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  • Posted on 07 January, 2023
  • Long Hair
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Dude Has Huge Transformation After Cutting Long Hair, comes in with over 21 inchs of hair and leaves looking like a male model.




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Ah, should have got my heart rate on that one. You know you know what I mean you're like. Is this real right? Yeah like what what's going on you've got some hair man, yeah man? I heard that we are donating this to a good cause, yup wigs for kids for kids, where it's at I decided. I was like. Let'S do it I'll, let it grow got on that awkward stage, kept going happy, you've always been in an awkward State. That'S true and uh, so yeah three years later here we are: what is that, like 20, like 21 inches approximately from your scale, a lot of times when people are, are donating, there's just enough and it's real close to the scalp, so we ended up giving them Kind of like a Karen haircut but uh, let's not get to a carrier, I'm trying to avoid that for you right now, yeah man, I thought we're bro. I think we're homies man yeah. This is a first man. Ah yeah. I didn't even think about like letting you say anything a word. Oh no trust me had many look, how thick that he had plenty of warnings, yeah, look at that nice and wow. I feel the already should have got my heart rate on that. One hope. Your ears, not in there somewhere, oh wow, and just like that three years, a few uh. This is what you're working with this is that the awkward phase I felt like I could have had that ponytail from like in Star Wars. We could still do that. Man nah, I'm gon na put a hot towel on you, get some shave lather around you yeah all the things that you probably missed from visiting the barbershop yeah man yeah, the haircuts are okay, but the hot towel. That'S where it's at I mean for the hair. Dude became a hassle in the summertime run without a shirt, some getting whipped, literally the little things that yeah, you don't think about until it's happening yep. So it's been a while man. What do you want to do on the air today? I'M wanting to do like an undercut yeah and how short on the sides uh as short as you yeah, is this like a tight fade, yeah tight, fade and keep the top long and on the beard I'm wanting to trim down the sides yeah a lot taper. It in take some off on my muscle, yeah all the way off the lip or yeah. I want to raise it. Okay, all these stains are from yeah, oh, my goodness, coffee beard, so it'll be it'll, be more abundant than not, but still tight on the sides and longer on the top. That was stolen slide that last year, whenever I got the Santa suit on and all that my youngest granddaughter was terrified. That'S funny. A lot of kids are scared of Santa yeah, especially after a man that movie, I saw the movie a violent night with David Harbor, or he plays like a Santa like killing people. It was. It was a crazy movie man, but I'm sure you're, not murdering people with Sledgehammer. So no not today. I don't know if I ever mentioned this, but I used to rock a seven inch pompadour. I can see it man seven inch, that's really a lot yeah. I would say, like three inch pompadours, like pretty average at three inches with suffice, but seven inches. That'S like asking too much four and a half inch. Pompadour I mean that's normal. The most people would be satisfied. I would say what kind of model a fashion model Runway, mainly we would do, shows for like Tommy, Hilfiger and stuff wow man yeah foreign, a little dramatic at the end in honor of that that seven incher all right is that on yeah. Am I on all right? So what are we thinking of doing today, uh, so man? The last time the lady was super into it. Yeah, like so like long longer on top yeah uh, or you know like just how it is, and besides we did last time, were kind of symmetrical. Oh because we went for. I remember this now because we transitioned from the sidebar too yeah we're just kind of bringing this all back. Yeah I'll, probably just shape this a little bit. I trust you, man, yeah yeah, we'll keep that kind of like around the same length and then blend it in all the sides. I I do like taking New Years off uh New Year's sucks in the ER yeah. It'S like one of the worst days. Anything that, like it would be crowded downtown right like that involves alcohol is pretty much guaranteed a shitty night in the year. Halloween is busy, but uh. It'S also kind of fun. Seeing like you know, Peter Peter Pan come in. Come in the EMS Bay, with a broken nose or what you know, you know what I mean you're like. Is this real right, yeah like what's going on we'll play Bingo for you know who who gets Cinderella or frozen or whatever that's awesome. I I would imagine, because you know people are coming in injured, but it's almost like. What'S a costume right, that's, depending on your yeah yeah, like you're covered in blood. Is this why you're here yeah right, which which is this your yeah, no you're? Actually here for appendicitis, this is my costume: oh yeah, okay, known Bob 25 plus years man, 25 plus years and we've always been elementary school elementary yeah, we played ball, played baseball. If you couldn't tell that, I was an athlete yeah. I want to blend this into a little bit more of this length so that it's uh there's a smoother transition as opposed to um, really thick Sideburn and then somewhat weak, somewhat weak. It'S pretty weak right, it is yeah yeah. Can we just get some of that hair from that you chopped off bro? We could totally got enough Gorilla Tape in the in the back as it grows out. It should uh kind of maintain. Some of that shape, though, enjoy a nice sharp beard for a while. So we're really gon na take it easy on this area, because I don't want any of that density to go away, but we'll we'll get a little more aggressive back here now shaping that beard is no joke. I'Ve tried to do it so many times it's like, and the thing is that if you were just to