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After recovering from the 2020 virus my hair became very damaged, today I'm showing how I gave myself a Bob cut.

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Hey friend, it's michella thank you for tuning in to my channel, i'm so glad you're here. So today's video is of me cutting my damaged hair into a bob. I did experience uh covet as a result. It took a toll on me and my hair. I was already four months: post, relaxer and then an additional month and a half of not treating my hair resulted in a lot of damage, dryness and brittleness, and so i decided to go ahead and cut it. So if you'd like to see how i got this really cute bob keep on watching so so i do want you all to know that i am a licensed cosmetologist going on 12 years now, and i said that to say that my hair has never damaged so Easily in such a short period of time, even with having previous relaxers, this virus really did something to me and if you've had it - and you know you know, like you, don't feel completely yourself afterwards - i'm even struggling to like figure out how to hold my hands Again, to cut my hair just because i don't know it kind of i don't know, but anyway, i'm going to insert a picture of how my hair looks three weeks before i had gotten sick and then what we're working with now. So i did not cut that much initially because i just think - maybe i didn't at the time realize, but i am gon na go back in and cut more hair off and you'll see that shortly um all right. So this is the results. After all of that, cutting okay, so guys remember, i am like five months post, and that is not why i didn't comb all the way through to the root, because it's thick in there. Nevertheless, it looks a lot better. A lot fuller, i'm just showing you guys a couple ways how you know i can wear it behind my ear: push the bang to the side. You know or whatnot. Thank you guys so much for watching. Don'T forget to like comment and subscribe for more and turn on that notification. Bell also follow me on instagram at the underscore mckellar z, bye friend, you

Kai: Hey friend! I’m so happy you’re back making videos. I absolutely love your skills.. keep ‘em coming☺️

Gracefully, Rachel: This everything!!!

0tismadaline: Wow this is absolutely beautiful

ThatChickNYC: Love it. ❤

lashane coats: Wow very good sis! So beautiful

Edgy Vision: Welcome back! Great video

samantha young: Can you make a texture release video?


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