How To Tackle Frizzy Roots... #Shorts #Hair



You do want to dry your hair, but 80 is total garbage, there's no way to tell the difference between 80 versus 70, plus it's different for everyone. So try this instead rough dry, your hair, until you start to see little frizzy flyaways coming up. They are your sign to stop. Take a wet brush. Go over. Those flyaways they'll disappear then blow dry, your hair

Alexan : Just found your channel and binge watching it could you do a video on natural gray hair care? Natural silver is very popular right now but I have no clue how to care for it now that it feels different!

Dinosaurs are green: You were the first channel I watched for tips on frizzy wavy/curly hair, thank youu

Theresa Shay: You ALWAYS have the best advise!! Are you talking about waiting to brush and hair dry at the time?

Isameowmeow: I flip my hair upside down and blow dry it whilst brushing it. When I flip back around it’s perfectly straight with a lot of volume and my layers just seem to flip back on their own.

Maisie LB: I use the wella vibrant colour shampoo, as per my stylists recommendations. Do you think this is a good shampoo or would you suggest switching to one from your list? I'm struggling to tackle damage, dryness, and frizz right now.

Jennifer Wall: What if your hair is curly? I only comb my curly hair in the shower. I don’t brush after I get out. It will definitely frizz worse in my experience.

Ylva Blom: just tried this and, Amazing!!

maria16194: Finally finally . I could never tell 80% 70% dry . Thank you for that

T: Do you have an alternative for curly hair? I can't brush my hair unless it's completely wet otherwise my curls are ruined

Judy Rivait: Will try this for sure Thanks

Angela Smith: I’m sorry for the possible silly question I’m about to ask, but what is “rough drying your hair”? I’ve never heard that term before and I’ve got to teach this to my disabled sons’ caregivers because he can’t dry his hair by himself and I want them to take your advice and apply it for my son because I may not be able to even half the time with my rheumatoid arthritis flaring up for part of the year. ✊

lulukdydun: i get frizzy roots during the day (bc i shower before bed). i put conditioner on my hair everyday except for my scalp, and i shampoo once or twice a week. how can i get rid of frizzy hair??

Julie Kirk: You are genius Thank you

Big Baddie: My ends have, out of no where become easy to tangle, dry, brittle and frizzy. I'm trying oil's, masks, leave in conditioner, honey but they're not going soft? Help? Is it stress or lack of dietary nutrients?

Thecharlee Channel: TYSMMMM

Patricia O'Donnell: Tried to get the personalised recommendations for my hair twice now and NOTHING

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