Apostle Gino Jennings - Dreadlocks /Longhair (Men)

  • Posted on 10 June, 2022
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

All the days of the vow of his separation now dreadlocks or the lock, that's letting the loss of your hair grow long today they call them dreadlocks, that's right at one time it was permissible when you went under a certain vowel amen right and that vowel was Called the vowel of a nazarite that's right and he was permitted to let the loss of his hair grow long and anyone that saw him with the lots of his hair, long and abstaining from certain type of food. That'S right! Then they knew that this brother was undervalued all the days of his sister, that let you know he wasn't going to be separated forever and ever back at that time, all the days of his situation for that period of time with this law, do it's not even Nature itself itself teach you that if a man, if a man have long hair long hair, it is a shame unto him

Dorothy Green: Love ⚘️ Truth ⚘️

keneiwe: Please can I have the link for the full message. Thank you

Audrey Jenkins: Well back in the Bible days didn't Sampson have long hair and wasn't his long hair counted for his strength ???...Sampson said no scissors has ever touched his hair from birth.... this was his blessing from God and when Delilah cut his hair his strength left him ...it's the soul and the Heart of the person that our lord Jesus Seeks, the flesh profits nothing.

Rick Sannicolas: What about a Man, with no hair (Bald)?

J JJ: So… Paul overrides the Laws of YHWH? No Gino… you got that interpretation incorrect

QUINTANA QUINTANA: First off. When it says locks of hair. When you look back into it. It was not dread locks. It was braids. 2nd the scriptures tell a man not to shave his face or shave his head with baldness. I bet there's a lot of clean shaven men in your church.

realniga 301: Y’all talking about his hand signs but he promoting god so highly doubt he demonic

Hope: Bruh you just threw up the three sixes when the devil horns I was just trying to follow you man!

Peaceful Journey: Paul overrided many of YHWH laws

Dorothy Vailes: His Hand Signs..

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