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Todays video will walk you step by step on how to get those fun wavy curls on short hair that is so in right now :) Would love to know how these tips worked for you. Please subscribe, comment, like and follow me on Instagram @DevonBaltimore for more fun hair tips and tricks ;)


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Hi guys Devin Baltimore and today we are gon na learn how to do those really fun Jennifer Lawrence waves for short hair. As you guys know, I have really really thin hair and I'm growing out that that asymmetrical haircut that I had in my previous videos. So my hair is going through that really awkward stage, and this style is really good for that, especially as soon as you, you know, when you're trying to get past that shoulder length the style so anyway, I'm gon na go over all the tools that we need And we can go ahead and get started. Okay, so getting started. We'Re gon na go ahead and we are going to need a clip age. Pull our hair up you're going to need, I'm going to show you guys how to do this with a flat iron, because I feel, like most of you have flat iron. Some don't have curling irons. So this is my babble Asst nonno titanium its own. It does the job and then we're also gon na need a teasing comb. But for the moment I have seemed to have misplaced. My teasing comb somewhere in my house here so we'll be using regular comb, which is fine, and you guys also been asking where to pick up the teasing comb and honestly you can get them at CVS. It'S the, I think. It'S the Conor. I think it's a Kanye brand, but anyway, as long as it has the prongs on the end and the little teeth in here then you're good to go. Alright, we're also going to need a light, hold hairspray I'll, be using my Paul Mitchell today, which I love cuz, it's nice and light and flowy. Does it make your hair really sticky, so we're also gon na use our shine spray - and I have this fun new product too - that I haven't had the chance to use yet, which is the matrix gel action wax, which I think we're going to try that today And then I also have my hair powder, which sometimes I use this as well, not with the wax but other than the wax. And this morning I crept my hair with my Moroccan oil on my ends, which I love the Marrakesh. It'S awesome and my favorite mousse in the whole wide world I swear this stuff is like hair crack, like my clients are always asking for. I can't keep it on the shelves. It'S really good if you want big hair and you want it to stay so all right. Let'S go ahead and get started. Okay, so starting out, you really want to make sure that your hair is brushed through completely no tangles, and now you also want to decide where you want to part your hair. I don't really like to you: can part your hair really far over. You can do it just barely off-center, because my hair so thin. I feel like sometimes when I part it too far over unless I you know, pin this side back. I just feel like. I don't have enough here for this wavy look so, but if you have thicker here then that might not be your case so for today we're going to go ahead and I'm just gon na go just a little bit: off-center! Okay! So we're going to start first by taking the hair right above your ears, all right tips, your ears go ahead and clip the rest of that out of the way, and I already have that mousse and everything in my hair. So I really I'm not going to put any hairspray on this bottom layer here so you're going to take about a two inch section here and these pieces are short. So the idea here is to really just kind of roll. Those under and you'll see that gives like a funky little wave there and we'll do that on the other side. We'Re just rolling that under and then the last section in the back: okay, easy enough alrighty! So then we're going to take down that next section and if you have thicker hair, you might need to take a little bit smaller sections, because I have such thin here I have to take bigger sections, or else it can get too curly too fast. And you don't want that really really curly look or you're going to start. Looking like a Little Orphan Annie over here so alrighty, then we're going to take this section and mind you. If you see how big this this is a huge section but you'll see so we're going to do all the curls that are in front of your ear. All the hair in front of you you're going to do it away from your face. If you go towards your face, it just kind of gets a little bit funky. So we're going to go ahead and twist that around and you'll see when I get to that. Last section I just kind of pull it straight, because I don't like that full circular curl, I like it to have a little bit of an edge a little bit of a sharp piece of fun pieces poking out. So we'll take the next section back here same thing: it's about a two inch section. So now at this point, I am going to do a little bit of spray on what I have just done here. So when I spray my hair for this, look, I like to kind of mess the roots up a little bit so I'll kind of mess, those up and just lightly go through just to give myself a little bit more body. There do the same thing on this side: doodoo all right now we want to take down this top section here and first, I'm going to take this section in the back, and this section put this out of the way. So you can see so this section right here. You can still see we're working with big sections. Okay, so I'm going to just that camera there I'm going to do a little bit of teasing, not a lot, because I just want so. This is like more of that fluffing technique; okay, so we're holding that hair over directing it to the front of our face and we're just grazing with our comb, so that you end up with a little bit of fluffing back there. Okay, now with this