How To Style Fine & Low Density Curls | Tutorial, Myth Busting, Dos & Donts - Wavy & Curly Hair

How to get volume in thin hair? I got you! This video will tell you how fine hair is different, challenges faces by fine & low density hair, how to get root volume, how to get fuller wavy & curly hair, how to apply leave in conditioner, how to apply gel on curly hair, how to use brush for volume, how to avoid flat hair & SO MUCH MORE!!

All tips & tricks in one video - I promise this is worth your time!

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1- Curlvana Leave In Cream:

2- Curlvana Styling Gel:

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If you notice my curly hair is looking much more voluminous and bouncy and fuller today. Why? Because I followed a routine that, especially for fine hair for low density hair. This routine can be followed by anyone and everyone who likes volume, and you know filler hair. This will apply to both curly and wavy hair. I really really hope that fine, hair and low density hair finds a lot of help from this video, Namaste gorgeous people and welcome back to my Channel today. I'M going to talk about the memo topic, the mammoth question. Fine curly, hair and low density, curly hair, what you call thin hair. I know a lot of people, just you know, do not follow curly hair when they do their hair gets weighed down and limp, and you know just not looks fine, so they just leave it all together, but I am sure this video will be helpful for them. As well, fine hair and low density hair gets weighed down easily, they look limp easily and the volume is not easy in these kind of hair. So the kind of hair routines that you have been seeing till now, they might not work for you. I do not have fine hair, I do not have low density here. I have coarse hair and my density. It is also medium to high, but this routine can be followed by anyone and everyone who likes volume and you know Fuller hair. So let's get started, and I am sure by the end of this video, all your questions will be answered, trust me and just keep on following so hit the like button and subscribe button. If you find this video helpful, I am sure you will coming to the styling products. There should be minimal. They should be not over moisturizing and keep it minimal in quantity and number of layers that you are putting on your hair. You know there's big misconception regarding the texture of products. A lot of people feel that thick products like leave-in conditioners and creams are going to weigh down their hair. It'S not done that way. There are thickness added, for example, alloy gel - it's not at all heavy right, but it's thick why this xantham gum in the yellow, gel, that's making it thick. It'S not going to weigh down your hair, does not mean it's it's buttery and oily, and you know Shea Butter kind of heavy. You can definitely use leave-in creams, and you know all these things make sure the quantity is less as much as required by your hair and it's not super duper moisturizing, and let me tell you it's a huge myth that do not use styling products with a lot Of oils and butters, there are oilsen Butters in all of this, and it does not matter it matters. How the product has been formulated, do not judge a product based on its ingredient list. There are other ingredients in it as well. That is going to finalize how it's actually going to work so do not judge based on oils and butters. There will be oils and butters in all your styling products, because they are supposed to keep your hair, nice and moisturized and shiny and everything take care of your hair. But, of course, do not use oils and butters directly to style your hair. It will not work, it will make your hair even mine, very, very oily, and you know this is why I really like colvana products for all hair types. It does work for my curly hair, my course here, but it also works so fine here, because I have seen that it does not weigh down my hair. If I use less quantity, then my hair is really bouncy, really really bouncy and not at all dry and the gel as well. It'S medium to strong whole, but it does not weigh down my hair again. It has oils and butters it's supposed to to be there, but the formulation is made in such a way. It will not weigh down here and my hair stays nice and defined for up to three days. The moisture level and the definition in my hair is decent. So I really like this like these are going to end. The gel is almost, I think, I'm done with the gel, and this is also going to end when I say use minimal amount of stylers. I mean that if your hair allows use just one Styler or if you are using two stylers, then use little quantity of both, for example, if your hair is not super duper dry, then maybe a moisturizing hydrating kind of gel is enough for your hair. It will, you know, somewhat, provide some moisture to your hair and also hold up your hair and because you do not have a lot of layers in your hair, so it will not get weight down. Galvana gel is really good option for that, because it does not dry my hair and gives a really good cast. You can also use just the leave-in cream as well. It also provides some hole to your hair when used on its own. So if you do not need a lot of definition and hold long lasting hold in your hair just for a day or two, then you can use only this, so less layers, less quantity means bouncy, Fuller, hair. If you're, using both of them together, you can definitely use them together. Less of this less of this and you are all set now. I am going to show you how to use these for fine hair and what quantity, how much water, what styling brush and how to do it all of it. So keep on watching this video till the end. Okay, just got back from the shower and I have nicely cleansed and conditioned my hair. What conditioner and shampoo to choose I have discussed in part one so make sure you watch it now, I'm dividing my hair into two sections and I will lift the roots because I do not want any hair stuck to the scalp, because that is going to make My scalp look very very flat also, I detangle my hair completely during conditioning, but here I'm just removing any leftover Tangles, because fine hair Tangles a lot and we do not want to take forward any remaining Tangles. Now. Third, and the most important pointer here is to not style upside down, try avoiding it as much as possible because, after coming up, your hair will be all tangled and frizzed up and the definition will be all destroyed so avoid styling upside down and style. Just standing. Upright remember initially, I said your hair should be damp when you are styling, but it should not be this damp and dry, because this way clumps won't form products won't spread on your hair and will be all frizzy and messy just make sure, there's enough water that Your hair is clumping, but at the same time your root should be mostly dry to damp because years we do not want any water weight there. So to demonstrate you, I am following exactly that. Just making sure my mid lens to my ends are nice and wet, not saturated in water, just wet enough. Now, when it comes to applying Styler start with a little quantity, I am taking a small amount of curlwana leave-in