Did Jesus Have Long Hair? #Shorts

  • Posted on 19 May, 2022
  • Long Hair
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This video explains if Jesus Christ had long hair according to the bible, and what the scriptures say about men having long hair.

Many Christians have a distorted view of Jesus due to all of the graven images that are portrayed of him. However, when using the bible, we can find out a lot about his appearance, and we can tell if he had long hair, and what the bible says about men with long hair.

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We learned from first corinthians 11, verse, 14 doth, not even nature itself, teach you that if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him in this verse. The holy ghost is saying through paul. That is a shameful thing for a man to have long hair, not only that, but even the natural world used to look upon man in that way, without knowing these verses from the word of god, through social media and television, a lot of wickedness is portrayed as Acceptable and has made christians desensitized, but throughout history a man that had long hair like a woman was shameful and the lord jesus who kept the way of god perfectly, would never displease god in that way.

PAPADOC: So what about Sampson? His hair was his strength.

Patricia Harris: Amazing, of all the things needed to be taught this person choose to talk about the length of a man's hair as if somebody's going to burn in hell for having long hair. If you're going to teach someone something about the Bible teach them importance of God's laws, statues and commandments because that's what you're going to be judged on.

verdewolf: Ahh this is a shame itself, I grew my hair out past my shoulders and I enjoy the pony tail look; it’s different and has changed my appearance along with my previous structure of persona attitude. but the reason men cut their hair for the main only was to be one less object for a man in battle to not get his Hair pulled to easily be controlled, lack of control equals submission, and if you were a man in the previous era and even til today men are viewed as a security deposit for national security in during times of duress and war. I couldn’t join the army for eczema so I have no reason to keep it short, I don’t intend to fight anyone and neither did Jesus. But when someone wants to try to pull my hair in times of war I will assure you I am pulling two balls between ones legs and will dribble them up and back down the valley of death. I am a straight man, purely enjoying life. Yet alone God spoke to me the other day and God for you all to know Him! More people are further away from God than you realized. Call upon God to be assurance in your life just like you would do with you loved one! God wants you to know Him! Amen stay blessed friends!

Debra Ann Matthews: Keep reading until the last sentence in the chapter … of this there is no law … oops Get the rest of the story

Randal Moroski: Unless he was under the vow of the Nazarite… which is very possible… being a Nazarene…

Jeffro Bodine: I love you God and Jesus Christ very very much Amen

Serenity : Amen

Red: Leviticus 19 27 don't round the hair at your temples or trim your beard

brother andrew: What does he mean with "long hair"?

Micky41: Sampson had STRENGTH through his hair. It was long and he was mightily favored of the Lord in his strength because of it. Until a TRAITOROUS WOMAN....

King David777: Samson, John the Baptist, and even Paul for a period of time all had long hair because they were under the vow of the nazarite...Yeshua being the fulfillment of all things biblical, it would only make sense that He had long hair.

Paul Soady: If you read it in context, and in context with the previous chapters, it’s about spiritual adultery.. this chapter focuses on headship (covering), and long hair is used as a shadow pointing to the weightier matter. Messiah is man’s headship and man is woman’s headship. Men and women are equal except in authority. Gods design

Kywildcats: What I always thought

I'mJustSay'n: Coukd you show according to scripture how you know this was The Holy Spirit speaking by the mouth of Paul and not Paul himself?

chasecapitalent: 1 Corinthians 11:16 But if any man seem to be contentious, we have no such custom, neither the churches of God. Paul stated In this passage that there is no custom in the law being taught in any of the churches which prevent men from having long hair. In fact if men having long hair was breaking any type of mosaic law or code of conduct in general; Then why didn’t Jesus speak out about it?? Where in the Bible can I find a law that condemns a man with long hair? 1 John 3:4 Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law. Paul obviously had to address at the church in Corinth the effeminate men 1 Corinthians 6:9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

Keh-Dalia: Every person, including myself who have seen Jesus or had visitations from Jesus have all described him as having shoulder length hair. Perhaps what long hair meant then is actually long hair pass the shoulders, and not shoulder length.

Dorothy Vailes: Who Inserted That Into Scripture? Samson Had 7 Locks, He Didn't Cut His Hair So How Long Was His Hair?

