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Are my tips for long lasting and voluminous curls, whether using the Dyson air wrap or any other styling tool with the barrel and even a curling iron? First, these are the three products I pretty much always put on my hair when it's damp right out of the shower. I'M gon na tag them in the video and if your hair doesn't naturally hold curls very well, you want to make sure you're using a volumizing mousse, and these mousses, along with the texturizing spray, will really help your curls hold. Another key factor is the barrel size to start with a smaller barrel and Tighter curls for them to open up and look this size now once you're curling your hair. I think this is one of the most important tips. You want to make sure that you are pinning your curls for about 15 to 20 minutes, so I just took all the pins out, and this is the final result.

Marisa Patrisso: Thanks for sharing your technique. I would like to know how do you apply the mousse on your wet hair and how you blow dry it. I got a hairspray for styling that i must apply when is wet but unfortunately I did not get the fabulous outcome like you. i appreciate your feedback.

Tolek Banan: Zawsze urocza I uśmiechnięta ♥️

sam gonzalez: Amazing healthy hair . So much volume and bounce with your head movements .

California Love: Lina, I love your highlights! My natural hair color is dark like yours. And, I sooo want the highlights that you have. Please tell me, what do I tell the hairdresser, in order to get your shade of highlights?

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samin kanava: Very Elegant Curls and Efficient Hair Volume ❤️ Substances LinaNoory ❤️ Sami ❤️

Emi Lopez:

Biljana Draskovic: You are soo beauty


Andy Mujal Chanel: Watching from Philippines

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