4 Month Update On Betterlength Clip Ins | The Truth | Nadasha B

These are my honest views and opinions on the betterlength clip ins. No paid advertisement!

My Clip ins Info:

Texture: Light Yaki

Hair Length: 20"

Color: 1b off black

Promo code: Nadasha1091

Link to the same hair: https://www.betterlength.com/clipin-ha...

C O N N E C T - TH R O U G H - S O C I A L S :

♡ Snapchat : @ashaalove

♡ Instagram @_nadashab

B U S I N E S S :

[email protected]


Camera used : Canon M50

Age: 26

Houston, Tx

Retired Licensed Stylist

I know it's something that I typically see with certain hair companies I'll be wanting to come back and give us like a little update, um and a lot of times. They don't do that. Hair is nasty. It'S matted up. It'S trash, hey, y'all! Welcome back to my channel, my name is nadasha B. If you're new here today's video, I'm going to be giving you guys a quick, updated review on my better length, clip-in extension, better sent them to me. I did a hair review on these, maybe three or four months ago. Maybe two, I'm not really sure the timeline, but I did want to jump on here and kind of just give you guys a quick, updated review. I know a lot of YouTubers that come on this platform and they convince you guys to get certain hair, but for some reason, whenever you guys get the hair, the hair is nasty. It'S matted up, it's trash, don't forget to like comment, subscribe, hit. The notification bell. All that I am filming in my little dining area like in my restaurant, which is it's not good - I think these are 18 inches. I actually know it's probably 20. I don't know but have everything down below so here are the clip-ins. They are still in very good condition. I'Ve worn these. I want to say at this point, maybe four or five times you guys see. I haven't had any shedding with these clip-ins. I'M gon na actually put these back in, so you guys can see. So I actually still pressed my hair last night because I had this video in mind for a little minute um. I know it's something that I typically see with certain hair companies I'll be wanting to come back and give us like a little update, um and a lot of times. They don't do that, so I wanted to do something a little different for you guys. Let'S see this is the first one I'm going to use foreign, I really hope y'all can see or you can use your fingers I'm just using my finger. This is quicker foreign. Thank you. I believe they sent me a clip-ins only put in seven as you guys can see when I got to this last. One just decided to leave it out, not gon na put any heat up on my real hair. Because again, I just gave myself a silk press. Last night, so I'm just going to bump the ends just a little bit, so y'all could see what the ends look like. I'M gon na put it on for a hundred y'all see this little thing I just be moving. I don't know if you guys can see, but it's not it's on 400, but this is doing something stupid do y'all be doing a chair for the flat iron, like y'all put it up to your face. It'S just me to this side, foreign that I didn't add in that should kind of give you a little feeling at the top but yeah. This is what they look like. That'S pretty much it for this video guys. I hope you all really enjoyed it. If you haven't already give this video a thumbs up, um subscribe hit, the notification Bell, leave a comment down below and yeah I'll see you all in my next one.

T A: You are speaking the truth. Next month will be a year and my curly clip ins still look new. I've washed them over 20 times because of using different products on them. I get compliments all the time on what they think is my natural hair.

Mia Beasley: I love the clip ins! What flat iron is that because the curls came out nice!

Tamera Allison: Love the clip in

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