How I Style My Short Relaxed Hair

In this video, I show you guys how I style my short relaxed hair. Shout out to China Marie for collabing with me on this!! Make sure you check out her video linked below!! I hope you guys enjoyed it and let me know what other kinds of hair videos you want to see

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Scribe button to join the fam cuz we stay lit over here. Feld'S me: never returning viewer hi. How are you guys doing on this lovely day, as you guys can tell by the title of this video I'm gon na, be showing you guys how I style? My short relaxed hair, I mean a daily okay. Somebody actually asked me to do this video when my health is longer, and I feel kind of mad because I didn't get the chance to before I cut my hair. So this is hopefully what kind of make up for it. Sorry umm! If you guys see me looking over there, I'm eras over there too. I want to say a few things about my hair before I get started into the video one I am like one month post relaxer to my hair did grow a little bit since I cut it, which, if you haven't seen that video, I will put it up There um three, my hair, I just washed it like a little bit less than a week ago. So it's like really flowy and sometimes you know it makes certain styles a little bit difficult to do, because it's like really Sookie type and flowy and like the second week it gets weighed down with oil and it's just dirty and it's just easier to do certain Styles, so I'm gon na try to put as many hairstyles as I can in here um. I was gon na. Do the low ponytail with weave in this video, but I don't think I am so if you guys want to see me, do a video on that look please let me know in the comments down below and I will so I'm a whole separate video on it, Because my video that I put up when I did it with my hair being long, I do a completely different technique now, so I might feel my update in one of those just let me know in the comments down below um yeah. I think that's all. I wanted to say so without further ado. I want to stop talking you guys, ears off and we're just gon na go ahead and get into the video by the same: hey guys future Naima. Here I just wanted to come on here and let you guys know that this video is in collaboration with China Marie on YouTube. I will be sure to link her YouTube. Her YouTube channel down below and y'all make sure y'all go check it out or whatever assistants funny sheets cue and we're here for it. Okay, small youtubers support other small youtubers. Yes anyways, I'm gon na go back to past Naima now, so she could close out in the video so yeah. I see y'all in the future, okay guys. So I was pretty much all the styles that I usually do with my hair, like daily throughout the week or whatever the low ponytail, but we've look. I am going to film an updated video on that when I can so you guys can see how I do the ponytail button that that was a okay. I hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure you guys leave a like leave. A comment subscribe. All that other fun stuff, let me know what other videos you guys want to see from me, and I will see you guys in my next video. I wanna check that ground on a 9 to 5, pushing enum kindest books trying to get a rise, but tonight you're just trying to have a good time.

Naimah Rae: Make sure you guys check out China Marie’s video here

Misha x: How did you get your hair so silky? It looks so amazing

MissExclusive4: Your hair looks so healthy and full! I like the middle part that you started with. I agree that a silk press seems to last a good week before it starts feeling really weighed down.

Sienna아미: I love how simple but cute these are

Hindu Nanziri: Hairstyle No. 7 is lovely, thank you.

Kaylathebarbie: This helped me so much because I’m natural but I’m thinking abt transitioning to relaxed soon

RamonaMichelleTV: Love the curls

Tichina Marie: I LOVE 7 omg makes me wanna go back to being relaxed

Catherine nagawa🦋: I love your styles girl I also do the same content

sweetdreamz: Love ur hair! What type of hair spray did you use?

sherida57: Cute!

Shan Sam: Can you do more story time please

Misha x: How do you wrap your hair and maintain it after straightening it? Because this looks good for being after a week

Christie Rose: 7! YAS!

Tierra Lord: What song is this ‼️

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