Easy Heatless Vintage Curls Tutorial

Hello everyone! Welcome to my channel! Today I am sharing my easiest vintage hair tutorial. This look has all of my favorite things. It is easy, fast, and pretty! I have linked some Comfy Curlers below if anyone is interested in trying this look. This look is incredibly comfortable to sleep in, which is important to me. I could never comfortably sleep in a head full of rollers and didn't want to have to curl my hair everyday. This is the perfect solution! Feel free to add me on Instagram: @bridgette_olivia. Ooh! I also talk about my new background after I end this video so stay until the end if you want the deets maybe if you want!

Conair Comfy Curlers


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Hello, everyone welcome to my channel. My name is Bridget and I make videos all about making vintage-style accessible for the everyday gal. Today is a really simple super short video all about how I do this hairstyle, which is heatless pretty much as easy, as can be, takes little to no time at all and very minimal effort. So that's my cup of tea, because I'm kind of a I'm in everyday gal, I'm kind of lazy - and I kind of want to do things the easy way. This hairstyle is especially good for those of you who maybe have tried other types of hairstyles. Where you sleep on curlers or rollers, and you can't do it cuz it's uncomfortable, because that's me, I cannot sleep in any sort of like hairpin or curler a roller for the life of me. It'S just so uncomfortable. So this is the way that I get around. That and don't have to use a lot of heat and it still comes out looking very cute. So, if you're interested to see how I did this hairstyle and keep on watching hello, everyone it, this is voiceover Bridget and I'm going to be showing you how to get these curls. All you need is a few different items. You'Re going to need three of these comfy rollers soft curls. They come in a bunch of different brands. This one is beauty 360, but you can get them from Conair or a bunch of different brands will have some linked down below, but basically they're really big. They'Ve got a bunch of foam on the inside and velcro ends so that they can come together and velcro into a doughnut shape. This tech comes with like six or eight of them, but I am only using three of them and they're going to be located on the very top of my head. So an important thing to know for this particular hairstyle. Is it works best if your hair is slightly damp and if you sleep in them, so the best thing that I can recommend is take a shower before bed wait until your hair is 80 % dry and then try to do this. My hair is dry, so I'm going to be using water as well as some curling gel to have to kind of simulate the same experience. So I'm going to be starting with that very first section and I'm not being very particular about the sections they're just going to make sure that they're on top of my head and I'm running water and the curling gel through my hair. And I also think that this style is really good for people that have fine hair that has a hard time holding curls in their hair because it, your hair, goes from wet to dry, while it's curling that curl is going to set, and it's going to be Able to stay for a lot longer than if you just curled your hair. So this is a really good method to do. If you ever have that experience. So when you are rolling the roller through your hair you're going to want to make sure that you are rolling it away from the front of your face, this is just how I like to do it. You can experiment many different ways, but that's just what I'm doing is rolling it away from my face and make sure that as you're rolling down towards the top of your head, so you're trying to get all the hair up there as possible. And when you get to the very top of your head, you just want to combine the velcro ends together into that doughnut shape. Then you're left with a cute doughnut on top of your head and you look real cute and then you can move on to the second section, repeating the exact same thing, making sure it's damp rolling it up in the roller away from your face and making sure That you have the very ends of your hair, tucked in to the roller. If you don't do that and it sticks out, your hair is going to be curly, but then you're gon na have this weird stick end at the very bottom of it. It'S gon na look kind of weird I mean unless you're into that. I'M not so just make sure that you have the entrapped in and again making sure that all of the hairs is wrapped up as possible and making a second donut and onto the last donut with this last one. The thing that's most important to note is that, because you want to sleep, make sure that you have your hair kind of like how you would have it if you're doing a really high ponytail, so that the bun or the donut shape is going to be on The top your head, instead of like the back or the crown of your head and then I am again curling it away from my face, just securing the last third to keep little donut on top of my head, and that's really all this look entails of like For the first step of it, there's gon na be a little bit after when it's when I sleep on it, but then the next step is to hairspray it and go to sleep. This, like this next thing that I'm doing is completely optional. I'Ve got a bunch of little baby hairs in the back of my head, that'll fall out because the bun is placed so high, so I just take a bobby pin and stick that in the back of my head. You know it's not sticking in my head. You know put my hair up a little bit and this just helps it continue to go in the same direction as the rest of my hair. This is not completely necessary, but I just find that it helps that little back donut stay in better. So that's what I'm doing now and after a little hairspray it's time for some Z's, so sleep for eight hours, sleep for six sleep for 20, sleep for four! I don't know your life! Do your sleep thing and wake up, and here we have beautiful, awesome, curls. Full disclosure at this day I was not about to go to bed. I had just gotten up: that's that's anyways, 2,000 years later, all right and we are back full disclosure. It was not 2000 years. I wish I could sleep for 