I Used Conditioner To Curl My Natural Hair | Juicy Heatless Curls

This entire line left my hair feeling like butter & I got compliments when I went out : http://bit.ly/greensupremeluyando

Check out their YouTube Channel for more hair textures: https://www.youtube.com/user/CDTVonlin...


The Green Supreme line can be found at your local Target store.

1. SHAMPOO: Carol's Daughter Green Supreme Sulfate-Free Shampoo - 12 fl oz ($10) : https://go.magik.ly/ml/doy1/

2. CONDITIONER: Carol's Daughter Green Supreme Vitalizing Conditioner - 12 fl oz ($12) https://go.magik.ly/ml/doy0/

-The real MVP!

3. LEAVE-IN: Carol's Daughter Green Supreme Leave-In Tonic - 8 fl oz ($11) https://go.magik.ly/ml/doxz/

4. ROLLERS: Spoolies Hair Curlers: https://bit.ly/2mpvEbH

$17.99 for a box of 12 and $29.99 for a box of 24

- Mine are the medium size, but they also carry a jumbo size. Here's what they look like in my hair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJOU4t...

Any product links that have "go.magik.ly" in them are affiliate links. I may receive a small commission if you purchase from these sites. If possible, I recommend shopping locally so that you can know exactly what you are getting.

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PREVIOUS VIDEO: How I trim my hair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rncoBD...

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1. Where are you from?

a. Zambia.

2. How tall are you?

a. 5'9.

3. Do you model?

a. Nope.

4. Where is your bookshelf from?

a. Amazon: http://amzn.to/2hsKAqf

It's the Coaster Home Furnishings 800157 Casual Bookcase in White. I bought two.

5. What's your hair type?

4c in the back and 4b in the front...I think.

CONTACT EMAIL : [email protected]

FTC: This video is sponsored by Carol's Daughter. I am being compensated to play with these products on my YouTube channel and I am thankful for the opportunity, the smell, as well as your continued support. I love you guys. xo

Thanks to the team at Revfluence who helped me partner with Carol's Daughter! Check them out at www.revfluence.com

