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hi, guys in today's video I'm sharing my healthy hair tips! I missed to mentioned two tips in the video which are having a balanced diet. I never like to restrict myself from eating certain foods, but rather have a healthy relationship with food. The other is to use stain pillowcases, I have mentioned this in other videos. I love using satin because it helped reduce frizz!



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Oh, the flowers in my garden, hi, everyone welcome back to my channel in today's video i'm going to be talking about some tips for healthy hair. I have gotten a lot of requests over the years to do a video like this, so i'm just gon na be sharing my tips. Let'S get right into it, make sure to like and subscribe. You guys already know the deal and yeah. This is probably the longest hair length i've had in a really long time, um, but right now this is how my hair is looking. Also, i have everything written down in my phone okay, so i am not a doctor or anything of that sort um, but i'm just gon na be telling you guys what has worked for me and what i do. I'M gon na go really quickly a little bit of a background on my hair. So when i was younger, i literally didn't have much hair like it was like buzz cut vibes when i was like little and my sister always had more hair than me. But as i grew older, i did start to have like very thick hair, which i'm very grateful for, and i feel like my sister and i both have like that thick hair. So it does run in the jeans. So i think that that's something to take note of you know like what's in your jeans and the type of like hair that you have so another thing: is i've never dyed my hair and actually, when i was just younger, i wasn't allowed to dye my hair. I also have a lot of allergies so with the chemicals like, i wasn't sure if i could ever dye my hair, but i'm very grateful about that because i feel like if i were to dye my hair. It just really damages your hair, a lot so and i feel like if i had bleached my hair like a balayage or anything like that, i would want to like straighten it. As of now, i really don't plan on dying my hair or bleaching. It anything like that, but who knows in the future, if i will or will not, but that's something to really keep in mind, because when you do bleach your hair, that is a lot of damage. So you know there's only so much you can do to like repair that damage. I just wanted to. Let you guys know about that that i've never dyed my hair, i've never done any like chemical treatment or like perm. Nothing never done anything like that. So so, starting off with the first tip, is to always stay hydrated like i have my water bottle right here, i'm feeling it throughout the day so many times like i personally just i have like the urge that i always need to stay hydrated or else like. I feel, like my throat, is so dry that i can't even talk so drinking water and staying hydrated just really flush out all the toxins. So if you think about like what it does to your skin and your nails and your hair, it's very important. So the next thing is, i like to condition correctly now, because i live in miami, it is very humid, and it's just like it's humid and hot here, so my hair gets very dry and also like very frizzy, so something i like to do is just deep Condition my hair, you guys already know i love the shea moisture mask, and i do that maybe like every two weeks. I don't really mark it down like whenever. I feel that my hair needs a little bit of condition. I just do that mask other ways that you guys can do masks are like at home mask, so it doesn't have to be anything that you buy from the store. You can literally make the mask yourself with like olive oil mayo, just different things like that that you guys can like search on the internet, and then you need to find out what your hair kind of needs more of like protein or moisture. Also, another thing is to limit the amount of heat trust me i get it. I actually didn't know that i have the hair type that i do, because when i was in high school i used to before i go to sleep like i would wash my hair iron it and then wake up at five and then iron. It again because i wanted it to be pin straight so mind you. I did that throughout all basically most of high school after high school. I was like recovering from that heat like i didn't, really have that much heat damage, but again i was ironing it like every single time i would wash it like and not gon na lie. The iron that i had at the time during high school was probably like a cheap iron, which probably didn't would probably make things worse, so um. I think everything with moderation to blow dry. My hair, i love putting in like the little rollers. You guys have seen my hair straight um, because i do like to blow dry my hair at times, but i just try to limit so just limit the amount of heat that you put in your hair. I have a bunch of heatless hairstyles that you guys can do so if you are going to use heat, make sure to use heat protectant. That is super important again. There are certain supplements that i do take going back a couple years ago, probably for like a year and a half. I don't. I can't really remember right now, but i used to have like the sugar bear hair like gummies, and i did take that for quite a while, and i didn't notice a difference, because the thing is that, although i have like thick hair, my nails would always they're. Very like weak and like brittle so like doesn't make sense, but that's one thing like my nails: they really don't grow um that strong, like that's, why they're always kind of short um, because i can't really grow them long because they usually like break. I used to take that like a really long time ago, but i will insert a picture of a vitamin that i usually take honestly, i'm like on and off with it um. It'S probably been a couple months since i had it and i just bought a new bottle, but i'm not religiously taking that i do like on and off of that. So so the only thing that i take are biotin and collagen. Biotin does help. So if you're, looking to kind of like strengthen your hair biotin will help do that. Another thing is: when you're washing your hair, i try to rinse off with cold water, so it's going to seal the cuticle in your hair because the heat kind of opens it up. So once you get out of the shower, you really want to try to rinse off with cold water so that it seals your cuticles, because that will help. Let'S say if you rinse off with hot water, which again i have done this numerous times. So i that's something i need to hold myself accountable to, but i'm just letting you guys from what i have learned, so your hair could be prone to frizz and breakage. So, that's why i try to do a rinse cold right when i'm gon na, like step out of the shower okay, we're moving towards the end of the tips is to not wash your hair every single day. Now there are people with curly, hair or any type of hair that are able to be a week without washing their hair, and i think if your hair smells funky and you're, just not feeling it like washer. For me, three days is like i. I really can't push like the third day, and that's just my body type. You just really need to do what fits for you, because again like on the third day. I already know that my hair is already getting a little greasy and i need to do like a slick back bun or something like that, and i just feel like uncomfortable. You know what i'm saying so just i mean if you can push it to like a week. That'S like really great, but i do know that there are a lot of people that their hair just gets like very greasy. So i tried not to touch my hair because again i have to hold myself accountable because i'm always like touching my hair and flipping it around and all that stuff like i touch it way too much so try to do updos when it's close to washing your Hair just so, you can delay some time because again, if you do wash your hair every single day, you're going to be stripping your hair of the natural oils and your hair is going to be very dry. Just try to prolong as long as you can, but just know what works for you. The last tip is when you're in the shower to detangle your hair, but this is what works for me. However, i know that some people with curly hair like to dry brush before getting in the shower, but if you're gon na do that, whichever if it's in the shower or if it's dry, brushing just make sure to start from the bottom and then work your way Up because again, if you're just grabbing the brush and you're starting from the top you're just going to create knots and a lot of breakage so start from the bottom start like detangling it, and then you can work your way up. That'S basically it! So! This is what works for me. I really do hope that this helps you guys make sure to like subscribe. You guys already know, and let me know which tip you really want to hold yourself accountable in the comments. I really do hope that you guys enjoy watching this video and i'll see you guys in another video very soon bye,

Abir A.: Do you have tips for extremely dry ends? And is your video on refreshing your curls from last year still the routine you follow or do you have new tips :)

Adeleen Warbah: I have curly hair like yours but i have lots of hairfall is there any tip for that

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