Which Do You Prefer? Short Or Long Hair #Shorts

  • Posted on 24 April, 2022
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

Keep On Growing!

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Go ahead, you're gorgeous. What can I say,

Laura: What a GORGEOUS man! Hair looks great both ways but short just makes him look so much more attractive. I think its his eyes that are doing it ☺️

Deb Topley: Short. But Greg is handsome both ways!

Conger Scott: Short looks great, wish i had your hair .

Who's Joe?: I've always looked great with Short hair and when I grow it out I get mixed signals about its looks but never once with short hair

Célia Dantas da Silva: Belíssimo em todas as versões !

Hassan Awada: Did Beardbrand just rickroll us?

Cheeri Rinaldo: He has really beautiful thick healthy hair that a lot of women would kill for and it looks good long but it looks even better short. Very GQ.

Jason Lindsey: Long for young men, short for older men. Same for women. But women if they so desire can get away with long hair as they age. Men are looked at as trying to recapture youth with long hair. Yours looks OK but most don't.

Cesar Yael Murillo: Zeus mode vs Imperial mode? Zeus mode without a doubt! But you look great in both Sir.


Kathy Holcomb: Needs the beard a bit tighter to his face. Great looking man!

Josette: Adonis either way but I'm going with short

Andie: Both! A beautiful man! I hope he is as beautiful on the inside!

jinger jar: Loved long short HOT

Arthur Bridges: He looks like a movie personality or a top executive. He looks like money What transformation

Арсений Пилипенко: Pov: 1.Santa in North Europe 2.Santa in Eastern Europe

Jaleesa H.: That was amazing

Logan vgg vv: Who cares what we think do it for yourself Greg.

Deceit: Both. Either way the beard and mustache are the true winners

M Elle: I see you SIR!!

Rosan Hawkins: Both

Bre *: Short!!!… He’s Cute

cynthia prater: Wowwww que cambio. Qye guapo definitivamente me gusto el Sr.

cobrablast channel: OMG HE'S MR. DORIAN FROM BAKI

F B: La classsss

Faze Dumb Jr: Short

Hermelinda Martínez Torres: Eres un hermoso woooooo

Jim L: Long hair, no layering, all one length! That, combined with the big beard and 'stache, makes for a winning combination. The short hair is boring.

Val Kimmel: Both

Shuvashish Sharma: Short

Ty1: Short.

Jane Smith: Long!!

Supermanofearth9999x: Should have gone bald and donated the hair.

Alejandro Cruz: Short hair

Arun: Short


MsCheriecoco: Forget steal your grandma. You can steal me all day. Will just have to do some explaining to my husband.

Moongirl: Sooo what's his insta

Ethan Troy: Shorter

AAR: Long

U wish u knew Nunya: Very handsome

Atar Buck: Both.

Gail Bartlett: Dammmmm!!!!!!

Koolhandluke Makemyday: Long

Mrs.Harlow: He look like Santa klaus better fit little brother

IT'S ME FROM 713: Well dang

Ana Vieira: I wish i meat you, you are a beatiful men

SoCalPami Cakes: MeOw

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