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0:00 - Intro

0:20 - Volume Cream Introduction

0:40 - Why to Use a Volume Cream

1:06 - Amika Thicc Description

1:30 - Amika Application

2:27 - Amika after Blow Dry

3:14 - Amika Day 2 Morning

4:11 - Amika Day 2 Final Look

6:33 - Amika Plus Size Perfect Body Mousse Performance/Use

4:40 - Living Proof Full Thickening Cream Description

5:11 - Living Proof Full Thickening Application

6:17 - Living Proof Full Thickening Cream After Blow Dry

6:58 - Living Proof Full Thickening Cream Day 2

7:57 - Living Proof Full Thickening Cream End of Day 2

8:50 - Kenra Thickening Glaze Description

9:05 - Kenra Thickening Glaze Application

10:02 - Kenra Thickening Glaze After Blow Dry

10:39 - Kenra Thickening Glaze Day 2

11:28 - Kenra Thickening Glaze End of Day 2

12:23 - IGK Bouncy Blow Out Cream Description

12:45 - IGK Bouncy Blow Out Cream Application

13:42 - IGK Bouncy Blow Out Cream After Blow Dry

14:18 - IGK Bouncy Blow Out Cream Day 2

15:13 - IGK Bouncy Blow Out Cream End of Day 2

15:37 - Final Thoughts/Recommendations

17:14 - Best Overall

17:53 - Outro

It'S thickening creams, part two, hey everyone. Welcome to my channel i'm summer for those who are new. It'S another volume comparison video today, i'm comparing four volume, thickening creams. So, let's get started so i do have another thickening cream comparison video. I did earlier in the year that i'll link in the description below, if you care to check it out in the lineup, we have amica's thick volumizing base living proofs, full thickening, cream, kenra's, thickening, glaze and igk's beach club bouncy blowout cream. If you're familiar with any of these products, please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts on them before each product breakdown. I want to explain really quick why one might want a volume cream over other volume options. People often prefer volume creams over a mousse or a root lifter, because usually creams tend to have less of a product, feel, can be more conditioning on the hair and give a lighter overall feel. So, hopefully that helps anyone who might have a question of. What'S the difference, so i will be linking all of these products below in the description to where you can purchase. If you want to try any out so, let's get to the products with the first being amica, so amiga stick is described as a lightweight highly concentrated product that gives immediate fullness. Amica is a vegan brand and it keeps out those harsh chemicals such as parabens and sulfates and more. It says it's ideal for anyone looking to thicken their hair strands with touchable, hair and volume that lasts all day. This is 3.3 ounces, retailing for 25. Okay, i'm using amika's thick volumizing base. This says to do a small amount in your palms distribute from root to the end, so i'm just going to do that kind of broken up into very too small, very amounts. So i have just a little bit on my finger start at my roots. It feels light enough in my hair. I don't really feel like there's much in i kind of want to put more in, but i'm just gon na start off with less. I can always add more like if i feel like it didn't do enough at a later date, so we'll see and i'm going to be blow drying on high heat wow. I have to say i am very pleased with how it turned out for as little of product that i used. I wasn't expecting much. It was a little stiff-ish at my ends, um throughout my blow-dry stuff, but i also i really didn't put much conditioner in my hair, so i think that that is probably more of the factor there, but i'm really impressed i feel like it has a lot of Bounce and body and movement - and for i mean this is 3.3 ounces. This would last you a very long time if that's as little product that you need so we'll see how it holds up through day two i'm gon na be running in the morning and getting my bake on for christmas. So i will keep you guys updated with that okay, so this is my day. Two i've ran this morning and i did like some heavy duty cleaning throughout the house today. I did do dry shampoo, just because it's like a thousand percent humidity still here in florida. In december so um, but i'm not unhappy with it, i'm obviously gon na reshape it and we'll see how much more body it still maintains afterwards. Okay, so there it is re-fluffed up and reshaped, i'm happy with it for how little i used. I wasn't really expecting much, there's really no product feel at all, and although i did do the dry shampoo on my scalp, that was just solely because of like sweat. There was no product buildup or anything whatsoever like that from the product. So i'm currently happy with it. Um we're gon na go, run, errands, get some lunch and then i'll show you guys how it holds up kind of being out and about and running around town okay, so we just got back from running errands. This is how my hair is holding up um. I'Ve definitely had more body stay. I will say it is extremely and disgustingly humid here in florida today, so that doesn't really help and kind of, i feel like gives us an unfair shot, but my hair does feel nice, there's no like grossness on the ends at all. It is very soft to the touch um, so i can't wait to compare it to the other ones that i have lined up tomorrow. I'M going to be trying out living proofs thickening cream, so i will see you guys then. Okay, next up, we have living proofs full thickening cream. This is described as a lightweight thickening cream, and it gives you a little bit of conditioning too. This is going to add, thickness and long-lasting body. This lycomica is also free of those harsher chemicals and vegan as well. So on top of the volume this product claims, it's going to give you fullness and thickness that lasts five times longer. Honestly, i hate when companies do this in their description. What does five times even mean and compared to what anyways this is 3.7 ounces and retails for 29? Okay, so using living proofs full thickening cream, this says to apply a dime sized amount um and it specifically says from mid lane to ends i'm going to