cream emulsifying. It really well between my hands and then applying it from mid lens to ends just minimal to no amount of stylers around the roots, because we do not want any layering any weight on the top, but most of it mid lens to ends. When I am doing my curly hair routine, I take a lot more quantity than this, but since we are doing a voluminous hair routine, that too for fine and low density hair, we are going to keep it as minimal as possible. However, make sure whatever quantity you take, you spread it really nicely throughout your hair, okay done with the leave-in. What should be the next step, gel or brush? What do you think it should be? First, the gel get done with all the stylers and then the brushing just like the leave-in cream, I'm taking small amount of curlwana gel for my hair length and density. I would take a lot more than this because usually I'm looking for more definition, but today I'm looking for volume over definition, so some frizz would be really really good and for volume I can do two things either. I can use gels that have low to medium strength, or I can use small amount of medium to strong whole gel. A lot of quantity of strong hole gel will definitely make hair look defined, but this will also make hair look really less. Okay, I'm done applying the stylus, do not wash them off, otherwise they will not work but cannot leave them like this. They are looking very frizzy for making curls look more defined. I can use either white tooth comb or a brush make sure whatever you are using is not giving you thick fat clumps, because they look nice, but they will make hair look really less. We do not want that. We are looking for volume. If you do not want to use a brush or comb, you can totally do shingling. That'S a very effective foolproof method for getting defined thin clumps. I already have a dedicated video on shingling, so I'll use a brush today. This brush gives me thick clumps. If I am styling on soaking wet hair, but thin clumps, if I'm styling on damp hair like this, this is what we are aiming for today, whichever brush or comb you use, do not use it in downward Direction. This will make your look really flat. On top I'll show you a really easy foolproof method use a brush like this notice, how I'm moving the brush away from scalp while teeth are facing the ceiling. This lifts the root automatically look at the difference, just keep brushing like that, especially on the upper layer and your roots will lift automatically it's. It works every single time. Lastly, at the end, if you see that you have really thick juicy clumps, you can totally break them into beautiful, thin clumps by using a white tooth comb. This also works every single time, simple, yet effective method after styling avoid putting your hair up in a plop, because that way your stylus can run down to your roots, making them flat again, that's what we are avoiding here. Instead, scrunch it up till the roots like this, if you like shrinkage or if you do not like shrinkage, avoid scrunching, also just let your hair breathe. Lastly, I'm glazing: just a pea size amount of curlwana gel once again to settle down the frizz. This step is absolutely optional. Just make sure you are not ruining the definition. Look at that style sections, looking so much defined from the other part, which I am going off camera to style, but before that I'll just put this big clock clip to lift my roots makes huge difference. I have been doing this since many months. An alligator clip will keep my wet hair away from my face. I am back and I have styled the other section as well. Now you can totally diffuse if you want to that, will obviously give you more volume, but my hair hates diffusing. My hair hates being touched when it's wet, so I'm not going to diffuse. Instead, what I'm going to do is I'm going to put a blow dryer at a one meter distance at full speed and full heat and sit in front of it for about 20-30 minutes. I call it dry it like Desi curly method and it works for so many curlies trust me special savior in Winters, but today, while drying my hair with dried, like Desi curly method, I'm also lifting my roots with my fingers holding up there for few seconds and Then releasing this will totally give me so much root volume. Trust me, hey guys, I'm back all my hair has dried. It'S nice and crunchy. That'S what I needed. If you can see the clumps Are all uh thin, yet very defined and very crispy. So I'm going to break down this gel cast and for that you can just use your dry hands or I'm using satin Mitten. You can also use scarf so just hands. Give me frizz. So that's what I do. I would not recommend, however, using oils butters for fine low density hair. It'S extra layer, plus oils and butters can go extra easily, so your hair can look and feel greasy easily and the clumps will be very limp. It will look kind of wet greasy oily, so yeah skip that. Now, I'm going to just smoothen down my scrunch like that. But if you like scrunching, you can just scrunch your hair like that, and it will be all good. I do not like shrinkage and scrunching frizzes up my hair, so I'm skipping that whatever works for you, you know it's all about that foreign like that. Just making sure all the crisp and the crunchiness is gone, because that is going to give me smooth, bouncy curls. That'S going to remove the gel cast, so you will notice here. You will see that here the hair is a little more wispy soft and not as defined as this hair and the curls over here do not have as much hold as well. But that's okay. We are aiming for volume, we do not want the scalp to show and frizz is our best friend when we have low density, hair or fine hair, because that gives volume and bounce to hair fullness to hair. And you will notice that we have a lot of thin clumps and that's what we also wanted. So we have also achieved that some places you will notice that I have juicy clumps like thick, clumps or clumps are just intervened with each other. Just like that. We want to remove. We want to separate them because we want volume again so apply some serum or any kind of oil, very, very lightweight one or just dry hands. Okay, make sure you are not wearing any jewelry. Of course, that would tangle in your hair and just take this Clump, for example, this I have little bit of serum in my hands because that is going to you know not cause frizz and even if that's causing frizz just do this. That will be all good. We are not doing this to the whole hair. We are not coating all the strands with the serum there's another thing that you can do using a hair pick. This is great for lifting this Crown area. You can just you know, go on like that see much more Fuller right. I can probably do this every time. I also like volume, and I also have definition as well so yeah. This was really a win-win for me. So these were my tips and tricks of fine curly and wavy hair. This will apply to both curly and wavy hair. I really really hope that fine, hair and low density here finds a lot of help from this video. I really hope so and if you do please do comment in the comment section that it did, try it and tell me and also tag me on Instagram if it works for you please please do that.

