Realistic Week With My Curly Hair #Curlyhair

All right so weaken my hair. This is day one. I just did my wash and go that night. I just tied my hair up into a ponytail and put a bonnet on. I do the same thing every night to preserve My Curls the next day day. Two. I just wore my hair out shook it out a little bit. It still looked pretty good, so we're fine. There day, three I decided to go for a ponytail. I was just going to my sister's house this day, you're gon na see I don't go out very much but clean my edges up, and that was it's day. Four I was doing. Some errands went for another ponytail, a little higher and then day five. I was actually going out y'all and I decided to do my hair in this updo and day six. Here I am with my stiff curls, but you know that's all right, we're throwing it into a bun and that's it.

Shatricia: She looks like a mix of Beyoncé and Ciara.


artist around the block: Beyoncé OMG!!! I saw you at Dubai

Miss Caramel: My hair will be soo tangled

Daniela John: U kinda look like Beyoncé

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