New Revlon One Step Blowout Curls - Review 1/3

Revlon has finally come out with their version of a blow dry, curling iron, let's unbox it and try it out. This is what the base of it looks like. It comes with four heat settings which are low, medium, high and cool. This is the root drying concentrator, which is supposed to speed up drying time and the 360 degree airflow Barrel right off the bat I like how long this is, but what's interesting is that it has a clamp. So let's try it out and see how this works. Let'S start off with the dryer attachment wait, I think you line it up like this. Okay and then, let's do the heat settings low, medium, hot. Let'S give it a whirl all right. My hair is like 90 of the way dry. I like that this gets hot enough to dry my hair quickly, but

Sarai Veliz: Could you possibly make another video combing your hair with the attachment? I have a feeling that’s how it’s intended to be used

Taylor Gayhart: Are you meant to use the blowdryer head with the teeth like a comb maybe? This thing is interesting, like I’m surprised this is a new product.


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