This Guy Looked Ok With Long Hair, But After Chopping Off His Man Bun, He'S Smokin'

  • Posted on 01 March, 2017
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So kind is here today with one of our viewers on the front: okay, they're all sitting in the front row. Can I hear from the family and the girlfriend everybody ready for this to go? Absolutely. Yes, I've been growing it for about five years now. My last haircut was two years ago, and I cut it to about how long oh he's got it. All cayenne, of course, is here to help us out with this today he does our man overs how this got started. Why we want to do this as a second? Well there's this bar in Brooklyn, I mean if it starts with the bar in Brooklyn. It'S a good situation. There'S this bar in Brooklyn called booby trap, and they will give you a bottle of booze. If you will go in and cut off your man bun, and then they like nail it to the wall, our inspiration for today, man or woman. No ever what we don't really know about. Whatever there you go, you get a bottle of booze. You get a bottle of booze, okay and a night of infamy. Here'S how it works at the Rachael show Cayenne brought me a bottle of so kyon. Do you have a plan? Have you thought about a plan yeah? I have thought about. I know the Justin kind of he likes his long hair and he kind of wanted wants to keep it a little bit longer. So I want to show him a way to have cool fun. Amazing, hair obviously take off some. The link give him some great layers, but I want to have it. You know like a badass hair cut. Basically, so that's what we're gon na do. Are you game? I'M game freak him out too bad. That was just before. Of course, let's see Justin now come on out Justin yeah Justin. Have you seen yourself? No turn around. It'S good trust me. You look very sexy turn around Wow, so guy talked us through the look here and what you did. So I brought him my phone get him drunk. I know I did. We had a long pour of cocktail and then I brought in my buddy Brett, Oh from Licari Cutler salon. Brett. Oh, is really good, with layering and and with any any haircut leg, especially a longer men's haircut. It'S all about the layering. Otherwise, you have here that just lately, there's just you know pangs there, so it is great gave him great layering. It turns out he's got all this amazing car. All that you really didn't see, because it was so heavy before

Vani Jay: that awkward moment when your before is better than your after

BoredRandomCraptv: Ugh, they ruined his hair. What's wrong with men having long hair? NOTHING. Sometimes they should just leave them alone.

Marian Rohrbach: What the hell? He should have kept his long hair and got a new girlfriend instead.

ROZIE: I really hate it when families of men with long hair think it is acceptable to manipulate his appearance because of what *they want*. It isn't their hair to mess with! It disgusts me.

ValkyrieSkytree: He went from a young stylish badass. To a 50 year old dad trying to be cool. Good Job, you took a good looking guy with nice hair and made him look bad.

ella lukasavich: He went from badass 25 year old to a 40 year old dad

Jon LaFontaine: You know what's REALLY smokin'? Owning your appearance and taking chances even if others don't agree with it.

xander j.: You know it's a bad cut when they need to explain why it's a supposedly good cut.

Ryan Austin Dean: Went from metal to mom.

Neurotic Tonic: I'm so over the hate for guy's with long hair. It doesn't emasculate or make them less attractive... Let them be

Chris Jarvis: He went from looking like a guy who decides for himself to a guy who looks like a sexually frustrated school teacher


Jon LaFontaine: This guy looked like he had a sense of individuality and freedom with long hair, but after chopping off his man bun, he's been essentially castrated into having the type of look people feel safe with having.

ContactingTheDead: *When The hair dresser cuts it shorter than his, because “long hair is bad”. What a hypocrite...*

voicedify: His girlfriend was just jealous that her boyfriend's hair was prettier than hers.

Klendathu_Hotdrop: I feel sorry for him, that was a complete BS move. This is what happens when society forces people into their weak norms.

Delius Lyndon: How did he gain 20 pounds in the makeover?

Wash Urhands: He actually looked really good with the long hair

CaesarStrings: The only reason certain people think men look “hotter” after getting their long hair cut short is because they now fit the more “masculine” image those ppl already had in their minds along with the dramatic change in appearance which adds another “wow” factor. As a man with hair longer than this dude before his cut I’m very happy to see such a resounding level of criticism to this bit in the comments. I haven’t had a haircut of any kind in 2 & 1/12 years and I don’t see a cut happening any time soon. I actually take care of my hair and the only thing I shear is the back of my neck every few weeks.

Philipp Schmidt: He looked a million times better before, the hair, the beard and even the clothes.

