Why Long Hair Is Bad (As A Guy)

  • Posted on 19 March, 2022
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

Long hair is great but it comes with some drawbacks...

Songs used in order:

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up


Le Tigre- Deceptacon


Junior Senior - Move Your Feet


This entire video was filmed on an iPhone

and watched a ton of @Kelly Wakasa before editing

So you know the rules, i think it's too long and it's really just an annoyance. At this point, when i was in high school, my principal was really strict on guys having long hair. There was like a uniform code and you had to have your hair at a certain length. If it touched your collar or your ears, they would make you cut it, so that was kind of the rule, since i started going to that school in, like fourth grade all the way to 12th grade, and i just never got the chance to grow up. My hair, i feel, like that's one of the biggest reasons why i wanted to grow out my hair. I never properly grew out my hair until uh. That was like the perfect chance to grow my hair and i feel, like a lot of other people, grew out. Their hair as well, i grew my hair out because i didn't want to get a countdown epidemic. Oh my god grew it out during the time. So i blew off my hair, so long here was great and i loved the feeling of having hair. In my wind hair and my wind, i love the feeling of having wind in my hair summer. Months were definitely hot, but it was still fun. The idea of just summer and sunsets and grassy fields, long flowy, hair. It just felt nice, but after some time well it wasn't so nice. My hat likes to fall off. Taking hair ties out. Oh, my god, not a fun time, walking against the wind, a skateboard or an electric board, while there's cars all around you and it's super windy. It'S like really dangerous eating eating eating again more eating eating. I don't know how many more times i'm gon na say eating, but that one's probably the biggest one brushing your teeth showers. Why are we still here just to suffer putting your bag on and your hair get stuck on the straps? That'S a weird one. Look at this okay, so i could go bald um. Obviously i i like long hair. I just don't like how high maintenance it is so i'm over here i'm trying to go right here. I have an album on my phone of haircuts that i want and there's this one guy that stands out to me. His name is ryan kelly and his whole feed is like really aesthetic. You know super vibey um, this picture this picture - i i don't have the hair genetics for this at all, so it might not look like this. I think i'm gon na go with that. So i have. I have the picture right here got scissors right here. All right, so i think i'm gon na this is a first cut here here we go gotcha. Oh, i'm not gon na cut my own hair, i'm gon na get someone else to cut it and go to a place, and i think i'm, i think, i'm ready to sew. So, oh

Xavier4One: I typed “long hair on men” looking for inspiration and your video showed up maybe after 1 scroll down and I’m genuinely impressed by how entertaining this was, Great job dude!

Abir: I have had shoulder length hair since I was 10, I’m 16 now, I love it, the problems he describes in the video are pretty basic, usually you just need to find what works for you, for me its just tying it up in a pony tail. But its not for everyone, whatever's right for you ig.

muskndusk: As a woman with long hair I carry hair ties with me. When trying to eat something, just put it in a loose ponytail. No need to cut the length again, just have some layers put in it and learn how to look after it, such as using a long wide toothed comb.

Jagernado: your editing skills are awesome! not just that but your general creative directing skills as a whole is really impressive! keep it going mate

Erica The Empress: During the pandemic I thought 2 men were women when I was a cashier one laughed when i said "Hsbe a nice day ma'am" another one just replied in a DEEP masculine voice "Thanks" while I was surprised he wasnt a small teenager girl in pajamas.

Jonathan McVay: Whatever is right for you, man. Personally I think you looked really great with long hair.

ComfortablyLost: DUDE Your video editing is off the charts! Well done on a fantastic video. Also, great song choice for the montage

James kane Fdo: Great video brotha.. I'm also dealing with those struggles even though i have 1 year long hair... but it feels great to grow out your hair you know

RJ Carter: You had beautiful hair. I used to have long hair and it was very inconvenient for all those reasons you mention. I had it buzzed almost the skin and I've kept it. Very convenient and I don't mind the look at all. BUT I do miss my long hair, and I always admire and envy guys with nice hair like yours (was). I hope you grow it back (but, of course, I didn't!). I'm not a fan of the intermediate lengths--too trendy for my taste. Great video, by the way. Very well done.

Wizminders: This man is gonna be a YouTube star! I'm glad I got to help film the intro to this awesome video.

Empty Bottle: man i really miss my long hair :(( now i'm on 6 months hair growth

xull: i love my should length hair but it can get really annoying at times but i could never cut it off

Thenormalguy101: the main reason i cut mine was just the food aspect lol. also love how you included how it catches on your bookbag. its been half a year since you published this video, hows it now?

Adonay Habtom: The vibes this video gives off is immaculate

Tatsumaki Mizu: Luckily for me I like putting my hair up when I have it long. Especially into a ponytail. I would have it long currently, but I am planning to join the us air force and I am getting close to that age.

Adrian: i feel ya on this one. ive been growing out mine for nearly 2 hours and its down to my chest, but the problem is that i have straight thin asian hair with 0 VOLUME, and honestly its super annoying. I cant do anything and i mean anything without a hair tie. Even like bending down and plugging in a socket or anything that invovles looking down, my hair just falls infront of my face. However, i dont like short hair so i dont know what to do with my hair anymore. Having it tied up looks good, but then again i dont have a beard

John Wilkinson jr: I saw this video home page barley scroll through. The editing on this was amazing. You deserve more views then this! Great job on the video! I’m trying to grow my hair out. Im on month 8.

