5 Ways To Sleep With Long Hair

  • Posted on 06 February, 2022
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

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0:00 - Intro

0:58 - BONUS: 2 pre-sleep tips

3:13 - 5 ways to sleep with long hair

3:43 - Jesse's Barbershop shout out

5:48 - 5 ways to sleep continued...

8:26 - 3 MISTAKES to avoid

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What'S up guys, trav white here welcome back to the channel where we discuss all things: men's, hair and grooming, two quick things according to a study, i just made up right now. This video will 10x the value added to your life. If you like and subscribe, and by the way this was peer-reviewed by my one-year-old daughter, so i wouldn't argue with the science number two there's two ways to connect more with me. The first is on my facebook group. Man remains: it's got over 14 000 other guys in there who are on their hair and beard girl journey come on and join. The second is, with my free men's hearing, grooming app mandarin mains. This app is on the app store it's on the google play store for every app downloaded, there's a stray puppy that gets adopted, probably so save the puppies and download my app all right. Moving on to the best way to sleep when you have long hair. Now i'm going to start with two bonus: pre-sleep tips that will help your hair, while you're sleeping and when you wake up and then i'll get into the five ways that you can sleep with long hair. So pre-sleep bonus tip number one is to brush your hair before bed, so this will detangle your hair and help spread any oils throughout your hair. So there's not a buildup of oil on your scalp that gets absorbed into your pillow. You can also try sleeping on a silk pillowcase tip number two. Now i've heard two arguments for the silk pillowcases: i'm not a hundred percent sure on these claims, because i have not found any studies to back them up. But the two claims are one there's much less friction on a silk pillowcase than on a rougher cotton pillowcase. And the second claim is that cotton absorbs your scalp sebum, your hair oils, which leads to your scalp, essentially producing more, which could lead to a greasy scalp and silk, does not absorb hair oils as much as cotton does, which keeps it on your hair. Now, to what degree both these claims are true, i'm not 100 sure. I will say that i doubt using a cotton. Pillowcase is the main culprit for a greasy scalp. I would have to say that your shampoo, the environment you live in and your genetics plays a much stronger role and if your scalp is greasy or not greasy, the effects your pillowcase has on sebum production just seemed really negligible. To me, i'm not going to buy into that claim, but that's just my immediate thought again. I could be wrong. The other claim does actually sound more true to me, which is that cotton pillowcases are rougher to the touch. They can potentially cause your hair to either knot up or get tangled or the rubbing, and the friction can break up those hydrogen bonds in your hair and cause your hair to be really frizzy the next day, especially if you toss and turn a lot in the Night - and i actually think this is more true if you have curly hair than with straight hair, so for my guys, with curly hair, silk, pillowcase could be a really nice option for keeping your curls intact and even for guys with straight hair. I don't think it would hurt to try a silk pillowcase i mean. Maybe you would hurt your bank account a little bit, but if you can afford it, try it out see what your results are, but in any case using the following five tips can help you. No matter what pillowcase you're using so now, let's move on to the five ways to sleep with long hair, the first way just yolo it keep your hair down. Let it do its thing in the middle of night, i will say the easiest way to do. This is to throw your hair up over the top of your pillow. This will make it much more comfortable and your shoulders won't pull on your hair. If you have below shoulder length hair each time, you flip from one side to the other and full disclosure. I sleep like this like 95 of the time, because i'm just i don't know, i'm too lazy to do any of the other tips. But here are a few more options. The second tip is to use a sleep cap. Specifically a satin lined sleep cap. Now i discovered this tip from none other than internet's famous jesse's barbershop, and i figured he's already explained it so well and i haven't given him a shout out on the channel in a while. So i want to shout him out again, so i'm going to let him say this tip by using part of his video in mind. Also, it saves me time, filming, b-roll and footage of sleeping in a sleep cap jessie, i'm using your clip because i'm altruistic - and i want to shout you out - not because i'm too lazy to film hit it jesse good to see everybody. It'S me internet's famous jesse from jesse's barbershop, and today i've been summoned here to trav white's youtube, channel tip number two is using a sleep cap and i'm gon na go grab it, so you guys can actually see what i'm