking for heatless hairstyles that actually work, I've tried the sock bun and that just I don't know how anyone in any of these YouTube videos gets the sack fun to actually work and look good. So here's what I've done. I am testing out these roller curler things and I just got them in I'm gon na go ahead and I'm gon na go like blog and do some stuff and maybe run to the post. I don't know, would that be crazy, but um, yep, and so we're gon na see how this looks when I take it, I have no idea how this is gon na look. It could be a disaster we'll see. Are you ready, close-up, show you what these are? These are like little um. You know those like pool noodle things that you float with that's kind of like what this texture is. These are like little pool noodles that I just wound into my hair. I probably used, I think I use like maybe 15 of them. So - and I have quite long quite thick hair, so we're gon na see how this turns out. I'M gon na leave it in for about an hour. My hair was straight straight before so. This is what I did. You can see the different hair colors. This is the ends of my hair, and this is what the root two color is kind of made. This like supercool ombre, which I really like. I haven't dyed my hair, so I was blonde and then I dyed it um. If you guys saw that I was like super super blond like if you've seen my daughter's hair. Her hair is just like Swedish blonde. It'S like white blonde and my hair, even though it starts out like this. If it's exposed to sunlight, it goes really light. Well then, in May, before we went down to Florida, I dyed it. I was going for like Megan Fox black, it didn't work on me. It didn't work, and now it has faded out to this kind of like cool reddish brown blonde, and I really love it. So good morning in Savannah, I am testing out a no heat hair style. I will keep you posted, I'm gon na leave it in for an hour and then we're gon na see how it looks, and I might even make a video about it if it turns out or even if it fails. I might I came out Ryan goes. You look weird told him better get used to it this time going all the time. This is my new hair. She wasn't impressed. He just had like this okay, so I drove to the post office in a shocking twist. I'M recording another video in my Velen. Follow me so these are like bendable foam. This is what my hair is wrapped around and it's really cool because they hold their own shape. Let'S see how this is going. Okay, all right. We got some curl they've been in for a boat and how I just sounded really Canadian a boat they've been in for a boat an hour they've been in for about an hour, I'm not Canadian. I live in Wisconsin, but that's a pretty darn close okay. Well, you know what you guys, I'm actually pretty shocked that there's some curl coming in here. This is three day hair. I haven't washed my hair since just don't know how comfortable it would be to sleep with these things in my head, but it's not too bad. I have a lot of hair, you guys. I hope this isn't too boring we're just sitting here and small-town Wisconsin. Just you know taking my hair out okay, so you guys this is. Let me take this off. So there's no Blair, this is live unveiling of no-heat hair. Take one it isn't too bad. Like I don't know it's not too bad. It'S I, my hair, when I started, was just really straight and really really blah. So at least there's some wave to it gives a little bit of dimension. I think it's kind of pretty so there you go. I'M gon na keep you posted, I'm gon na, try this again and see how it goes.

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