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HEY LOVERS! Now that I’m relaxed, I want to try more things with my hair. I’ve had these silicone rollers since I was natural, but I didn’t try them because I was afraid, they wouldn’t come out right. I def struggled with these spoolies but I plan to get better!!


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Relaxed Hair Wash Day:

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Hi lovers welcome back to my channel if you're new to my channel, I am Cassie, and this is my channel so today. Well, this is technically still the same day. That'S my watched, a video, but I want to do these videos as separate videos, so this is freshly washed and moisturized hair. If you want to see the products that I used to moisturize into wash and all that make sure you check that video I'll link it down below um so today, as you can see from the title, I am going to try these silicone rollers. I feel like they're called something different, but I'm just gon na call silicone rollers because I don't know the proper name. These brothers, I ordered off of Amazon and what my hair is natural, but I can't have seen like gothe with my hair type. Try them try! These rollers and they did not come out that well, so I never ended up trying them, but now that I'm relaxed I'm ready to try them so they come in different sizes. Let'S see if I can there's like this sized one and then there's like this size 1, which is littler we're just smaller, so there seems to be a little bit of each one, so I'll probably try to put the bigger ones across the back so that I Could still keep my lint and then use the smaller ones toward the top, I'm not sure it's gon na look like I don't know. I let my hair air dry, but I parted the side part while it's still wet so that it gets it could stay moles. It in so I'm going to go ahead and just section this off and I will be using my Denman brush to make sure my hair stretched I'll, be using some clippies and I will be using the cream of nature. Argan oil from Morocco style and shine. Foaming mousse, I thought a lot of use a lot of body, but I couldn't find that one at Sally's, so I've got this one and I also got this main main choice: yeah the main choice. It'S like a shining tech thing. I thought it was going to be more of like a shine type of spray, but it's actually more, like a serum. So I'm probably not going to use this on my hair tomorrow, because it's really moisturize and I probably try it on there. The next day it just depends on what it looks like in the morning. My hair is actually still tuning up right now, and this is about 9:00 about 8:30 and I had to work tomorrow. So my plan is to get these rollers in and then sit underneath. My like hooded dryer thing for a little bit and just make sure that it's all the way dry and then also come out in the morning, and I will come back and show that, but right now, let's get these rollers in okay. Let me just say these things are hard to use like this is what I have so far. Don'T know what it look like: don't even care cuz, whatever come on like tomorrow, I'm wearing a work, but what I'm something a little rare. But what I did. What I did discover is that if you use more hair like with the bigger ones, they hold better because, like with little hair, is it's not enough for someone that close they're like still very loose like the one I just took out and like this? Is a thinner picture section I here, so I'm gon na just use one of the smaller ones um in this section. Honestly, I don't know what this is gon na look like tomorrow, but y'all I'm praying for something good, because I can't go to work. Looking like anything like the week after I got my hair relaxed, which was last week y'all, I went to work every single day. Qaf I got dressed real, pretty I woke up early and did makeup. Like y'all know, I wasn't planning so I got ta put this together and it got to look like something I want to show y'all how I'm I'm gon na roll the curlers. For I mean how I'm gon na roll the ones for the front because for those ones I plan to roll away from my face. You know something else about these low flimsy things like yeah, they're, soft and I probably to be amazing, asleep in but like with them being so flexible like they bend too much, and I can't really uh do it. How I want it, that's just not have to work so since this is a very small piece of here, I am going to, I don't know cuz. I don't want to have an impression on in my hair. You know, but it's so thin. I'M staying strong, oh well, cuz, I'm gon na tuck it back anyways something up with the mousse on it. These poor leg is ripped all of the moves on them. Ok, so I'm gon na take a smaller one. Now I need I'm gon na start, twisting it but backwards, and then I put this in the front it's almost to the front, but if I put it in the back, it's going away right, yeah, okay, so those dozen away yeah. First of all, let me get my glasses together, but singing on lay right come on man brush it, so this is so complicated, like I'm gon na keep doing. No because I want to get better at him because I really like them like I like what they feel like. I like what they're supposed to do that for our way, maybe to roll away from the face this way so yeah yeah, I'm slow. Forgive me okay away from the face and then something else that I found too is I give you twist it a little bit after you get the hair on it and then try to close it. It like it holds better, but okay, I did that one upside down, I'm not even gon na fight with this, I'm leaving it so whatever it come out like I introduced into, we have C together, okay, because no matter what come alright, I don't know this is What we had I'm just going to put on my set and surf and go to sleep and we get up strong. We will see what this comes out, like I'm prettier for something good job, I'm praying, but I guess we'll see. I'M sleepy see y'all in the morning okay good morning. This is the next day, obviously, and I really liked it sleeping with these rollers in because they are so soft and it did not hurt my head at all, I'm like flexi rods. I did flex pearls last week, come in through a video for y'all my self affected, because, right now my flexi rod game is leap. They'Re really easy to sleep in I'm just gon na put it back in the bed elastic mouth, but I just pray. They come. Alright cuz that good work and I'm RT late. Okay, so I said I wasn't going to use this, but since my hair is ugly, the least I can do is be shot me. So I got this main. The main choice, dangerous mustard and shine the illuminator and I'm going to just like pump some of this on my hand. First, I'm going to just wipe it through then I'll go through and on separate days or something so I'm just taking a pic to kind of. Like get rid of the parts I kind of give it somebody - okay, oh, I would have to say that this was and fail, but I'm gon na make it work. Okay, because I work too hard Tranio them things in so I'm taking my crew. My nature perfect edge and I'm just gon na make this little situation. Look like something just pull this, I knit okay. So this is the finished look. This is the finished look, but it's not perfect, but you know it's low key low, low, key kind of cute. So it's gon na work for today and then tomorrow what I really look like they make it work. I do plan to do these rollers again, I'm Scott of effective and doing earlier in the day. So they have time to dry because, like a few spots are still wet, so definitely follow me on instagram. If you are not following me, sass teammate, 365 and you'll get to see my day-to-day life as far as my hair and what I have going on. So I do plan to do these rollers again, probably this Sunday, I won't be recording at obviously cuz I'm. I already have a video up with these rollers. So if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up, make sure you hit the subscribe button in the middle so that you didn't have a kitchen every time I upload a new video leave me some comments down below. I have tips and tricks on how to better, install or use these rollers and what products I use or whatever I just need some tips. Obviously you're gon na got it. I feel like I'm closer to getting it than I think I am, but I ain't there yet. So definitely leave me some comments up below stay tuned for more videos. I do have a lot more videos coming up. Of course, regarding my natural, we got it seek your girl regarding my relaxed, hair and dating so definitely stay for more videos, see how about next video. I


Hindu Nanziri: Stunning, the curls looked really good immediately you got the silicons off.

C A: It looks so cute! Def not a fail

KELLY TANIKA: You just need to clip your ends and use a foam wrap next time. The curls were cute.

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