ReverendTFunk: The Greek word "komay" means "braided" or "plaited," as in "worn in a decorative fashion." It is not about length at all. Nazarite vows involved not cutting the hair for years. Absalom cut his hair once per year, and it weighed more than 5 pounds when removed.

Chris Lawson: I used to have long hair, and it bothered a lot of people. Now that I shave it short as I can, plus no beard and seeing so many different people in life it comes down to loving all people. Jesus healed the worst from lepers that the law said don't go near, to the demon possessed, then us here in the now by the Holy Spirit he sent. God looks on the heart you can't please God in the flesh. He didn't come to save the righteous. Paul said he was all things to all people. Jesus certainly was. I seen an all face tattoo guy just for a second, and the Holy Spirit said I don't like that, not the tatted face, but my thoughts of him, then I searched my heart through scripture and found it guilty of judging. I didn't think it was judging at the time. The Holy Spirit will guide in all truth. In heaven everyone will have a new body and name that Jesus gives. Lazarus died twice, I'm born twice but Jesus died once for all that believe. Pride that is so small can be enormous and a person that is not led by the Holy Spirit will fall eternally in the bottomless pit.

penny neal: Thank you for taking the time to make this video! :)

J Prophet: That shows how every Jesus movie you saw he had long hair. That tells you they doesn't know much about the scripture.

Frank Poropat: It also said in verse 16, “But if any man seem to be contentious, we have no such custom, neither the churches of God.” But truly, Jesus would not have had long hair.

Wick And Vessel: At least two categories of context are being grossly ignored in this video as well as in most of your comments.

Michael Zimmerman: Unless a man had the vow of a Nazarite on him, but yeah, you're right, Jesus did not have long hair.

abbhi's stream labs donatiom: The verse before it literally says judge amongst yourselves. Verse 16 also says no such custom exists in the Churches of God.

June Viarruel: I'm sorry you're wrong. Context context context Jesus had long hair. Samson had power through his long hair. There had to be a reason for that statement.

Trevor Mendez: All the pictures that I've seen with Jesus with long hair what are you talkin about

Lance Adams: Very interesting on Samson's part when his hair was his strength from god make sure you are right

Zach Z: Unless like Samson and many others, he took a the Nazarene vows.

DreamScapes : FL Studio Mobile Creator_Gamer: The cutting hair so short is a roman invention, seeing how against God they were does it seem strange we all took this part of the culture and express it worldwide today, your hair is your connection to the energy/spiritual field around you.

Debra Ann Matthews: 1cor 11:16 … we have no such custom nor do the churches of God

Laura Wofford-Brown: Thought Nazarines had long hair and what about Samson?

Dan Judex: It’s also important to remember that Paul was a Roman citizen. The common enemies of Rome were Celtic and Germanic tribes. Who had traditions of wearing longer hair. To the point where Romans saw long hair as one of the signs of being a barbarian. So, it could also be that Paul was drawing upon his biases that long hair is associated with being barbaric and uncivilized. Remember, Paul’s whole thing was trying to make Christianity more palatable to the Gentiles (ie Romans) so putting lines in like these was meant to connect Christian values to Roman ones.

beflaf: How about reading verse 16! We can take any one verse and make it mean what we want... The Bible must be taken as a whole. 16 ...we have no such custom, neither the churches of GOD.

Walter Alfredo: The Question how long is the hair of the woman or for the man

P S: That's very interesting but The Apostle Paul. Never met eye to eye/ ate with Jesus. Paul after Saul, did his ministry after Jesus death and resurrection. So to get a clear understanding of this scripture. It is best you put it in prayers and ask God Almighty Jehovah for revelation.

fvrjohn14: You must discern what's cultural and what's outright sin. Today a man wearing a dress would be a shameful. I bet you don't greet men with a holy kiss

Jeremiah: Look at nature. The Lion or even birds who have more beautiful fur or feathers then the female

Providence Acts 7:33 Isaiah 9:5: 1 Corinthians 2:14

isabellaburnett: ...so what do we say about that long blonde hair blue eyed version (not)

jeff gano: What is long hair for a man ?( biblically speaking)

Name: Yea but what is LONG hair? I think it’s logical to imagine a females ‘long’ hair in Christ time was down to her knees. Hair hanging just at shoulder length doesn’t strike me as ‘long’.

malikthedragonbeast malikthedragonbeast: Jesus hair was like wool‼️

Matt Dies: How did man cut his hair with a rock?