Moss-: For me, he went from being a 10 to being a 5

Stephen Caputo: My heart breaks for this man everyday.

ragii: Went from being Jesus to being a Lesbian.

Diego Ramirez: Of all the cool hairstyles out there for men with short hair, they had to go with that... And why the hell did they dress him up as an evangelical aunt?

lu camille: Had to stop watching the video like 30 sec in. Why does a man have to be shamed and forced to conform to pubic opinions for this? This is as bad as forcing a woman to grow long hair, put on lips sticks and a skirts just to "look like a woman".

Summer Laliberte: I had no idea that "boring old dad"was the style now for young men. This is awful.

MiwukSniper: I’d never cut my hair for a chick. I’m Native and hair is a part of my culture and who I am as a human being

🍀Ralu🍀: he looked better before

Satu Hati: I've spent the last half an hour watching guys with beautiful long thick healthy hair get it butchered by a so call "hairdresser" and instantly regret it. I do not understand people's aversion to men with long hair. Give me the before any day.

John Matthew: His hair is what makes him so cool tho

Geoff Owen: When u r young it doesn't matter how you look. It's how you act. To all young people out there. Enjoy your life. And stop wasting it worrying about how you look.

Evan Taunton: He looked happy with long hair. It actually looked more feminine when it was cut short for some reason.

William Holmqvist: he seemed so much more confident and happy with his long hair:/

Midget_Spinner: He had the best hair in the audience. Before that cut

Unmixed Unmastered: I was actually thinking today 'hmm maybe i should cut bit of my long hair' and this video was in my recommendation and i saw it and then i was like 'nope nope nope HELL NO'

TexasMadeBoy: Let this be a lesson to everyone watching this if you ever feel like cutting your hair DONT!

Blokschaaf: He almost seemed taller than the other dude before the cut, crazy. Look at the body language, when the barber lays his hand on his back the first time he looks at him like "don´t do that". Then after the cut the barber's constantly touching him and he looks more vulnerable. They really emasculated him...

Chromiur: And that's the kickass haircut? Poor guy. Good thing it will grow back.

Geoff Owen: The hairdresser guy needs to look in the mirror.

TåT Aphrodisiac: He was ALREADY PERFECT

schmi: I’m definitely keeping my hair long l, I love it.

Vinny: I love how the hair stylist made sure the guys hair didn’t look as good as his after he cut it. Lmao he was jealous

Jess G.: I really appreciate all the love for the guy with long hair.. I’m going through the same thing, my fiancé wants me to cut my hair and I’m really reluctant... I thought I was being a baby, because I shaved my head and let my hair grow naturally for over two years now .. but I’m being pushed to cut it..

J: Keep this shit up. It's amazing motivation to keep the hair growth journey.

Sintô: He looked so much better with long hair. I hope he grew it back

KnockItOffSusan: it souldnt matter what everyone else thought, he should have kept it because he liked it.

Twisted Prime: Shoulda kept it metal

PrincessMaggot: Men of any age/race etc. look incredible with long hair. I always find myself more attracted to a man with long hair ;D

Josh Ibbotson: Can't believe he got it cut, RIP I literally just made a video on the downsides of having long hair, but it ain't worth cutting it!

LUKA: His hair was so beautiful long - these shows with their preconceived ideas of beauty standards and aesthetics!!

Nunya: Went from looking like a straight up warrior, to being a grandpa-wannabe.

40kg twink: I wanted to cut my long hair but you know what? Nevermind.

Gemix: I myself have hair down to my shoulders and it makes me so mad how they ruined his hair. I mean he had beautiful hair and they took it away and made him look like a 40 year old dad

Damian Wadsworth: When I started watching this I thought I’d get a good hair style so I can cut my hair but never mind, guess ima stay fabulous

Hayden Rose: From Viking Metal Beast. To Bachelors degree and un-employed.

Anjana B. Subba: I guess the title was being sarcastic? Coz he looked so much better before the haircut. Edit: Btw his hair was beautiful. Such a shame.

Linag 2: Long hair is beautiful, why would they ruin it?!

Evencrux: Went from looking like a WWE Superstar to Starbucks cashier.

Cebu Tours: 2:13 i can feel the pain even though my hair is still 9 months old not that long but damn

Mr. Yakubi: Honestly, his long hair looked way better. Looked manlier and more handsome. Welp, his choice but it sucks tbh

Alyssa Mew: Seriously almost wanted to cry, his hair was gorgeous, what an idiot girlfriend. Men that hate on guys with good long hair or jealous. Men please don’t cut that mane.