one, I'm going to split it into two, because we teased it kind of splits, so you don't lose the hair. I'M going to take this. One leave me end up with that: nice little funky, little girl and the next side. Now, if you okay little trick for you guys, if you make the curl a little bit too curling you're, like oh gosh, give it a quick yank, while it's still hot and see how that automatically just kind of straightens that out a little bit, gives it a Looser feel alrighty so now we're going to take down now we're into the front section here. Okay, so start on this side. First now I always do again a tiny bit of light teasing, fluffing right in the front here, I'm not doing my best volume hair trick ever because I don't want this to be a cemented. Look. I just want to have some a little bit of volume. For my fine hair, I'm going to slip that section into two pieces: okay and again we're going to go away and then I'm kind of rubbing that curl and that's just to make it a little bit more messy and we'll take this piece. And these are supposed to be messy and wavy okay. So that's why you see me like doing a lot of toss Lang a lot of moving around so then we'll move over to this side, and now I am going to also tease a tiny bit over here. Fluff, I should say I'm fluffing, so we're just going to fluff right here kind of slap that hair over there flip this one in half. If your hair has more layers in it than mine, that's actually going to help you. Mine doesn't really have any layers. So I have to kind of curl a little bit more up by the root there I'll take this next piece. All right, then we kind of mess those up a little bit now. What I like to do is go through after I've completed the basics. Here I like to go through and just grab a couple: little really skinny pieces and curl those closer to the roots. So you get a little bit more texture. You see that so you get a little bit more texture up there, so I'll go and grab just a couple, little random random little pieces here, and this is where you just kind of have fun with it. You kind of just add in curls and texture where you feel that you need it and any pieces that you want to fix or redo. You can do that now too. So then I'll go to the other side. I'M going to take a couple little tiny pieces from here too. I'M gon na take a little bit of practice and just remember to keep moving that curling iron and, if you kind of, are sorry flat iron and if you are kind of a newbie to the whole flat iron thing set your heat low. You know so that that way, if you're holding it too long on your hair you're not causing any damage, I have my heat set at 375. Okay, all right so now kind of smooth out any funky little pieces there, and then this is just kind of the general, the general look just to have it nice and messy and wavy. I also have my fun little hair pieces that I like to put in from time to time. These are already curled. You can see that um yeah I like to wear them a lot so because they're already curled um go ahead. I'Ll, stick one in! Why not - and these are - this is just part of my my clip-on extensions. These are actually Bellamy extensions that I just took one of my wife's snipped it and had my you can get your stylist to go ahead and cut these into your hair so that they match perfectly I'm going to tease that little piece there brush this little guy Out here, okay, so pop that in there and see how that just gives, you gives me just a little bit more thickness. So alright! So once you're happy with your look, then you want to go. You really need to use a little green to use some product in here, so we'll try. First, with the hairspray and again I'm going to lean my head over and kind of I'm kind of grabbing the hair right here, which is going to give it that Messier Messier effects. You know just kind of like messes it up just a little bit. It gives a volume do the same thing on the other side, so reach in there grab that hair, okay and now we're going to play with our spray gel wax stuff. So with new products. I always I test them on my hand, just to get kind of the to see what the UM the texture is going to be the consistency, the stickiness. You can do that too, if you're buying new products, if you really don't want something too too sticky, especially the fine hair, to weigh it down like crazy, alright, so we're gon na go ahead and I'm gon na spray from quite a distance, so hey over here With this thing, stuff smells really good, then you see I just kind of go through and I'm just kind of scrunching a little bit and we'll go over to the other side and we'll go to the back. Oh yeah. I like this stuff, good stuff, all right and there you have it. You have your fun Jennifer Lawrence inspired messy curls for short hair. It'S super easy. Actually, a lot of my clients that have thicker hair than I do can wear this for like two days, which is awesome. Unheard of so I hope you guys, like the video for today. Let'S give a full full spin here, please feel free to like comment share. I try to get back to as many of you as possible with all of your questions. If you would also like to follow me on instagram, i'm posting a bunch of pictures, hair tips all that fun stuff at Devon Baltimore, and I will put all of my product details below in the little bar there. And let me know how this style works out. For you, and if you guys have any questions you can ask anytime thanks a bunch have a great day you

Liz B: I love that you cater to thin hair girls cos we definitely needed some pointers. Thanks for your time and effort into these videos :)

Marie Balthrop: Love to see someone with truly fine thin hair doing a tutorial. Would love more info on the extensions you used. I have tried various toppers to add thickness and volume in the crown, but haven't had much success.