Hi everyone welcome back. My hair is scruffy and ready to play with, and today I'm going to show you how I wash snippets of my detangling routine, my updated routine as well as curling, my hair with conditioner, Which is weird, but it works.. So I'm separating my hair.. This is not to be confused with detangling, I'm just trying to make sure That my hair does not get married as I wash it and I'm rinsing it out as well. You can see some runoff from the old products that I use. This is my first wash after I trimmed my hair, so my hair actually looks very nice and voluminous. I am here for this.. I can't wait to finish my trimming out Process so that I can thicken my hair, So the products that I will be using up from the green supreme line by Carol's Daughter. This is new and I'm starting with their sulfate free shampoo. It'S only $ 10 at Target and it's thick and creamy with Matcha, Coconut water and Moringa.. You guys know I always dilute my shampoo in a squeeze bottle before applying it to my hair, because I like to save money on product - and I get more washes out of shampoo when it's diluted, because I can distribute it nicely throughout my hair. So here I am just stretching and rubbing my scalp making sure both my hair and my scalp are nice and clean, and I'm rinsing my hair out Again making sure I'm rubbing to make sure that we are clean in there, because I do not like itchiness. Now. I am moving on to the vitalizing conditioner., It's only $ 12 and I say only because it's nice, thick and creamy.. It makes my hair soft And by the way, even though I'm demonstrating what this conditioner looks like to you guys. I still put this in my hair because we don't waste conditioner, we need all the conditioner we can get, but usually a conditioner. This good is about $ 29, which is why I'm saying it's only $ 12 and I'm separating my hair detangling the ends, especially with the conditioner in it, so that when it's time to detangle outside the shower, I don't have to worry about these things. But my hair looks really good. It felt even better and that's why I wanted to curl my hair with this particular conditioner. And, of course, shed hair happens. That'S the whole point. I'm trying to get the shed hair out, as I condition now.. I am moving right along to Detangling my hair and I'm separating my hair into sections Four sections in total, and then I will separate those further. It just makes it so much easier for me to detangle my hair, and here I am separating this in two so that I can work properly with smaller sections without problems. The last product in this green supreme line is the leave and tonic, and It reminds me of the sacred tiare leave-in. I loved that leave-in conditioner. I stole it from my sister when I was young and I couldn't afford hair products.. It has a nice milky, consistency And it retails at eleven dollars.. So I just spray it in my hair and Work it in my hair, then work going down so that I stretch my hair out. But I also put some on my scalp because you know It's good for the scalp as well.. You don't want to scalp itch and I'm only using products from this line so because I'm not using my oils and other things I have to use the leave-in on my scalp now I am Blow-drying my hair on the coldest setting, not warm, not hot.. This is cold. This is to dry, my hair, make it easier for my curls to dry and Your hair will dry beautifully over a night if you just blow dry a little bit if it's too dry just add a little bit more leave-in. So that is slightly damp Before putting in a bun to not to stretch it out. Damp hair stretches out better than dry hair, so you don't want to blow dry it all the way dry. Just slightly Them, then put it in a bantu knot and we are gon na do this again. You can also spray the leave-in in your hand and then put it in your hair because you know Sometimes I miss when I spray and we don't want to waste. Product. We're just not gon na do that., So here I am blow-drying on the coldest setting again Cold. I have no use for heat anymore, because I've learned how to stretch my hair out without heat. I'Ve learned how to curl my hair without heat., So there's no need for me to use heat at all. I could probably get close to bone straight hair without heat. If I tried to be honest, So I'm putting my hair in a bantu knot again And I'm gon na do the whole head so that I can detangle properly and curl. I'M removing the bantu knot in the back and combing it out. It'S nice and stretched out and I'm using a rake comb From ends to roots you guys.. I don't lose hair.. When I do this, I used to shed in clumps If that comb was used back when I never knew how to detangle my hair, you would have seen hair on the comb from that Distance. That is conditioner in that bowl and I'm applying conditioner to my hair.. This sounds crazy, but There is nothing else from this line that I know of, and I wanted to see how the conditioner works on my natural hair After the detangling process, because I loved it so much in the shower.. I had to see how it worked. I just had to see it. Like will it curl my hair? Will it keep my hair soft over time after curling my hair? I just wanted to just enjoy this conditioner. To be honest and it's kind of cool, I got lucky because this is actually a sponsored video and I never thought to purchase this conditioner on my own. I have bought a lot of hair products this year, but I just didn't really think of purchasing Carol's Daughter's line. I'M just thankful that I had the opportunity to try this out And if you guys want to know more about my sponsored videos and how they work. Out., Please go to the description box. I always place that information at the very bottom, so you don't miss it at all. It'S an easy place to find Not somewhere in the middle where it can get lost in the fluff, and all the information about the products themselves will also be in the description box where to find them Target and how much they cost. I figured if this doesn't work with spoolies. It'S not gon na work with any other roller.. I am making sure I smooth as I wrap and I'm snapping the spoolie in place. I'll show you guys a close-up. I applied the product not too close to the roots.. Do not apply the conditioner close to the roots, Apply it just a little bit up, maybe a centimeter and a half up and then wrap around the spoolie. I don't like applying product too close to the root when I'm curling my hair, Because it makes it so. My roots would be very kinky, and I don't like that because there's a stark contrast, I don't want that. Contrast. I allowed my hair to dry overnight. By overnight I mean 8 to 12 hours at the very least, And this is what we're looking like. I'M gon na turn around for you guys, because at the time that I filmed this, I actually was nervous and I didn't want to Show you guys the front of my face, Because I thought that maybe I would be upset on camera because my curls didn't work Out so I figured out do the back first and then show you the front and Then hopefully, if they were great, then I'll be happy which I was the curls look Amazing.. It'S just absolutely amazing and my hair was soft and I was so happy and I mean you guys, judge for yourselves Gorgeous.. So here is all my hair, very bouncy curls. I got a lot of compliments when I went out because, right after this, I had to run errands and Look at this.. This is just Amazing. This conditioner exceeded expectations like it wins for 2018.. At the end of the year, I'm gon na do a video with all my favorite products, from shampoo all the way up to Styling and oil, and all of that, so I can't wait because this one is already a candidate for that video. I'M combing my hair at the roots, so I can have some volume and I'm also Stretching my hair, because if I separate my here, I'm gon na find myself in a situation Where I get a lot of frizz, because these are tiny, tight, curls with looser curls.. I can separate no problem with tight curls. I try not to separate at all - and I just have a side part that I created with my fingers - push the hair forward and the other hair is going back. So I can have a nice little asymmetrical, TWA, look and that's all there is.. This is the back. My hair looks fantastic. You guys. Let me know in the comments, Let's finish the conversation there. And, of course, check out the description box for goodies. Thank you. So much for watching as always, you guys and I will talk to you in the next video. Bye

Chalsey Wilder: Married? Lol. I love your results

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Sherry Williams: Your hair looks VERY VERY nice! This is actually one of my "Liked" Youtube videos, and I'm referring to it today because I've decided to change my look after keeping my own hair plaited and under different wigs for a long time. Please tell me: you said that you could get your hair bone straight without using heat if you wanted to. How would you achieve that?

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