Donnas Recipe Curly Hair Refresh And Style Tutorial!

Hey Hey! This video shows my Curly Hair Refresh FROM START TO FINISH, tips, and tricks as well as how I style my hair (because my hair can be dry sometimes )! So if you're looking to learn how to care for and style your natural hair, this is the video for you!

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PRODUCTS USED: DONNAS RECIPE SWEET POTATO PIE; Extra Creamy Hair Cream, Leave In Conditioner and Mister bottle!

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00:00 DONNAS RECIPE Curly hair refresh and style tutorial

00:35 Prepping the Refresh

02:03 Braid Out

10:57 Taking down the braid out

12:43 Styling the braid out

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Natural Hair Refresh, DETAILS AND ADVICE:

Natural hair can become dry, frizzy, and brittle if it's not taken care of properly.

I'll be showing you how to prep and prepare your hair for your refresh! I personally have always used aloe juice (the one that you get and it’s in a jug).

After I dampened my hair, I went in with the Donna's Recipe extra creamy hair cream and plaited it up and used a purple perm rod to set my ends! I was thinking I should have gotten maybe the white perm rods to have a tighter end curl ?

The next day during take down- I wanted an edge control free look and used the Donnas Recipe leave in condoner as a hair dressing liquid! It worked pretty well and actual smoother my hair do!

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments!


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I truly appreciate you for stopping by and hope you gained something from my post! As you know... I'm sending you positive vibes , peace ☮, love ♡ and PROSPERITY ✨ See you next time! *virtual hug*


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So I wanted to come here to show you how I refresh My Curls, where you're literally only using two products, so I use aloe vera juice and I use the curling cream specifically for this hairstyle. I did a six part or a sixth braid braid out and I've actually been loving, love it like nothing's too heavy. On my face. It'S not breaking my face out um because I know if my hair is like too oily and stuff. I usually get like white bumps like right on my cheeks, I'm clearing up my face now, so we've been good, I put oil in it, so it's very lightweight. So this is how I do it I'm going to section I always do ear to ear. So that's one because this is two right here then we're gon na go middle of the head. I always tell y'all this, so this little part right here like right. There right at the crown on your head, you want to get up that, let that be its own section specifically, because you don't want your hair to go flat like just be flat right there in the middle. So I go like that and there's gon na be one part right there and then we're gon na have these two sectioned on this hive. So I'll put the scrunches in there just so just as a point of reference, so y'all can visually see and then we're gon na go in boom. So if you don't know already, I love showing time because, like time is money time is not money but Tom. We can't get that back, so it's currently 11 23. So I want to show y'all literally how quick this process is so you're gon na use your cream of choice, we're using the Donna recipe, sweet, potato pollen y'all. We love to see it and it's literally. Ah, it smells so good and I've used it about four times and look how much is left we're doing good, starting from the back, I'm still gon na do big parts. So literally all I do we get a little bit of Spritz now. This is not to read wet my hair, I'm literally just making it down so from there. I kind of just fingers not through it, but just make sure the um that I rub my hands through it get a scoop like that. Then I just recoat and a lot of people have been asking. I was like man, your hair's been growing. What have you been doing water like before and deep conditioner, because before whenever I I've been natural, all my life? Actually, I've actually never gotten a perm or anything, and the whole difference is. Is I literally I'm always moisture every product I use is moisturizing frizz free, like super hydrating, because I feel like with my hair. I was missing some hydration because it would freeze so easily. So if I had any other hairstyle like in my past life, I missed some oh fart, any other hairstyle in my past life five years ago me doing three days. It would look completely different because the frizz the light frizz that it got it would have been way more because it's not moisturized, it's not hydrated, so it fridge way easier same way. Whenever I see my hair flat ironed, I see my hair flat ironed a lot because backstory my mama. She did the best she could, but she was in the relaxer perm generation. So my daddy wanted my hair to stay next, because my daddy had natural hair and when I got to sixth grade it was like yeah. No more plots for you. Buddy, like you, need to wear your hair and only way my mama knew how to manage and deal with. My hair was for it to be straight, so I'm adding Simone and just to make sure everything is coated. So yeah, that's how that went. Oh, oh and I forgot I do re-roll my ends, so let me show you so I got the rollers on Deck, so I'm using the purple rollers and we're just gon na rolly, rolly rolly, with the dab of ranch, just roll them um mainly to cover them Ends up and boom one done and what time is it? 11. 27.. I don't think it's really well. It is a different products that kind of probably do work better and can help your hair grow, but I feel like the principle of it all is you have to keep your hair hydrated, whether that is in a protective style, whether that is flat iron, whether that Is Boop whether that oh okay, that was a lot? Let me take some off like no matter how you style it. You have to have enough like moisture in your hair, for it to grow. Imagine this this is like a great example. Imagine you're super thirsty. You haven't drunk no water in a long time and somebody give you some bread like. Will you even be able to enjoy the bread? Because you so thirsty? You need some water, because the bread ain't even gon na go down because you you it's too thick. So that's the same thing with hair. That was a great analogy. I hope you got. I hope it didn't go over your head same thing with there. You can be feeding yourself doing different things. You know. Oh I'm protected, I'm wearing a protective style. I'M always it's flat iron, no matter how you have you have to make sure your hair is hydrated. So that's the important thing and that's the key takeaway I've noticed with my hair, because I'm always adding a cream um, I'm re-creaming, because, for instance, before I like understood natural, like my actual natural hair, if I was gon na restyle it, I wouldn't put nothing in It wasn't doing none of that because I'm like no, I wanted. I just wanted to refresh and I will have - and I will literally do a braid out - don't add nothing else, so it would be super frizzy super big and I love the big hair and I still do love my big hair, but it looks different when you Have moisturized thick hair and you have dropping hair, so I'm working on making sure my hair is moisturized um to my liking, so yeah that stuff like what's been really helping me with that. But everybody's journey is different. Your own journey is your own Journey um, and you can't compare your hair. You want your hair down your back, it's gon na come baby. Hair is Hair. It Is meant to grow now once you put into it. That'S you like look. This would be so freezing on any other given day come on. I don't know if I want to put this in one. I don't want to do two. I don't think I added enough in that back one but we'll see in the morning love yeah. So this section it's the size, is perfect to do one braid, but because I'm doing two on this side, I'm gon na do two here which is even dispersed boom. You can go in and braid s. Then I like to work my way. Oh and I, like the the top front part to be the last part, so that'd be like um dampening my scalp as well, because that's where the hair grows from yeah, this is probably gon na need to be two more foreign. Like you see my ends, I mean I need a little bit more on there. We compared to the rest of the hair. So after you do that see the difference. It'S not frizzy. Thank you. It'S 11 37 and I only have one more section left foreign. It is currently 11 40 and I am done so yeah. We did a total of one two, three four five eight. So we have eight plots today and yeah. That'S pretty much all that I do and I'll be back in the morning to show you how I take it down how I fluff it from a refresh because nothing's been washed yeah, don't cry foreign foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign,

Mimi Is Mighty Incredible: Hey I love aloe vera juice for my hair. So right about not getting time back. Water and deep conditioner definitely is key Hydration definitely is the principle of it all. Yes moisturized big hair is wayy better than dry big hair. That Donna's Receipe Oil is a hitter. I gotta crack open my other Donna's Receipe hair products and stop playing. I love your braid out results and the tips you gave. Cute butterfly clip. I'm a new subbie and you're more than welcome to swing over my town. Full watch and great video !! Your bag collection is sooo nice

2101robert: Oooouuuu the CURLS !!!

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