Charlotte Neill: Great tutorial! So helpful! Will definitely be trying this out, thanks

Leslie Hayes: Thanks for the tips. I have very fine hair that is about your length. I LOVE the beachy wave look, however I thought that I absolutely needed layers and my hair cut shorter in the back. I don’t have either. My hair is one length. I bought a texturizing product and I used that yesterday for the first time. I created awesome beachy waves and loved my hair! I also used a strong hairspray and a spray for my roots. Anyway, your tips helped me out tremendously. Thank you. May I ask what color red your hair is? I have a deep red colored hair but just bought an ion bright red hair color. I just wanted something a little different.

Tenacious Dee: You have my hair exactly. I’m trying to learn to love it and stop with all my wigs . It’s become a life long obsession . I also do the extension pieces at the sides . It really does make such a diff . I wish I had a massive mane of untamed hair ur hair looks lovely well done . I think I need to get some thinner straighteners to try this ( I have thick ones only for all my wigs )

Devon Baltimore: New video is up! Thank you all for your patience...Here is a step by step tutorial on how to achieve those fun wavy curls that are so IN right now :) Enjoy! 

I am Alice: Nice that we have the same hair type...will definetly try it out!

Amie Love: Thanks! My has has gotten thin and right before my wedding a bad hairdresser butchered my hair! It was past my shoulders. I asked for a refund half inch trim and she cut it to your length. The manager gave me a refund and offered to do a free trim once it grows out. I’m going to practice your tutorial now.

reegs73: Loved this vid. Previously my hair has always seemed to 'poofy'!! This may just work

Mairead Shelton: Great tutorial, going to give it a try. It might not turn out like this but worth a try

Emily E.: Omg. This is so helpful. I love the 2 little extensions. I don't want to go ham bc I feel it's false advertising. Thank you. You are so beautiful!!

mohamina21: my hair is actually really thin now due to my vitamin deficiency! This looked cute and I am going to try it! Thanks!

Mrs Nowak: Thank you, I am still trying to to get this curling technique down. Also, your eye makeup is fire :)

toni girl: OMG I am so glad i found you!! I have the same exact hair!! I get so depressed, but you have totally inspired me to try different things. I had it almost down to my bra and cut it in that asymetrical bob......HATE it......I watched all of your videos at one time. Thank you for all your tips and tutorials!

H Rashid: Hey i love your videos, my hair is extremely thin and fine and its a little beneath shoulder length, i am having difficulties finding how to find the crown part of my hair as my hair is that fine and i almost looks as if i have no hair and i also have a slight bald patch on the left side of my head (family heritage) can you please do a tutorial on that please if possible, Thank you :)

San juanita Perez: I really like your video I tried before but with no products so it didn't stay and yes i have thin hair as well. What I would like to know is what products you use in this video so that I can use them for next time I curl my short thin hair?

John East: Love this, also, what lipstick are you wearing ? Thanks

Misty Delira: Devon I need your help please! Can you tell me what products you use, I have the same hair you have, THIN! Love your videos, your such an inspiration!

Emma Allan: You're too cute thanks for the tutorial!

mauriana Jones: I have natural curly hair should I straighten my hair before I try this or do it while its curly?

lavender blossoms: I suffer the same. I am clueless what hairstyle I'll have on my wedding. I have short hair and it sucks and its sooo fine

Maddie Goodwin: I love how you call them your “funky little curls”

S. Nicole: You're so pretty and you also look like Christina Applegate. ✨

melissa garcia: The best I've used is the Karmin.

hannah vasquez: OMG my hair is exactly thin like yours

Devon Baltimore: Quickie FISHTAIL BRAID tutorial posted to Instagram :) check it out @devonbaltimore

Gp6742: I know this video is a little old but by any chance do you know what hair color you have in this video?Its such a nice color on you.

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