put a Clipper Clipper to your face yeah and then just run that that guard against it you're gon na take off a lot of stuff that you didn't Mean to yeah and once again it's like more about finessing and creating illusion, as opposed to just keeping it shorter yeah and when I start to see those hairs fall out. That'S when I know okay, that's about where I need to actually close it this year, foreign. My wisdom, whiskers, who are you kidding, kidding he's got room to spare, so I'm I'm cutting a about a two inch off the bottom. Typically I'll leave a little room because, as I shape it, more comes off not too short, but right where he wants, it we'll end up at a good spot. I just think that my face is too round for a rounded Edge beard, so I kind of like a little bit more pointed than the middle is a messed up joke, but but uh. But I do that all the time I feel like. Oh yeah, you know and I'm like. No I'm feeling your face. I think I'm like trying to feel something, but I'm like I'm literally like trying to see and when I chop that I'm not gon na go straight into your chin, because right, who knows how you can have a chin down here, I don't know if they could Have no chance, you have no Chin right. Let'S keep the beard man, yes yeah! You don't want to get rid of that. When you had your eyes closed, I was going to say: that's not his chin Jesse, that's a seven incher! Oh no! Oh! No! I was in a very different place two years ago, yeah, absolutely as I'm sure most people were well that that's what's cool about it is everyone has their like own version of that story. Yeah. You know what I mean. I had an experience with covid last year. This time last year, did you yeah man shout out to you guys for sure I mean that seriously yeah, you don't seriously we're like the front line workers for this. You know that everything that happened last like three years pretty yeah um. So I I had to learn a little bit from from our how to style it yeah um and he's turned me on to some products to where I don't need to restyle it throughout the night, which is super important. It goes over with me, step by step like here's, what you do man and that's what I do until I come back and see him there. You go it's a little guidance yeah, you know yeah. This is again. This is his Department, we're like just Air Doctors. Pretty much you know we're just hair doctors. You know the Arts gon na write your scripture, that's it and uh. What is it that a legible doctor script? You know like what does this say? I don't know like that. It'S quarter like that's, that's! What'S cool because being a barber, I feel, like you know, there's people who are looking at the email. There'S people that work yeah. I attack them with people, it's so many like Windows into like so many different lives, and it's cool to like have people be able to see that as well, that aren't murders. You know seeing what like okay look this. This is here's everybody that makes everything work. Yeah yeah wow yeah, so now we can see some of this hair starting to sprout. Now that it's drying out, I can. I can more confidently just shape the hair because he's not going to style it. Every single day he's gon na go in runs yeah. My run faster, I doubt it right. I mean point: zero, zero, zero. Two yeah I mean an atomic clock, might pick it up man, I'm so sorry for being so mean to you today. So we've got some seasonal spray in there um. It'S still pretty long still got a. It'S still got a little moisture in it, so I'm gon na throw in some of our styling balm just to lock in some of that that oomph that I'm looking for cool and like I said because you have so much hair, don't be afraid to be aggressive With it put in a good amount, get it in on the bottom, underneath get a nice little distribution of product throughout the hair and um it'll. Look intentional cool! Dig it not dig. It say those dudes that comment, those on those on our videos on a beard band Channel and say: why are you care? Why do you care so much about your beard? Why are you watching the video man don't want to get as less viewers, but man if you're saying that stuff you're at the wrong you're on the wrong Channel, guarantee they're, probably jealous, and I can't grow one yeah I'm jealous and I can't grow one. You know I should just like add a spike just like shave, everyone's beard off, you know whoops and secretly secretly he's like you know. If I can't have a beer, no one can my villain origin story. Is me not growing a bit not growing a beer know? This is my one, but I'm gon na stand it up just a little bit, I'm not going to lay it too flat and then, if I'm up here, then I'll lay it flat. I'M going with just a little beard: oil pre-shave, otherwise, funny enough, whenever I was doing the pompadour, I did use hairspray right off the base right here. Then I blowed right upside down. You hang your head like that. Yeah and again he likes the length and it's been easier for him that style now that it's longer so I really don't want to be taken length off. This is much more shaping and blending it on the sides, as I've read any times where, like someone's coming to me or and they're kind of like this, is what I need, and I know it's this thing and it's all the time all the time yeah and You'Re, like yeah, every other person uses Google before they come in and already have a diagnosis like okay. So I think it's okay, so I need a CAT scan and we should probably start me on Rocephin what no hold on you. Have a UTI yeah stay off. The internet I dusted off the ends, kind of texturize it, but we're going to take a little product. This is the temple smoke. Styling wall take about a dime size, rub it in my hands spread, and then I just rub it into the hair. I'M not styling. I'M just spreading it throughout. It'S awesome, foreign foreign. This is your first actual haircut in 15 years, yeah full haircut. In 15 years, my daughter was a little girl. The last time I had short hair. She doesn't even remember with me as short hair, no good here. We go

