Must Watch For The Guys With Long Hair #Shorts

  • Posted on 20 July, 2022
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

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Because i wanted at least some type of texture, because my hair is really long, yeah yeah, so you definitely have what we'll call it straight hair right, but i think with what we got going on so far dude right around here, right, yeah, because right now, it's Like down to your chin, yeah, let's bring it. Let'S bring it down to like that. Maybe right, underneath the eyes yeah, i'm gon na show you right to behind the ear right here. Okay, so all is gon na be faded. Okay uh. I recommend getting a taper right, so you can do the taper honestly. I think that the taper will last yeah last longer right, um, so we'll shave on all underneath all this yeah, we'll feed it up into the hair up here. Okay, uh we'll probably bring it back to the ear right here: okay, cool! Well! That'S more texture back here! Let it grow a little bit more as well. Yeah yeah, some more different, more the wolf cut kind!

GreezZa 2.0: Idc what y'all say he looked pretty good at the end.

Roygbiv: His facial expression looks upset but that’s a good cut !

Cameron Blake: If I had really straight hair like him, I’d get that same cut. Looks sick

Kealani Yamini: He looks way better in the end

Stephen Greater: He went from being Philippino to looking Mexican

Soup Doup: I sorta have this cut. My hair is damn near shoulder length, but a small section on both side of my hair is short, which kinda saves me. For the most part though, I have hair everywhere else, all the same length.

Trizzy: This cut was better than the one he had before but the barber also coulda done better

PBJsamwich: You really have, what we call in the business, “straight hair” right?

EJ A: His hair looks super healthy!

Joshua S: I need you guys in cali tho or self cut on how you guys do it . I trust myself more than others

23 23: "This is what you you should do if you want to keep your long hair" Me: Don't cut it off?

Giggles: The mullet is back y'all, but not nearly as cheesy as the ones we rocked back in the 80s, lol.

BRGO_: Did he really say a taper is going to last longer than a fade??? never heard that one before

S A U: Got that Eddie Guerrero from WCW cut

Gilgamesh: bro is gifted with good hair genes

ok: why he look so pissed that cut is better than his last

Quel Belle: Awh that poor guy looks so distraught at the end

Im not mark: Did the dude wanted a mullet? I’m so confused.

Vic: My boy hot that Eddie Guerro vibe. Dale !

starlord1917: Should've just done a low tapper grow the hair out

arsondevil: It looks SO MUCH better you saved his hair for sure

Ayesha Mariam: Real life Levi hairs ✨️

Chelsea Fc: Could of done so much more with his heir

R3551N: looks nice, but doesnt fit him that much

no: Latino Heat

Nazrul Shah: Nah idgaf what yall say this cut was taste

Shoaib 🖤: He's traumatized at the end

BeastedNinja: Glow up

Matthew kirby dunca: W cut

Cristovão Mendoça: He's worst now

Zayden Arendse: Looks better before

Kevin McAssaler: I know he paid way too much for that. Just a fade


Ana Adrián: Yeah… He fucked up getting that cut…

BrokenRezBaby Geezi$: His hair is not really long lmfao

Cloven: Ain’t it

TheLinaShow: i liked the cut he had before a lot more tbh

Marc Murray: Terrible - better before

Lυcαร ૨єиαи: Lmao he hate it

Valinordan kaçıp Noel Babayla çalışan elf: F...ed up

TY216ixx: Wtf

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