risk. It and put some on my roots too, but i am gon na stick with what they suggest. I'M just gon na give it a little shake, i'm just out of habit and i'll start off with like two increments, a little bit barely doing a little bit more. Just for more of my front pieces and then one last little guy for my roots, all right, it goes on well, like the amica, it's very light feeling i don't really feel like there's anything in my hair, so i'm gon na get dry. Okay, so here is my finished look with living proofs. I definitely feel like there's a little bit more fullness and movement to it um than with amica. It feels nice, though, both are very very light on the products you saw how little i used of actually both. So i'm impressed with the amount of volume it lifted. Just because i didn't put a ton on um, they did say don't put it on the roots, but my roots don't feel gross or anything at all. So i'm just gon na finish it off with some moroccan oil hairspray same that i did with amica, and then i will get on here tomorrow to show you guys what it looks like in the morning on my day two and then at the end of my Day two, when i get home from work okay, so this is my hair. I just took it out of my ponytail from sleeping um, so i get these little creases up here a little bit, but i'm just gon na reshape it. The scalp still feels nice and clean. I did not um run yesterday, so my scalp didn't get as oily, but um yeah. So i'll show you guys what it looks like after i reshape it all right. So there we have it refluffed. It definitely is keeping the body and fluffing up really well. I feel like this even fluffed up a little bit better than amica's did on my day two and i had some dry shampoo in my hair too, which usually helps at the scalp. So i am curious when i look at the footage if it is fuller, but it feels nice and clean. So today is a super rainy day in florida. I'M gon na be in the salon all day so i'll when i get home tonight, show you how my hair held up all throughout the day and if it maintained its body with that five times longer lasting, hold or whatever so i'll see you guys in a Little bit, okay, so this is the end of my day. Two i had a very long day in salon. I am actually extremely tired. It was just a dreary, wet day here in florida, so the day really took forever, but i do feel like my hair held up well, i feel like there's a little bit more body and fullness to it, compared to how i felt with amica. On my day too, i am ready to wash my hair, though just because i was super hot in salon all day and i actually sweat quite a bit. So i'm even more surprised that my hair looks as nice and full as it does, and i was very light on my hairspray today too, which is uh not like me, but yeah, so i'm liking it. I like living proof as of right now over the amica, but i'm so excited to try the next one in the lineup i'm going to be using kenra and i've never used that one before so, i'm very excited so yeah. This is the end of my day. Two scalp besides sweating feels nice and still very little product feel so that's good, henry's, thickening glaze is also a lightweight conditioning cream. This is going to create body and dimension for a thicker looking hair. They keep the description simple and to the point which i like about a company. This is four ounces retailing for 22.99, okay, so today i'm using kenra's thickening glaze. I have never used this. I actually am not very familiar with any of kenner's volumizing products. This doesn't say to use any specific amount, so i'm going to kind of just do it similar to what i've done with the other three so far, it just says to apply evenly throughout the hair, so i'll just start off. First, with two little pumps do one more here my front and then one last one on my ends spreads just as similar as amika and living proofs, so we'll see if it blow dries as nice as those two okay we're done. I am so loving this one of the three so far the camera felt the most like light and airy, and actually even conditioning um throughout my blow-dry no stickiness whatsoever, i'm loving the volume for a volumizing cream. I think it's given me great bounce lots of fullness and my hair feels super soft, really no product feel on my hair whatsoever. So i am very curious how the holds will be so i will keep you guys updated throughout the rest of my evening tonight and through my day to tomorrow, okay, so this is my day two morning um, i walk, ran on my treadmill this morning, so i'm Gon na reshape it see how much more body it keeps and maintains, and then i'll get on here later today, when i get home from work um, i'm in salon all day and then i got ta get home and do some baking for weekend plans. We have so i'll show you guys how the volume i'm hoping holds so we'll see. Okay, there we have it reshaped. It feels so, amazingly soft, i'm very surprised how soft and conditioning this product feels on the hair. I do feel like it's maintained, like it's nice bounce still and fullness after reshaping i'm gon na polish it off with my hairspray and then um yeah i'll, be back on later this evening, when i get home from work to see how it's held up okay. So this is the end of my day two i was in salon all day. I actually even had my lashes done this morning, so it took a little cat nap earlier. My first part of the day, but my hair has held up. I feel like really nice um, thickening creams. The only problem i have is you don't get quite as much root with the lift, so that's been a common denominator with all three, but as far as the way, my hair feels and looks, i feel like it looks and feels definitely the best. So far out of the three but um i feel like it's held its body. It'S definitely got a nice shine to it and it really feels amazing as far as the condition of it. This is a conditioning volumizing cream as well. So i'm really happy with it. Overall um, it feels really nice and i could definitely rock this another day. My scalp doesn't feel dirty or anything whatsoever. So i'm really pleased with it. So far so tomorrow i will be using um the bouncy blowout cream and we'll get to