Victoria Egan: Javi's transformation was the best out of the three. I loved what the stylist did with his hair and beard -- showed just how handsome this gentleman is.

Dena Crescini: WOW what a difference! So glad to hear he donated his hair to children! What a wonderful cause! He looked smokin' after the cut!

KHMM KHMM: Bro went from long hair to the "She is indeed 17 now, but will turn 18 next month, and very mature anyway" cut

Ms Campbell: Javi is a very handsome guy with/without a lot of hair!! Thanks for donating all that hair for the kids!!

Library Nan: It is amazing what a good haircut can do for a guy!

Christine Wood: Such a generous hair donation from Javi, and a great new look!

Shasta Justice: Why do I enjoy watching these men folk's grooming, pampering, and laughter? Keep up the good work!!

Aswin Vas: 2:24 What a classy beard

Mikey: Lol this was without question the most amazingly awkward collection of barbers/cuts in one BB video Without Big Chris, Ken, Cisco, or the new guy, the organic, anti-awkward hilarity was nowhere to be found Great cuts, gents

Pierre Cornelissen: Always a pleasure watching the team at work , gents , how's about a world tour so the rest of us can get a decent cut, shout out from SA

Jessie 986: I feel like I already saw the long hair transformation…or I’m going crazy lol

Wicked Neko: Nooo poor Javi, y'all gave him the guy in his 20's who still hangs around the high school look

Chiky Scares You: I have long hair too and I'm really considering cutting it... it's just so scary to think about it hahahah

Christine Madrazo: All three men came out fantastic.

Suzanne Fisher: I look so forward to your videos. You guys are all so freakin cool!! Watching from Rochester NY

J F: to Javi whose hair donation is really wonderful. His cut is fantastic but you know what? He can grow it out again and make ANOTHER donation!

Truthwillwin: Thank you for the notification after such a long time from the Rockstar Barbers. ✂️

4TwEnti: give me 10% of his length PLS! waiting for months now together with beard to grow out :/

reallynow1445: Wish all men would care for their hair and beards!

Вовк: Ставлю лайк в поддержку вашего канала. Успехов вам.

cw Powell: Everybody looks SO HANDSOME!! Santa is particularly cute.

Franz Hillig: This dude looks a bit like Steve Aoki, isn’t he?


marcin: Am i having deja vu? I already saw this video...

R: What does that dude with the long black hair do? Is he a musician or artist? Can't see him in an office job.

Anna Denny: The first guy is soooooo good looking

joe kelly: Pretty sure the first guy is an old clip

Nikolche niko: Javi has a loooooot of hair

DharmaHound: Couldn’t watch (listen) because of the gum chewing

taborgreat: The ER nurse reminds me of Stingy from Lazy Town

metadata: bro, where is interview before and after the cut bro? it is not you sly the cameraman?

StephenJ: @Aroutin great job with the ER nurse.

kathleen thomas: hats off to the ER nurse! a true hero! great cuts all around!

Vipeton.: What type of watch barber had?

gail wright: Wow!

7 Seas Hair Salon: Hello iam hairstylist

Das Developerz: Poli

Brothershairs: Hlo beardbrand

anna lewis: better

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