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HEELLLOOOOOO NATURALS! Happy u made it this way! In this video I will be trying a new natural hairstyle. Boho Spring Twist is featured in this video! I show you how I apply them to my natural hair. A great, easy protective style that you can do all on your own! Join me and give it a try!



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Foreign welcome back to my channel and if you're new hit that subscribe button, so I can welcome you some more anyway, so in this video we are going to be talking about how I achieve these beautiful spring twists, but not just any kind of spring twist. They are boho spring twists, so I did a um, a boho look, a boho braid natural hairstyle on my hair, I loved it all, but for like the first two days. So as I was looking, my hair that I left out of the braids or the twists, they kind of got a little, you know matted and the curls never stayed so for me and my hair texture. I knew that was not a style for me, but I decided I really like the look that a lot of other girls were getting with their natural hair and I wanted my hairstyle to last a lot longer. So what I ended up doing was adding fake hair to my hair. So instead of doing braids, I did spring twists, okay and then, instead of leaving my hair out, I left the fake hair out to give me defined, long-lasting, curls and a great protective style. If you're interested in this beautiful hairstyle keep watching and I'm gon na show you how to do it, if you're a beginner or Advanced it doesn't matter, we all love natural hair here and we're all inclusive so come on. Let'S hop into this video all right guys! So I just wanted to let you know that I'm starting off on freshly washed hair, I washed - and I detangled in the shower - and I separated it into four groups. So these are going to be the main working sections that I work in. So I'm going to start with one you know and carve out twist there and then I'm going to go to the next section and so on and so on. So I wanted to show you guys what my hair texture looked like as well. If you have a hair texture similar to mine and you're, trying to pull off a style that requires some of your hair curls to pop out, you know it might not last that long if you're experiencing that. I think this is a great hairstyle to try the hair that I'm using is just regular spring twist. Any hair that you see um, that has this type of a coil, is going to be great for the style. You can also opt to use a looser coil, like a water wave. Any hair package that you get is going to work. I'M gon na go ahead and be using this product Flawless by Gabrielle Union, and this product is just going to be used to kind of just. You know moisturize and hold my hair as I go. So, let's hop into this technique. So I've done this section already, like I said, I'm going to work in sections and I am going to start the next section. So what I'm doing is I'm grabbing one spring twist piece of hair? You only need one and you divide it into two. Just to give it some volume see how the curls are separated. Don'T worry, those curls will definitely spring back and be defined, but we're going to take a section of our hair and separate it into two. Just like you would do a twist we're gon na grab the spring twist that we separated and gently put back together and place it directly in the middle of the two groups of hair that we divided for a Twist now. This is the part you really want to pay attention to and really grab hold of. You want to make sure that your grip is on point here. So that's what I'm doing here, I'm making sure that my hands are gripping the hair and my hair firmly. Once you have a good grip on that. I want you to just start twisting and after each twist you're going to twist the section of hair. Just like you see me doing here every time you twist the two pieces around each other you're gon na twist them individually, and that is when it is what's going to get your twist to stay and not slip out. This is really important guys. Now, if you cannot get the grip right, I'd suggest maybe using rubber bands. But if you can that's the look that I got and it's gon na pretty much give you the same thing. So as you twist down, if you're not familiar with boho Ridge, you just pull a little piece of hair out and you just keep twisting and twisting. So I make sure that I use um this little product here, just to kind of give me some slip. As I go through, it's not the best, I did a product review on it for a braid out. That'S really what it's for make sure you go check that out, but anyway, as I keep on twisting down, I'm gon na pull out little strands of hair that I want to use to have like a more of a you know. Boho look to give me that boho and curly haired, I guess spring twist. Look whatever kind of look that we're gon na Define this. I guess we'll keep it as boho right. So you continue to twist down. Like I said this hairstyle and applying these twists is relatively easy. It just might be that grip about the top, but, like I said, if you can't get a hold of that, you can always use the rubber band method, and you just continue to twist all the way down. For me, I pulled about three curls out of each twist and then, as I kind of got to the top, I leveled it off just a little bit and I only pulled out two, so I pulled out about three curls out of each twist towards the bottom. Maybe two towards the middle of my head and then like about one when I got to the crown of my head, but I continue to twist all the way down and at the end, you'll see in order to keep these twists intact. I kind of like messy twist I like to call it where I just trade in some hair from one side of each strand of twist to the other, and I've noticed that this really allows it to lock in, and I know it looks a little messy, but All you have to do is cut it off and wrap it around your finger with some product, and you will get a really nice curly end. Like don't worry, it won't be too messy. So now, with our curls here, we can see that they're just a little disheveled but defined nonetheless, and we're just going to apply some product to them, like you would do with your natural hair. Just apply the product and you'll see that the curls will reform and, like I said this is one of the reasons why I absolutely love this idea when it comes to boho, braids or boho twist, because my hair, your natural hair, would normally hang out here and The curls would last for about a day or two, and for some of us not even a day, some of us not even a couple of hours and they would start to frizz up and the whole style. The point is lost right, so I think that this was a wonderful alternative that I will definitely be making permanent to my natural hairstyle. So I'm going to go ahead and finish up the rest of my hair, and this is the results that I got in my hair. I have about 42 twists 42 boho spring twists and I am absolutely loving the movement and the way that my hair turned out. The color that I put in my hair, if I'm not so sure if I already said it, it's a 27, so it's a blonde so as you can see it really mixed very well with my hair, color and yeah. This is the look guys. I really hope that you guys um will try this hairstyle. If you do please let me know I would love to know how it went for you if you like this style better than traditional boho braids, and if you just try regular spring twists. This method works. Just as well - but I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope that you guys really like the results, because I absolutely love the results, I'm hoping to keep this style in for about two weeks, but we'll see how that goes I'll. Keep you all updated. So make sure that you subscribe for more to stay in the loop with all natural show, hair inspiration and school tips to come. So I will see you all in the next video bye foreign

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