Omg I'M Getting A Hair Cut

  • Posted on 06 January, 2023
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

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I'M finally doing it get dressed with me to get a haircut for the first time in a year. I don't know what my fear is with getting haircuts, but I definitely have one I'm going to start with the Brandy joggers because of course, I'm going to be sat down for like two hours. I'M going to do this long sleeve, Free People top on the top half. I thought we'd, maybe do this. The new end of the story is cardigan. I mean it's giving just rolled out of bed. Let'S rethink that. I think this will be better. Okay, yes much better, it's London! I have to walk so we're being painfully practical with the shoes I'm doing the condo girl song Converse. What else would we do, but the fluffy white Montclair for my bag? I'M going to see my Louis Vuitton Neverfull. I, of course, have to take my laptop the fragrance I'm using Giorgio Armani C. This one is almost gone and it has my name on it. So this is the look. I will see you tomorrow with my new hair

Sadiey’s Story: So excited to see the new cut!

Alyssa Byrd: I love the outfit you put together

maketheworld better: I get my hair cut once a year - nothing crazy js

Genevieve: You are so brave.

KikiC: I never wear nice tops to a haircut because I feel like the hair always gets stuck in it and it drives me crazy. I wear my workout gear for haircuts

Alex Jones: You are so brave. Hope you survived

Joury mamdouh: oooo! Can't wait to see it ❤️

Lubna Alqarni: I want to see it

Emzie: My Sister + Aunty won’t let anyone cut there hair + never have so your not the only 1 ‍♀️time wooh

deanna young: Have a beautiful day sweetheart

ash: where's your puffer from?

NN: Do you ever remove tags of your clothes or you just wear it few times and return it to the shop, as most of those “influencers” do?

Douglas M: Why does everything have to be so dramatic and over the top?

Rima: Omg I'm so early

My horse adventure: Where is the striped sweater from?

Ann Onymous: Inane beyond comprehension.

Karina Torres: Bangs?

Monologe: Early

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