Long Hair Sucks | Watch Before Growing Your Hair Out

  • Posted on 17 September, 2022
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

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I hope you find this video informative for a few drawbacks when it comes to growing out your hair as a man. Don't get me wrong, I love the flow, but there's just a few things to keep in mind before your grow it out!


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0:00 Intro

What is going on guys welcome back to my channel if you guys are new here, my name is Alexander Demergis and I talk about all things related to men's lifestyle. I enjoy it all. I want to help you guys become the best version of yourselves. So welcome to the channel subscribe down below and like this video, If you guys found it informative and without further ado, let's jump right into it.. I'M not gon na lie to you guys. Every day for the past month, I've thought about cutting my hair and as cool as long hair is as much as I love it. I'M not going to cut it, don't worry for now, but there are a few things. I come to mind that people just don't talk about when it comes to long, hair and Men things you have to deal with some cons and some drawbacks that come with the benefits of having long hair.. So drawback number one when it comes to having long hair is that when you take showers, it takes a very long time to wash a hair condition it brush it and dry it and all the like when it comes to taking a shower.. It just takes really a much longer time than you'd expect when you have short hair, just putting shampoo and you're done with it. However, when you have longer hair you really, you need to take a longer time for the water to actually soak through down to your scalp and same goes to drying your hair.. When it's wet there's a few options either can just let it lay flat on your face completely wet or you can take a hair tie and just tie it up in a full bun, a half bun. If your guys' hair is long enough for that - and it does take some time to finally dry out. Number two in the list - your hair, you'll notice will be falling out a lot more. Whenever I'm done showering conditioning shampooing, I always have a big wad of hair. In my hands down a drain on my bottom and also when I'm laying down in my bed or on the couch, I always find my long hairs everywhere, especially on the floor in the bathroom, can kind of get a little bit annoying. But you get used to it and it's just something that just comes with the territory of having long hair. N umber three on the list. This may or may not apply to you guys. You may or may not care about this, but I found that girls don't usually like men with long hair. I personally have long hair because I like it, I like the way it looks. I think it's cool. I think I look good in it and so that's why I'm not too worried about this. However, for some of you, you guys might care what women think about your hair and, on average women on average, like shorter hair on men.. But there are a few women that like longer hairstyles and there aren't a lot of guys that have that. So if that's you, you can really stand out for the girls that actually appreciate your long hair and that's awesome so rock. If you like it, don't rock it. If you don't it's up to you guys.. Actually, my hair is getting a little in the way. Right now, so I'm just gon na tie it up. All right bam, bam. Okay. Also, I don't know if you guys noticed, I was getting kind of tired of having these little baby hairs, rowing out and curling and looking like these little peach fuzzies. So I just went ahead and just shaved up to my temples, a little bit., That's it just by myself. I just felt like doing it whatever I don't care, it looks cool, I'm rocking it. Anyways. The next drawback, I would say, is that your hair can get in the way and very messy, if you're not used to it from physical activity, so think of you going to the gym. Think of you doing a sport like boxing, or in my case I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when you're in the bedroom. With your lady, you know your hair can really get in your face, get in the way and it feels like you're constantly having to fix it. Push it out of the way brush it back, it's gon na take some getting used to, but all you need honestly, it's just a hair tie. However, if your hair is not long enough, you might have to use a hair comb or just wear a hat in the meantime until it grows long enough to be able to tie it back. The last on the list about the drawbacks of having long hair. Honestly, just comes down to preference and your daily life., You have to ask yourself: does long hair actually fit you your face, shape your personality, the way you dress the way you carry yourself, etc. because long hair can be seen as wild rebellious, carefree fun. You know it could be a whole bunch of things, so you guys have to figure out if that fits your vibe and personality.. That pretty much covers the video guys. I hope you guys enjoyed a few points that I made for my personal experience about having long hair and a few drawbacks that come from it.. If you guys want to check out other videos on my channel, such as Men's Grooming, lifestyle fashion fragrances dating life, advice, etc. I have it all here, so go check out my other videos on my channel.. Thank you for the support and I'll catch. You guys all in that next one

Max Brandt: I love having my long hair, I don't care what people say bout how I look anymore and I don't mind brushing it, and I'm just used to having it. Long hair has no gender or race,it plays much a part of throughout the history of the humankind,from religious origins like the Sikh,the tribes of Native Americans to freedom of expression and identity. It will always be a part of our ancient past and history through many civilizations.

Zlatan322: Long hair rules, it can be difficult to maintain, it’s like any relationship you just have to put the work in. But never cut it off you will always regret it!