Jo Ann S: Oh my goodness I wouldn’t want to cut that beautiful hair!

Ashanwills: He looked great with long hair. I love it when guys have long hair.

Mountainpeak Cloud: He just went from cool long hair to that awkward in between phase when you’re trying to grow you hair out.

Stan Smith: Don't change for no female, be yourself guys.

Dave: My wife of 20+ years would leave me if I did 1/2 that.

robert jones: I'm a man with no hair and I still love this video!

Stig McMillan: He went from metalhead to asexual lesbian.

Kayleigh Householder: He looked way better before

Fellow: What's wrong with long hair? I have a relatively long hair, because it suits me better, but even if it didn't look that good on me I'd still keep it just to annoy those people who think that "true men" are short-haired.

Bonabell Bitties: His hair was badass. They broke him

GeekyZombie: He went from cool to INSTA-DAD!

Mac Hugo: From a badass musician look to a preppy pretty boy

Plague Doctor: Having long hair is a song that ur committed in the long run for anything and I respect men who have long hair Legit made him from a fucking metal badass to a single soccer mom

Brian said it so it Must be true: I am a guy in my late 40's and I have LONG hair... If you don't like it.. That is just too bad... Sorry NOT going through my life pleasing other people. IF we all looked the same it would be a very dull World..

kate nilssen: He went from looking like a badass handsome guy. Now this???? I feel sorry for him :(

Monalisa: That’s what they consider smokin? I think he went from hot to a timid simmer!!

meme_meme: He had really nice hair healthier than mine %

AJ K: I come to this video whenever my hair gets annoying, keeps me grateful

t: I really hope this guy grew it back out after this. he seemed so much happier with long hair.

Tay DBL: He looked WAY BETTER before. His "After" outfit and haircut makes him look like he NEEDS a makeover.

Soraya Esfandiary: He couldn't look more uncomfortable if the tried.

Blake Brunson: Dude went from cool to dork in under a minute. Title of vid should be “we think men are better when they conform to society”

Rikki Vasquez: Well 5 years from now. He will have great long hair.

Tobal_Labra: I cut my hair short one time after growing it out for 2 years and the hair stylist did such a terrible job, I went home buzzed it all off and restarted growing it out again lol. I've had it long ever since.

Kpropp: He went from "your daughter calls me daddy too" to " I'm still a virgin and I'm 40 years old"

TheGreenNoise: And now he just looks like any other audience member, sigh. He looked amazing with long hair.

Talal Menkeş Osmanoğlu: Idk why he cut his hair....long hair is beautiful!!

Gutter Bear: "I've been growing it for about 5 years now. I cut it to about here 2 years ago." So you've growing it for 2 years. That's how that works.

Tabrez: And this is exactly why I'm afraid to cut my hair. I have no idea what to do

IOoze Mayonnaise: My hair is mid back length, and I fucking love it that way. The only reason I'd cut my hair is to give it to charity.

M I N U I T: Uggghhhh he went from "looking like a snack" to "put that in a doggie bag." Guys look so sexy with long hair and honestly any person that makes you go on Rachel Ray to butcher your hair is your enemy.

TreyP: I would love to have long hair like him

The Kóryos Tribe- Men's Podcast: This is disgusting. . My son and I grow our hair long due to our native beliefs. I tell my son if anyone tells you to cut your hair, you tell them to shove it. We will never cut our hair. EVER.

Diego Meneses: OMG poor guy, that was just horrible. He's an amazing actor tho, I couldn't possibly fake a good reaction like he did

Dodo Bird: Wtf he looked so damn hot before? Lol if she don't want him I'll take him. What a catch. He looks good all styles but omg that long hair was impressive. It made him look like a Viking stud. Guys, if you want long hair, rock it! Girls if you want short hair, go for it! Hair is just hair. It doesn't make who you are

Wolfbone: You can tell her is SUPER uncomfortable and conscious when the hairstylist is explaining his haircut....I honestly felt bad for the guy watching that and hopefully he's grown it back out by now haha

Zuppo | Animación: they literally destroyed this man's whole career

Leo Enlightened: Hopefully he learnt something from this experience, hope he sorted it all out, including the clothes.

Brooke: How dare you, long haired men are gold

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