Perfect Braid-Out On Relaxed Hair | Simple Braid-Out Tutorial To Defined Curls | Hairstyle Examples

Perfect Braid-Out On Relaxed Hair | Simple Braid-Out Tutorial To Defined Curls | Hairstyle Examples

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I just love braids out. Braids-out are a quick and easy style to wear for any occasion. So in this video, I demonstrate how I get perfect, well-defined braid-outs on my relaxed hair.

I am one week posted relaxer in this video and if you are looking for a simple and easy braid-out tutorial, this is it. I use readily available products to achieve this simple braid-out. Also, I share quick and easy hairstyles that I could wear during the week.

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Welcome welcome to my channel if you're new, thank you so much don't forget to subscribe and if you're a returning subscriber. Thank you so much for coming back. I really do appreciate you, so in today's video we are going to do a braid out. So, basically, I'm going to share with you how I achieve this simple, perfect, perfect, braid out well defined curls braid up when it comes to this hairstyle. You have to know how to cornrow your hair, and you also you just have to sort of like know how to do box. Braids, probably you just relax your hair and you're, really not comfortable with how late your hair is. Definitely do try this. So everyone see how much you did different keep on watching. So, first of all, you have to get your hair in cornrows like this spray it with some water and then alrighty, so I'm using olive oil, that's a mixture of olive oil and avocado oil. I love those oil because they always moisturize my hair and then I'm using ciabatta. So then after apply the shell but I'll go ahead and then create your homee, the share butter and then the oil and then the water helps you know, set the grade. So we don't have to like hold it tight underneath just read it in a really nice fashion, and I think it looks okay, it's it's messy though, but then I think it's okay, because it was sex. I would like the curls will still be intact. So I'm fine with it, if you are a perfectionist, definitely do get your hair done all car rolled by your hairstyles or summat. That'S actually good with coral and then later on, unravel it so hopefully, by tomorrow morning it will be dried and everything will be sense. The pearls in you sit and intact so yeah I'll show you in the next clip okay, any oil of your choice. For me, I'm definitely going for sheer butter. I like to just apply it into the hair onto the scalp so that it's push them like moisturized. I feel that this is the best time to unravel on it, because it's actually the next day I recently got my hair relaxed. So I think that's why this dog going great and it's looking nicer and also don't forget your ends. So what I'm doing is I'm applying to share butter at the ends, because I feel like the ends are the most important parts in maintenance, so comb your hair with your fingernails just to make it after, like unwrapping all the pearls, so you're sure that he was Unrivaled every corner all day on your head, so pretty okay! So then I just go over with my mixture of olive oil just to give that more shine. So the next thing to do is to lay your edges. If you like, you can actually pass a line. A straight line so that it looks neat, I also keep playing with this, so that it looks nicer and looks perfect to your preference. Come on the run down. So I'm going to go over with my Charles Worthington's strength and repair heat defense spray, so that it just gives it that really nice shine and that really nice fit yeah. Let me just come back with a finished style, one that maybe probably maybe laid my edges and you know finished up my look okay. So this is a final look. I just went ahead to lay my edges just to give it that nice style. I really love the outcome. It just gives me this different look, as you can tell it, has elongated my face because of the puffiness and how I've styled it and I've just flipped my hair to the side, and I love it because it's nice curls are really nice and it's perfect and Helped to do on relaxed hair, especially if you recently go ahead and relaxed your hair relaxed. Like me, I just got my hair relaxed, I think a week now. I think I didn't last Monday, so it's perfect, but if you have natural hair, you can also do this doll. So you just braid your hair into corn, rolls and then later on, unravel it and it looks really really nice. I like the way it's so pearly and so puffy right. Okay, how many ways you can style upgrade out your no, which you can actually sell it in anyway, runs but me I'm most likely hold it and hold it like this favorite tomorrow and then maybe on Thursday I'll hold it in a ponytail. You can start this hairdo anywhere. You want to say that it's it's your face, this top most likely lasts like two one. For me, it lasts. I almost want to be just depends on where I keep it. A braid outs are perfect for in-between hairstyles say you have say you have relaxed your hair and you don't want to braid your hair. That'S so true, like me, I don't want to braid my hair so soon I just take my my edges. Do my braid outs and my braid outs are always perfect and it looks amazing after I've relaxed in my hair and luckily I've relaxed my hair like a week ago. So I think it's perfect style just in this time. I don't know how about you, but my face is really round so having this hair style gives me that a different look and actually, as you can see, this actually elongated my face, and I love it. You know if you like this look, if you enjoyed watching also, let me know, hit the like button comment down below. If you would try this book, let me know and yeah thanks so much for watching hope, see you in my next video bye. For now you can take it to any event. You want to you, okay, so I'm going to go over with my Charles within, but then, if you are like very perfection, if we are professional, but if you are a professional is okay, so yeah this. Is it and then a hands completely dry and I feel like this is a good time if you want to see more - and you want to see how actually this perfect, perfect, absolutely perfect brain out. This is

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