Christian Forlini: I feel the women that don’t like long hair are basically jealous. They see it as a competition. They want to be the star. And they want you to be humble and go to work and pay all their bills. And be in the background. Don’t believe me? Have you seen Facebook lately?

Khaled Amir: Thank you for talking about hair falling, I've been growing my hair for 2 years now and since it got longer it really freaked me out lately

PsamohT: I used to have hair your length back in highschool but I cut it off after graduating and have mainly rocked a buzzcut for the past 4 years. I’m about 4 months in growing out my hair and I forgot how badly it sucks haha. I cannot wait to get out of this awkward stage

Charleyb_24: My mom’s STILL against me growing my hair, but I’m not gonna give up.

Amen Heavy: Most women not liking long hair is a bonus. For those that do love long hair, you’ll be a unicorn

YAHY: i tried growing out my hair over a year ago when there was covid and absolutely love how i look with long hair and i dont see myself going back to short hair anytime soon. actually it's not of a big deal at all when it comes to nurturing long hair

Tommy Scarpitti: for the girls part i disagree. in my experience, girls like long hair. my hair is curly and long. it all depends on how well you take care of it and what girls you surround yourself with. why be with women where they will judge you for having long hair.

Pixel 6: I have long hair and I've saved $3000 on haircuts. Girls have always noticed (and guys, older guys and kids)and complimented my hair more so than when it was short.

8urym3ag: Women love long hair……. If it’s well maintained they always appreciate it. Men with short hair believe if you just get a hair cut that’s the only maintenance you need then get upset when they start going bald within no time

Mutasım Yılmaz: Excuse me, I want to ask you a question ; I'm also growing my hair out, and it has been 6 months since last time I cut my hair. I started wondering what happens if I don't trim my hair monthly? Does it negatively affect my hair?

ranker4: Trying to grow my hair. I'm in that under 1 year ugly phase where it sits in all directions. I think it's fine that at shower, on pillow after sleeping, or even pass your hand through hair to have your hair fall a bit, right? Is it also normal to see your scalp more if your hair is messy or to give impression to see less hair near the hairline? Also, is there any way you can notice if you go bald or something? Signs of it? As for washing the hair, medium to long phase, once every how many days? Shall i use meantime dry shampoo or other stuff since my hair gets oily after one day to another?

R: I've loved my long hair but yeah hated everything you mentioned! So in the end I cut some of it this year and found my sweet spot, mid-length. Think Bradley Cooper in "A start is born", I think I get the best of both worlds: hair is now easily manageable and yet I'm still different than 95% of men, and I'd go as far as saying more women dig it than the longer hair version of me. I wear them slicked back or down with middle part, Johnny Depp-like from 10 years ago. Win-win!

Hunter Coleman: I like to have my hair poofy because I think it makes my eyes look bigger. Meaning it looks fluffy and smooth to brush your fingers through it. Like a helmet. It also gives me a boyish look in my early 20s. However, once it reaches the ears, it can become a hassle. I get trimmed every two months. I don’t think I’ll let my hair grow below my ears. Props to other guys who could do it but I can’t.

mohammed nano: Same problems with long hair and every time I think to cut it, thank you

Un Title1: When I was age 15 I wanted to have long hair and tie it on a ponytail. But my parents didn’t let me. My sister told me that having long hair is rough. So afterward I stopped wanting long hair. But now off and on I do want to have it someday and tie it on a ponytail.

Jerico Alegre: Thanks for this video. I'm on my sixth month of growing my hair. Started from being bald. I'm so excited on how I look like having a long hair like you.

[email protected]: yes i did grow my hair very long when i was 14 back in 2015-2016 and it felt great

Kaleb Alzino: I only have long hair on the top length and I was only growing trying to grow the top length out and shaved only the sides and back, but I'm now planning on letting the rest of my hair grow out

芷盈朱: I LOVE men having long hair, sadly most men still prefer to stay short while looking for long hair women, annoying when they don't understand us when we complain about long hair

Wavy Stars: Been growing for a little over a year now. Around your length, and I love it loll!!

Nikola Vuković: Thank you for that video, but i will grow out my hair no matter what

Bigjonnah: love this cause I've always had long hair till covid and i still worked but shaved and so happy how it grew back. Also I'm a huge coaster enthusiast and I love that flow. Will say I305 will fuck up a good hair day but strongly recommend coaster

SpadeKing: Im 17 been growin my hair for 3 yrs also never care abt wht women think abt ur hair jus do u n be the best u


RaisedUP2: I cannot grow hair like yours but it looks way better then shorter hair. It is having your OWN hairstyle because everyone's hair grows his or her own way. Caring for one's hair is if it's longer more of aa chore but it looks well worth it especially on many guys too.