finishing it up. Last but not least, we have igk's beach club bouncy blowout cream. This is silicone free. It gives you heat protection up to 450. It is described as a lightweight blowout cream as well. That'S going to give you full volume and movement with style memory, allowing your blow dry to last even longer, you're, also going to get humidity resistance with this one as well. It'S four and a half ounces retailing for 29.; okay. So today i'm using the beach clubs bouncy blowout cream from igk. I have used this one time before in a previous video. I did a review on the line if you want to check that out um, but i actually i'm not sure if i've used it since maybe only one or two times so i'm excited to try it out again and see how well it does compared to the Others i do want to make note, i have been using waze leave-in conditioning spray before each product, so i just want to make note of that. Love love, love this stuff and i'm going to use similar amount to what i've been doing start off with a small dab apply that first. So this also has heat protection as well, which is always appreciated. One more tiny, dab. Okay, so this is my finished. Look with the beach club i'm liking it just as much as i did the first time i used it, i will say um the beach club and the camera i feel like are the most conditioning feeling in my hair. It feels nice and soft and i feel like i actually have the most shine and i think my hair just looks nice, so i have a very hectic day today. It'S the holidays. We have people coming over tonight. I'Ve got ta clean cook, bake all that stuff. So i'm gon na put a lot of stress on this hair because i'm very stressed out actually but um yeah, i'm happy with it we'll see how it holds up into my day, two as well and i'll keep you guys posted okay. So this is the morning of my day two. I went hard yesterday with the cooking cleaning and baking non-stop, so i'm actually not super unhappy with the way that my hair looks. I just took it out of the ponytail. I sleep with it up and got in the shower and got ready, so i'm just gon na re-fluff and reshape everywhere and then see how much more volume. Maybe it gives me okay. So this is it restyled and shaped i'm happy with how much fullness it got from my second shaping blow dry. I was very happy with this product when i used it the first time in my previous video that i reviewed it and i'm just as happy with it now a lot of bounce, a lot of movement, and i just feel like it looks nice and healthy too. It feels good as well so um. I will come back on here later tonight to show you what it looks like by the end of my day too, to see if it still holds up just as well throughout my day and we'll get the video wrapped up. Okay, i just got home, and this is the end of my day too, i'm very happy with how my hair has held up and it looks i feel like. I still have some fullness and i mean maybe when i watch the tape back i'll notice, the difference, but i don't feel like it looks too drastically different from when i reshaped it this morning to how it looks now. So i'm happy with it. So what i'm going to do is just kind of wrap up my final thoughts and then give you guys my recommendations, for which one, i think is the best. So using all these products this past week, i was really happy with each all gave nice fullness and volume to my hair. They all felt amazing. None were sticky while using i was able to get my brush through each section really. Well, i didn't use a lot of actual product in my hair with any of these. They all did great. But to give specifics, i want to point out what i loved about each individually, so kenra's thickening glaze, i think, is best. If you are somebody who likes fullness in your hair, but you like it to feel super soft sleek and conditioned, i did some running on my treadmill with this one and my hair still felt so awesome after the fact you will love how amazing your hair feels It did give nice volume and with it being the lowest price point, it is the most budget-friendly option of the four amiga. Stick is a great option. If you are wanting a highly concentrated product that you feel you need very little of so it's going to last. You a long time i feel like i use the least with this product, and it performed really well and my hair still looked great by the end of my day too. I ran outside while trying this product out and while i did use a tad of dry shampoo on my scalp, it's done for my workout, not the product. This was my top two for liking, how my hair looked by the end of my day too. So it's also great for hold living proofs full thickening cream. It'S definitely my first choice if you are looking for the most volume and fullness while it gives great volume, though i was disappointed in the whole five times longer lasting, because i was actually the least active with this one, and i was not impressed with how my Hair looked by day two compared to the other three, i do think it's a great option, though, for your day of or night out, but you're not going to get as much hold with this one as the others and then my overall pick would be igk's bouncy Blowout cream, while it doesn't give quite as much fullness as living proof, it performed great i cleaned and cooked all day, prepping for a get together, and i felt my volume held up great to reshape it on my day two and it still looked great by the End of my day, two beating out amica's final look just slightly the hold with igk is great, and i felt it gave a little bit more texture to my hair, making it one of the reasons why i loved it so much over the others. Truly though, i really don't think that you're gon na go wrong with any of these four, but hopefully this video helps you find the right one for you. Let me know in the comments below, if you have used any of these and what your thoughts are on them. I would love to hear from you guys. I hope you enjoyed the video. I will link all these below to where you can purchase. Please like share and subscribe, and i will see you guys next week -

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