2,000 years, sometimes but anyways. It'S actually only a few hours later, but hopefully for you, you are just waking up and ready to take on the day. So what I'm doing now is I'm just unrolling from back to front and I'm Alicia the beautiful curls that you have created just by sleeping any time. I can get something done just by sleeping it's a good time. So this is a really good style. For me. I really enjoy how easy this is so just take them all out and again. The nice thing about these rulers is that they're very comfortable you're not going to have anything jabbing in your head at night, while you're sleeping. So that's awesome so yeah, so you take them out and you look at how they look and it looks different every single time which is kind of the fun, but look at that headphone curls, basically curly top Wow. So the next part is totally up to you. I spend very oh my gosh, it's full of hair yeah, so yeah, I'm gon na be using this tool and I'm just making my part cleaner again. This is all whatever you want to do. I just like a clean part. So that's what I do and then it's up to you, since you slept on these, you should be able to brush through these if you want more clean look, but since I did not sleep on these this time and they were only in my hair - for maybe Five or six hours, I'm just finger brushing through them to try to get them to be a little bit more uniform and break up the curls a little bit but, as you can see, even put dry hair in five to six hours. It'S a pretty good. I'M just spreading a little bit of oil on my ends, because my hair is dry and a little bit frizzy, and this is just going to help a little bit that so now you can see. You'Ve got a lot of curls and it works into a really nice shape from either way curl it. This step is also optional. Then I like to take these little clips and just kind of accentuate the hairstyle that I'm going for. So I'm going to clip these around my head, as you can see, kind of creating a nice shape to my hair, and sometimes I do this. Sometimes I don't and you can also use whatever Clips you have and just kind of feel, with what your hair wants to do. It'S kind of an intuitive process and completely up to you sometimes I'll leave. They said. While I'm doing my makeup and getting ready. I was real lazy today, so I kept these in for gosh like two minutes like no time at all, and it still worked a little bit now. I just doing the final details of the look like I said. All of this is up to you and it ended up being pretty wild and similar to how it was when it came out, but I really liked that so just take some hairspray and spray down whatever way you pinned it up, really, that's all there is to It after you let this sit for as long as you want to. You can just take out the clips and look at your beautiful vintage masterpiece and I will say actually a lot of the times this turns out better than it did now and curlier. But I mean I'm not mad at it. My hair is dry when I did this and I looked real cute, so there you go alright everyone there, you have it. There was my tutorial on how I do this really simple, heatless hairstyle, really this style has all of my favorite things. It'S easy. It requires minimal effort and it comes out looking pretty, I really can't ask for much more so if you like this video and you end up trying it, let me know down in the comments. Let me know if there's any other type of hairstyles you were wanting to see and please feel free to like and subscribe to my channel. If you want to see more videos on everyday vintage style, I post new videos every week and I'd love to have you as a part of my family, and I hope you all have a great day and I'll see you later bye. If you have watched any of my other videos before you might notice that my background has changed a little bit, it's still a work in progress, but I'm really happy with how it's turning. I could have a lot of things back there that I really like these pictures are beautiful and I got them from society6. If anyone is wondering the Mel's. Drive-In is really special to me because that's at Universal and my person, I like to go there on vacation and it's really cute and special, and we also have a little lego diner in the background which, as I've mentioned previously, I love building Legos. I thought that was cute, but the thing that started us all, if I can move it up there is that lost in the 50s sign up there. I had mentioned in a previous video and my mom and my dad watched that video and remembered that they had it in their basement, so my mom and my dad got it out of the basement for me and my mom brought it to me. So thank you. So much mom, I'm so happy to have it back and it's really special and I love it so anyways. I hope you guys are liking the new background. There would be more stuff added and I'll probably be changing it up a little bit, but it's kind of fun to make it a little bit more themed to the type of videos that I like to make. So just wanted to share that with you all and anyways I'll see you guys later bye.

Patriot Kat: Great vid! Pleasant speaking voice, you get right to the point and your hair style came out great! I bought some off these curlers at Walmart yesterday to give me something to do during quarantine. Had to go to YouTube university to learn how to use them. Thanks for the info.

rockpaperskizzers: This tutorial is amazing! I just tried this out last night. It's so simple! I don't have the spongy rollers but I do have flexi rods so I used those instead. I don't usually sleep well with rollers in, but since these were all on the top of my head I didn't even feel them. I was a little worried that only three rollers wouldn't give me enough curls, but it worked like a dream! This will absolutely be a go to method for me. Thank you for sharing!

Flo Davis: Very helpful video!! Thank you

Mara Jarvis: I love love this video! You are the best!

Stacey Schwartz: Hello! Has anyone tried using more than 3 curlers? How was your sleep?

Amber E: I have these and the wrap snap and go rollers. Looking for different ways to use them

LoriLeo: I love the lipstick!!!!

Lc Marina: How big are the Rollers?

Eva: I used 7

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