Fashion With Drew: We NEED more Men’s Lifestyle YouTubers!!!!

Kitty Kow: Haven’t gotten any complaints from girls about my hair in a long time

spareemail2: The earring makes you look cool, I never had confidence for anything like that. Do you sometimes receive negative comments about it when you're out in public ?

itsmea.yanna!: I convinced my husband to grow his hair out ( he has beautiful thick Filipino straight black hair) he noticed more women flirting w/ him. But they all love to follow up with why don’t you cut your hair….. I’m like these bald headed chicks are jealous!!!!!!

effortlessGFX: Sick hair man. Never go short. Not until nature forces us. Also, you have a look of Tommy from Power Rangers.

somnhek amarinclinton: So do I, I found out my hair on the pillow after long sleep

Jimmy Biggers: I have a long I used to have long wavy even hair just like yours I'm sorry I have to cut it it's just a way in life you know I didn't cut it too short I saved about like 7 inches and 7 in longer in the back in the front mine was 22 in longer

David Huss: You inspire us..you like fantastic with the long hair hope you can hold out..thanks for the great videos brother

Emine Emine: I wash ed my hair once in a month i'm a woman i've got very thick abnormale full hair I fed up with it I Let it cut I feel free now I was thired allready I wanted to begin allover with my health very thired mentaly that's why I have short now it grew about 4 cm after a week

Scooba: I have a scar going across my head from surgery and right in the middle of it (and the middle of my head) there’s a spot with a diameter of 1 centimeter that when I try to see what I look like with a middle part, the spot ruins it. I am growing my hair out and I’m wondering if there’s a Long hair style (at least shoulder length) that doesn’t use a middle part looks masculine, and I also have straight hair. Please help

Trap Piggsy: Bro i have to ask you something, I've been letting my hair grow for two years now, but why is my hair falling out a lot in the last 5 months it's still growing and I'm seeing these new hairs because I can't tie them back can you tell me how to stop it?

JusticeTheDoggo: Im straight but i like it bcoz men love my hair lmao , sus af .

C: Most women LOVE men with long hair ! You look great ! Young Mike Patton vibes !

David: Long hair looks great on you

Abdullahi Muhamed: Most women I know like long hair on men it just depends on maintenance

Jimmy Biggers: And I do like long hair and I'm okay with it

Gummy: Lol my hair was easy at that length. Try growing it out for another two years.

L. LunaPheonix Growing Through Nature : I like men with long hair and short hair for me kindness respect intelligence goes with looks

linalu: I wanna look like guys with long hair. I‘m a girl, I have really long hair and I wanna cut it

Stephen Williams: My man here saying women don't like men with long hair. Suuure... yeahhh.. likely explanation. (Just laughs, couldn't resist. Thanks for the video!)

Frederik Olsen: What about bjj and long hair - i cut my hair bc i thought it was annoying af .. but now i Want it back!

Kallie Jackson: The thing is I start liking shorter hair but it's cleaner it's easier to manage but my man has long but he just got hit in the head and his head was cracked open by apparently his ex he thinks he claims he saw her boyfriend standing over him so now he's in jail for violating the restraining order of it she had against him which makes no sense cuz he also don't get me wrong he went towards her a few couple times to try and talk things out because things were bothering me you know other than that she follows him around I guess I just don't know I it could have been someone else because yesterday I texted his old phone and some chick answered and said I'll meet you at Denny's he got hit near Denny's so I'm just wondering if he knows what the hell he's talking about anyway

Splooge Impulse: i look like crap with short hair. 7 years in right now. every compliment from a girl is about my hair. never gotten any before the long hair. my lil nephew started copying me hes growing his hair for like 3 years now.

KISHKO: Hey, I’m 15 yo and want to grow my hair long but idk other people would think m weird. Any advice?

FαlleŇ: Thx brother

noosehangingtight: just would point out pleasuring a woman esp going down on her can be absolute hell and extremely uncomfortable if your not used to it and you will suffer breakage you gotta put your hair in a bun during Intimacy you will get hair stuck and in your pits you will never be able to look at her and your hair will be extremely knotted afterwards so please tie your hair up in a bun or braid before the deed

Marina E.: You've got cute hair

Bonnie Dedrick: Believe it or not you're not losing hair at a higher rate, it just looks like more because the length scrunched up looks like more.

Lost: john wick face shape you had

Dan the man: Having long hair for girls

darl vader: 2:14 F women Idc about them

OmarTheCupOfTea: Ok mrs alexandra

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