How To Style Relaxed Hair Without Gel, Slick Down Short Hair No Gel , No Foam Wrap

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How to style relaxed hair without gel, slick down short hair no gel , no foam wrap// simple detailed video on how to style relaxed hair at home without gel. In this video I was able to slick down short hair with no gel. If you also want to know how to style relaxed hair with new growth then keep watching my hair as new growth.

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Hi guys welcome back to the channel, it's scientist ascenti, it's best for solving beauty problems and today's video guys, i'm gon na show you how i was able to slick down my hair. My short hair, my hair, is really really short at the moment because i cut it and i relax it, but this style - i usually do it in between relaxers, so how i can actually, how to you, can actually slip down your hair without having to use any Foam or any gel, so i'm just going to show you everything i'll be using this in this video today, how you can literally achieve this hairstyle guys it slits down to the side and it's not crispy or crunchy. It'S just nicely slipped down in his heart, like it's, not gon na move. What i'm doing now is applying the hair growth serum to my hair, then i'll go in and apply a heat protectant by mark hill, all right guys. So i'm going to start white, i'm going to start by just i'm applying heat, protect and spray to my hair, and i'm also going to start by blow drying. My hair tell me what you learned in grade school. Give it to me. I didn't show you on screen, but i've already washed my hair, i washed and conditioned my hair using the moire haircare brand. I'Ve used that in a previous video. So if you haven't seen that video, i'm just going to leave a card on top here for you to click on that video and watch the video. So now that my hair is all nice and blow dried, i'm just going to go ahead and i've already applied. The heat protectant, so i'm just going to go ahead and straighten my hair, i'm just going to use a heart comb to kind of like run through my hair. To make it easy. You want to be really careful if you're using a hot corn, because this is very, very hot and it can literally burn. If you don't use it. If you don't um, it can literally burn you if you don't use it carefully, so you just want to be very careful with the hot comb now, so i'm just going to start parting, my hair just to decide like what style i want. I'M going to go with this side part because i would usually like i like my sides to be on this part, so i will add a side part on now. I'M just gon na go ahead and straighten this side of my hair. As you can see, i'm using a really small straightener, because the hair at the back is especially short and also the all hair is actually showing. So i'm using a small straightener just to straighten all over my hair, and i decided to also use a calling to help me with grabbing the hair and then straightening. At the same time. This way, it makes it a lot more easier for me to be able to get the small ones, um really really well so yeah, then now i'll go in with a wax stick. So this is that carrot cake like using a wax tape because it moisturizes their hair and it also helps the hair to really really lay down. So now that i've used the white stick and also i'm gon na go ahead now and use the hot comb again. You want to be very careful because the comb is hot, so you don't want to burn your scalp with it or your hands, so i'm just gliding the hot comb through i'm not really like using it to go deep on my scalp, i also decided to use The denman brush to kind of brush my hair down and then use this small tooth comb to really brush my hair down too next, i'm going to use the got to be spray so with this one you just want to be. You want to use your left hand to kind of slit the head down and spray and spray slick and spray slick and spray. I'M still going to use my hot my cone, my rat tail comb to kind of like brush this we're into a flight model. Is the next thing i'm gon na have to do is to um straighten the middle part of my hair? Okay. First of all, i'm going to do my edges, so i'm still gon na be using my tooth coil. I'M gon na use my satin scarf to like tie down the hair. I can't hear anymore: it's just got. It'S got some weird feeling going on around my ears, i'm not here anymore, but that is all good, because once we are done all right so now it's time for me to literally straighten the side of my hair into the style that i most desire, hey guys. So all i'm doing at this point is really straightening the hair and then i'm just straightening into like curls, not like straight i'm just making it into like tiny, tiny curls. So i'm really going to fast forward this video. I didn't really want to cut out too many parts of it just because i want you guys to see exactly how i did everything and also the back. I didn't have a back mirror, so i couldn't really see what was happening at the back. So i hope that he looks good you'll, be the judge. Just let me know how the back looks. I know the back of my. My hair goes all the way to my neck and i've been told that before. But this is just what i had to do and then yeah i just had to fast forward it and then you just have to do the whole thing. Just straightening, it's really um. It looks pretty easy, so i'm sure you can really tell, and then it's all done now. Some for the big reveal okay. So this is how it's looking now um yeah, it's well straight. So now it's time to literally take a small coin and brush out the curls brush the hair out and just trying to get everything to blend together really nicely. At this point i got very confused because i was thinking, should i let it stand up or should i just let it slick down and just make it flat or should i kind of create like a moiken look, but i think at the end of the day I went with keeping it really really flat, so yeah you can always go in with your straightener if you feel like some parts of it are not really looking the way you want it to look, so i did go in again with my straightener. This is a bobby leash straightener that i'm using guys um. I put it in really really flat a couple of years ago, so yeah then the only gel i use today as the edge control is there got to be. Is the ghostbust? No sorry what was the name of that is the ghost glue something gorilla glue. Sorry guys is the gorilla glue, and then that was what i use for my edges, so yeah i just kept on going on doing the same thing and then kept on applying this spray to kind of hold that bit down and just kind of get that um Slick look going on so this spray is all i use basically guys to literally get the hair to look um flat flat and then slicked and then that's how it's looking. So i'm just spraying my face and then now i'm using the vo5 hold gel to kind of give everything like a stronger hold, and this is how everything is looking very simple and easy, and no gel no foam to use um for me to kind of slip. This hair down, so it's very easy. I hope you guys um followed really well, if you want any other information, ask me guys and hi guys, so that is it for this video. I hope that you really found this useful and hope this was very like you really liked it, and, if you're not yet subscribed guys make sure you subscribe to the channel and give this video a thumbs up also also share this video with your friends that have Short hair and you think that this style might be needed for them share this video on all your social media platforms and see you guys,

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adebola mckinley: I love this… will definitely try it

mimi pete: Wow looking gorgeous

Lauren L: Hi love thanks for video I just relaxed and cut short after 6 yrs natural and hair past my shoulder. Where is the hot comb and wax stick from please ?

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