Betty Marshall: Man paint that picture that Jesus had longhair!

John pulawski: Just one more reason that I think Paul's contribution to scripture is questionable. How does "Nature" verify the "Shane" of long hair?? Absurd! Paul was a Roman citizen, haircuts were a Roman Pagan practice. A shame if you are a Roman Sunday Temple twerp. The word of Paul is not the word of God He set Christianity on the wrong course. Ask Saint Stephen

GhostBlue: If I had a good husband, then I have no issue with covering my hair. None, whatsoever. I have so many dupattas( indian scarves basically), that I could wear to cover it.

Joseph: The first century Jewish historian tells us that Jews had "close cropped" hair. Close cropped isn't shoulder length as many people are saying.

Truth Wins!: “Long “may be relative. Women didn’t cut their hair So it was very long. For men to have shoulder length hair or thereabouts probably wasn’t considered long. Consider that they didn’t have scissors and barbershops. But the more important thought is: “Man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the thoughts intents and purposes of the heart.”

stunnedmullet blah: I had never seen that verse. My preference is masculine men. I don't even like men to moisturize. There's something gay about it.

Ian Stuart: You run the risk by only using the KJV you get a narrower understanding of a verse. More literal, Jewish and researched translations imply the disgrace is having long hair like a woman, rather than just long hair.

IRK Justice: Why does nobody ever read the other verse? "But if any man show contention, let him know We Have No Such Custom"! ?? I believe it was a Roman custom!

Sold to be Diers: You’d do well to look into the vows of the Nazarite. Such as Samson & Samuel.

Ginger Cat: Except for a nazarite, who is Samson

Rabbit Love: The Messiah had kinky hair like lambs wool

JediDre-BenHereb🗡: IT makes 0 sense and I'd go as far as to say it was added. You still had practicing israelites and in those tribes they either had Locs like Ezekiel or partook in a Nazarite vow. The verse is oddly placed and makes 0 sense concerning the tribes

Patricia Ebert: Wait now...one tribe of Jews had long hair...and sampson...? So...there are exceptions for those god sees fit to make different...!

Robin Workman: I don't understand the nature thing.male lions have a long mane, male elk have longer hair.

Rocker64: Inaccurate the original Greek and Jewish culture meant putting jewellery in the hair because a woman could be divorced for any reason she kept her valuables in hair


Stacy Phelps: U learned incorrectly … in Ancient Aramic/Hebrew it says that it is shameful to cut your hair …

Cody Carl: You show a pic of a peaceful yogi, like I said ok bud

A Team: The word Testament means Covenant. Jesus is the New and everlasting Covenant. The Old Testament is called old for that reason.

Adam Lee: Egyptians wore wigs the reason they cut off all their hair, was because of the hygiene and stench they had. The shame is not in the length of hair but in how one takes care of one's hair. The shame is the lice the ticks and the snarls. The shame is when you have to cut it all off because of one's teachers. When you're bald and humiliated amongst your peers. That is the shame you see there. It is the baldness from ticks, lice and unbathed stench. Shame on you, for expecting that opinion in today's day and age. What you see is primitive, what you get is primitive, You refuse to see the homeless child, shame on you.

mrmelodical1977: Tell me pretail what is considered long hair in bible days? Can u answear? I bet you'll answear through your culture and your up bringing. Did u know that women are not allowed to cut there hair at all. Riddle me that.

Rufino Kopolos the Nomadic Minimalist Gardener: Paul didn't speak God's word.

Kenneth Schweighardt: Yea.. we look at the length of hair but not the Sabbath? The ‘Christian ‘ community mis represents Almighty God so much so it is a miracle anyone respects or reverences God at all.

Cody Carl: Wow!!! OK bud.

Matt Miller: I haven’t cut my hair since covid started, and its past my shoulders. I’m a Christian, and read the book everyday. I don’t think God will damn me just for letting nature do its work.