Supreja Sudarsanam: Thanks a lot for all these insights. I am truly amazed by the results I got after following this. I was not getting such definition even after using ashba botanics custard and protein mask. So I followed damp styling instead of soaking wet hair & avoided styling upside down. Got volume as well as definition. Yes , there is frizz but the definition and volume is awesome. So even if you are using the expensive products, the technique is very important.

Nancy Sahni: Deepika you are such a great bliss for a curl family. You always mention small and yet careful tips to take care of. I really love watching your videos ❤️. Keep on spreading awareness and love about curls.

sonali parkar: Really useful video! I totally have these issues of low volume at the roots because I have been styling it like coarse hair. Seems like this routine is gonna help me a lot! ❤️

Pratima Roy: From really high density,i have gone to scanty scalp, it is such a helpful video Deepika,thank you so much ❤️

Sonu Gupta: Your curly hair looks beautiful. My sister is using Curlvana curly hair range. It's good and natural.

Sam Kashyap: Heyyy such an insightful videoo As you recommended shampoos conditioners and mask can you also share some stylers for fine low density hair??? That would be soo helpful

Supreja Sudarsanam: Pls watch the part 1 as well as using a strong shampoo is also very important rather than using a moisturising shampoo each time u wash.

Constantine: If there is a degree for curly hair, cede yourself with it as doctorate, PhD✌️‍

Sreyashi Paul: Absolutely loved thissss ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

teena varghese: Thankyou so much for this video.

Dhairya Ahuja: Fine low density 2b hair.. oily scalp and dry hair strands.. my hair is diverse like India

minal gawhale: Thank you so much for such a beautiful video.. Thanks Please share some more products for fine hair..

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Pri Pri: Kindly share links for this satin gloves besides curlvanana levein and gel, plz. Thank you so much

Yedhupriya Arjun: Thanku for all this help full tips

Supreja Sudarsanam: So you recommend damp styling for fine hair instead of soaking wet ?

Syeda Tasneem: Hello ,I watched all your videos related to curly hair products ..I got curly hair but its damn confusing which one to purchase as there are lot of different products..can u pls help me out

Pri Pri: Also suggest a good herbal shampoo for curly hair

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asha ki: Thankkk youuuu so muchhhh...

Riya Guchhait: Tbh ur hair looks less voluminous than before

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