Let'S Take Down My Heatless Curls #Naturalhair #Hair

Let'S take down my heatless curls, she gon na eat every time. Okay, should we do middle part or side part? I feel like side. Part just always does something for me, but I don't know side. Part side. Part normally gives. I just don't know if she's giving today foreign no middle part today middle part today middle part today, wait wait, wait, I flipped it to the other side and she found gives okay. She kind of eats. I'M gon na go with this

sade watkins: Girl these curls ATEEEE !!! Both parts was givin too I couldn’t choose

Jessica Bryan: So beautiful! How long does it take for your buns to dry?

Colleen Your Cousin: Man us black somebody have GOID HAIR!!!! We can go straight or curly!!!

A. S. M.: Middle part when straight, side when curly

Marlene Saunders Show: Flip it to the other side

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