Anthony Grant: Its is written he shall be called a Nazarene...please go.an read on the requirement for Nazriiteship ...John the Baptist was told that razor was never to touch his hait.. .get it . Even though Paul said that it was relative to the headship arrangement ...so Jesus or any Nazirite were their hair long to symbolize their submission to Gods headship to carry out their service to him

Mike Inocencio: Jesus too was a nazerene. Where they were forbidden I believe to cut theyre hair.

David Guerrero: Didn’t Jesus have long hair.

Jenny Animal: What about the mighty male lion, or male birds, lol nvm

stephen korosi: You deny the commands of our lord the barber.

K Hewitt: But the Bible also said , do not put baldness upon his head, neither shave the hair from the corner of his jaw.... witch is don't shave your face don't cut your hair, and I've never seen on picture that they claim to be christ with short hair. And why would God ; give the power to Samson?

Vinny Klipz: What about Sampson?

Malamute Aerospace: Long hair is defined differently back then. Jesus hair was to the collar. Not down his back. Peace.

INCORRUPTIBLE WORD: If you regard truth explain where nature reveals it a shame? Also how do you qualify this is a God given teaching? Where is God speaking in this without speculation? Also what is long hair exactly? This is no more than opinion and tradition

Maria Lulu Garza: Why is it that every single person that has seen Jesus says he has long hair?

Ronnie Brunson: Jesus was a Nazarene part of that was an oath to God and growing their hair doing the time that they were fulfilling their oath

Scott Heikkila: Weird if we look at the actual time... the hair was long. The only verse, That is questioned of being authentic. So why would you use these one verse. You should probably look at actual history.

David dogood: Oh ye judges. You decree by degrees. Have you no faith? I know you not. Begone.

Patricia Peterson: Two different hair lengths. Womens hair was very long. "Not as a woman".

Lequita Hartfield: Don't wear your long hair like a womañ wears hers wear your long hair like a man

D G: God commanded Samson never to cut his hair in keeping with his Nazarite vows so.........?

Durius Wulkins: I’d say a Biblically dangerous hair length for men would be to the point where one couldn’t be distinguished between male and female; seeing as men 2000 years ago did not cut their hair as often as we do nowadays. However, in our current cultural climate, it is probably best that men keep a culturally short hairstyle, and that is what I believe the verse should be interpreted as today. I get mine cut once a month; the point is men should look like men, and women like women.

BG2: LONG HAIR in bible days was below the waist. The woman wiped Jesus' feet WITH HER HAIR ! It was normal for women to have extreme hair length.. And THEN LOOK AT THE LION!

Gary Ellington: That's TRUE We Have No Idea what our Lord Jesus Christ Look Like, or the Length of HIS HAIR!!!

james descopin: So now please tell me why they always showing a white man with long hair ,

Fawn: Thats not an accurate translation but ok. It doesnt make mention of hair length its referring to a man styling his hair like a woman. Lol. The KJV is such a laughable translation. Thumbs down for inaccurate information.

Dennis Hibbard: So how long is how long

Hungrycrab: How does nature teach you to be shameful of long hair on a male? For example: male lions have longer hair than females and they are a symbol of strength even in the bible.

Rachael Booher: What about samson?

Chris Reed: All those pictures of Jesus are not actually Him.

Alex Johnson: What about Sampson? So the Christians put false words in Paul's mouth.

kazoni: meanwhile me with my long luscious pagan hair lol

BIBLE REDPILL: This fool is wrong read the next verse paul says this 1 corinthians 11: 16 but if anyone is inclined to be agrumentative We have no such tradition nor do the churches of God

Kenneth Brown: This was a letter written to the church that was on Korinth, to the gentile Israelites who were hellenized and became Grecian out of fear of dying. When Paul came onto the scene he was bringing these people back to the circumcision by sharing with them the things Christ commanded him to tell them concerning the commandments. He makes it clear that along with head coverings on men that by doing so your not breaking the SPIRITUAL LAW of The Most High. The customs of man do not exceed the law of GOD, which is spirit

DON'T JUST BE ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL 2: Wait till you figure out Jesus wasn't European

lovedsavedandblessed: We don't know what Jesus looks like and we're not supposed to until we meet Him!

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