Romantic Vintage Wavy Hairstyle With No Heat Damage

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The perfect vintage wavy hairstyle to "curl" up with someone you love (the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day hair!) (sponsored)

Hot rollers are an AWESOME alternative to curling irons - the level of heat is so low but it still TRANSFORMS the look of your hair, without the damage ❤

The soft, touchable hold from the @LUS Brands All-in-one is PERFECT for this romantic hairstyle. I also glazed the Irish sea moss gel just from mids to ends from extra hold, avoiding the roots.

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● LUS Dryer & DIffuser ● Detangle & style Brush ● All-in-One Styler (wavy, curly or kinky coily) ● Irish Sea Moss Gel ● Infinity Spray Bottle ● T shirt Towel

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I am obsessed with this romantic Valentine's Day, wavy hair. Now I really don't want a crunchy cast for this. The all-in-one by Les Brands is definitely what I'm reaching for. I also glazed a little bit of the Irish CMOS gel just for that longevity from the mids to ends now to give this that amazing romantic finish, we are going to just put six hot rollers just on the top of our head, the whole rest of our Head is going to be those gorgeous natural waves if you're someone whose hair is naturally kind of flat on top this style, is so perfect to reinforce the curl. When I take them out of the hot rollers, I leave them. Pin curled for about half an hour and just finished diffusing them to make sure they set once everything's, dry and you've removed. All of the pins have fun with a couple of bobby pins, throw in a victory roll. The all-in-one really is perfect for this, because my hair is so soft and touchable, but it stayed all night. I love it.

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