Heatless Leggings Curls #Shorts

Let'S talk the heatless curls, this is what they look like at the end of the day. So I feel like this was a very successful technique for hair curls, but as it falls, it just gets wavy. It'S so pretty, and I did not have to do much touch up. I added some argan oil to my hair. Just a little bit for some shine got some dry shampoo up here, so I'm kind of letting it sit. And then I will grab a pair of leggings you'll start by wrapping your hair closest to the front of your face around and then grabbing hair from the back to wrap around with it kind of like a French Braid and go all the way down. I had to mess with it a little bit to keep it tight because it was loosening up a little bit and I know, do I look like a founding father, so I put in another hair tie right here to kind of hold it in place. Maybe really tight at first, like kind of trust, the processed kind of thing and then you're gon na there you go. I'M in this is how you sleep and that's how I did it.

Rebekah Miller: Next video is results!

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