Eduu: Man, this is prob the most relatable video I have ever whatched, I may cut mine till next year (after gratuating) I can't stand the bath and the time it took to dry it out (help me)

Nikita dimitrov: This vid was a masterpiece. I subed and looking forward to more light lifestyle videos like this one.

cobraistyping: Don't know how but this is one of the most satisfying videos I have ever watched, the editing is fantastic.

Slick: Great video! Saw this on my recommended. Loved the way you edited this

Monique Writes: I am about get a professional to cut my hair soon because it’s giving “mad hatter” from Alice in Wonderland. I just feel like the Pandemic DIY Culture is officially over for me . My advice is to try braid or have shaved sides? - Have you thought about braids like Dillon Brooks or Brandon Lake? The sides are shaved but the middle is still long so it’s like the best of both worlds. Anyway hope this helps.

silver : same issues as a girl. frizzy, itchy, uncomfortable, in my eyes and mouth, blows everywhere, sweaty, heavy, looks bad up but also down for me

Crite Mike: Just tie it up, or for a more secure fit, place the knot in the cap hole. Works absolutely great for me, have no problem with long hair myself. Otherwise, good vid chum

Scriptly: the haircut looks so good!!

Jason Fernandes: Did you notice a lot of breakage when you had long hair ? youre one of the few people ive seen with more or less my hair type and im curious if its just me or what lul, great vid btw the editing is on point

Insinergy: I’m growing my hair out currently because I was intrigued and really liked erens messy distressed man bun from aot. My hair goes down to my chin currently rocking a middle top curtains and still probably have a good year before I achieve my goal. you think I should cut it or give it a try? I’d like to have long hair as a man once in my life but at the same time I have my family telling me to cut it....

Luther H: Great editing! The graph was funny

Ron Nato: One downside of long hair on a guy is that it hides your head shape and if you have a nice shape then it might be better to show it.

Mainak Biswas: Very nice video, bro. Loved it! Nice editing!

Brian Ariyo: I love this bro good stuff!!

Eduardo Garcia: Really good editing. Keep it up man you're sure to become big if your consistent✊

Ashnay Isaacs: Guys growing out hair & girls cutting hair, sheeeshhh; one of the best videos I've seen so far.

Quiet Giant: Intro reminds me of myself, but i'm fat with octopus locks (not dreads just thick) and i play the chorus for 'Bring me to Life' everytime i skateboard.

Mario: I have my hair long for more then two and half years I wouldn't cut it i like it so much of course there are negatives but there are more negatives. Rly cool video I liked it and you have awesome editing.

alex: you look like a proper indie boy now. GREAT VIDEO

ELKNIGHT: I have long hair too and it was fun at the beginin but not anymore xd, i'll cut it too

Jai Prakash: dude this video... i can relate to it TOTALLYYYYYYYYY

spicehurls: this was a really entertaining video and you seem very sweet! i sound like a grandma but what can u do

Bader Sami: How long did it take you to reach this height, I am 9 months taller than it is to become like you?

Anon: Your new hair is so gorgeous omg you are so cute

00-18 00-18: You got freedom to keep your hair or not but In my case, before i could feel my hair someone cut my hair 10 times. I want them longer like a woman, will keep them in bun or ponytail. I want because i never feet them before but i also like short nice hair cut.

Tuco: bro i have the exact same hair (but no as long), the dark kinda curly/wavy hair with a lot of flyaways when tied

Beatriz A. Moraes: Mano é literalmente só prender o cabelo

Anon: Your hair is so beautiful

Sally: I find guys with long hair VERY ATTRACTIVE.

Totallynotrippin 2: this is awesome, how do you only have 66 subs man

ivan emenya: Eating, eating more eating......uhh tie your hair maybe

🌴Bar'Zen Booda 🌴: Thanks to a rubber band we can pull the hair back

TaU Two: Your new haircut so nice!

wowgloria: this was a fun video

Konrad The Fisherman: i think the shoulder length fitted you alot

Rafbot: Epicest video with epicest music

Bruhmantri: the video was fun to watch

Jess W.: Aw look great!

NoobGamerBTW: Just put your hair up buddy.

Jonathan Chungath: Bro no one talking about how they got rickrolled

mlchaelz: Looks fire. dont trip chocolate chip

CalitranoN: user a ponytail like girls do, simple.

Samantha Malone: p̶r̶o̶m̶o̶s̶m̶

art onemirra: omg you are so cool and cute hehe =))))))))))))

Richard Moore: Time to go shorter

Eerie and shadows: Why can't you just make a bun while eating brushing etc etc.

Roberts Kinnars: thank god i have mullet

林杯林森北路: video with texture

UltimateBeast: I share the same opinion

George Borge: too bad you cut it. It looked really good.

NoobGamerBTW: You could've adjusted your life accordingly bro.

LarryIveFoundYou: Algorithm reads my thoughts

Paco Corona: Funny edits

Dev_dom: are you pakistani?

Vishagh: You Indian??

Just Donis: eat raw meat bro watch sv3rige

roketbee: Лось

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