talking about probably should have had it Already so this is what i'm talking about when i say sleep cat. I wanted one of those like ebenezer scrooge like long ones. I thought that would be funny. That'S actually why i wanted to get it, not because i wanted to keep my hair healthy. I literally just wanted one of those, but then i learned that this is huge. If you're somebody with drier coarser, frizzier hair, you guys probably know you wake up. In the morning, your head's been going like this all night up against your pillows and your comforter, and all that uh. It tends to kind of frizz it up a little bit. But when you got one of these sleep caps on that has this like nice, soft outside, but more importantly, this nice, like satin, finish inside and it's like you know it's not just one material. It'S like it's like two right, so it's like it like slides and slips rather than grips. You know, i'm saying slides and slips rather than grips. I'Ve found that every day i wake up after wearing this thing as long as it's still in my head, it feels way better in the mornings um and also i mean sometimes i'll, do it with my hair wet because i'm too lazy to dry before i go To bed and even then my hair dries in like a more controlled curl pattern, there's a little bit of volume issue, but then you just kind of fluff it up and when you wake up in the morning, but this has been huge man, like my hair, has Never been as healthy as it is right now, since i started using a shower filter, uh, clarifying shampoo and this sleek cap, so this is really good. I think this was like 14 bucks, i'm going to link everything down in the description, but sleep caps tip number. Two all right, thanks jesse for that tip everyone go subscribe to his channel, show him some love he's got a great channel. I'Ll also add to that that this option is a preferable one if you have curly hair, because it is a great way to avoid friction. No matter what pillowcase you're, using because you're using a satin lined hair cap and your hair is staying relatively still throughout the night, which allows you to wake up with more intact curls and not a bed head frizz ball. The next way to wear your hair is a forehead ball. Basically, this is a backwards bun. Most of the time you make a bun right here on the crown of your head. This is the opposite: you're, making a bun on your forehead, and not your crown. So anytime, you tie your hair up for sleeping it should be as loose as possible, so not loose enough to fall out, but just tight enough to hold your hair in place without pulling or straining on your follicles, the looser the better. Now i use a plain old black hair tie, but you can use any hair tie of your choice, the more elastic the better because it will be a looser hold some hair ties. I recommend check out the long hairs hair ties for guys. You can also use a scrunchie. You can use satin line scrunchies, you can use the keychain hair ties. All of these are going to be really gentle in holding your hair up and they won't lead to too much breakage. But again i use this plain old black hair tie, it's really elastic and it does the job for me. Okay. So the fourth way is the twisted high ball, with a hair clip for this style. You'Re going to gather all your hair like you're, about to make a bun and then you're going to twist your hair from the root to the ends and then you're going to twist that twist again in a circle on top of your head and then you're going To use a hair clip to hold this down, it's a really gentle and quick way to hold your hair up when you're sleeping you can use either the hair clips that clip down like the ones your stylist might use in a salon. You can also use kind of those curved hair clips that clip into your hair as well. Those will hold your hair down pretty well as well. The fifth way is just to make a really loose bun on the very top of your head, so this is basically the forehead ball, but instead of on your forehead, it's not going to be on your crown. It'S just going to be smack dab on the top and again. The key word here is loose: keep the bun as loose as possible, based on the elasticity of your hair tie and the number of twists right. So with these generic black hair ties, i only need to twist and loop once through. If i wanted a tighter hold i'd twist and loop twice, but for sleep purposes one is enough and really quickly. I want to give you three mistakes to avoid, so the first one do not wear your hair in a really tight bun at night. The reason is you don't want that tightness, straining on your hair for, like eight hours or, however long you're sleeping every single night, because that can definitely lead to your hair, straining and you're, probably not balding, but over time your follicles will just become weaker and they'll. Be more prone to shedding or falling out quicker than they would otherwise. The next mistake is: don't wear your hair in a ponytail. Ponytails are typically a little bit tighter than buns. You know with a bun, you can release the weight of your hair by keeping it on top of your head with a ponytail. It can pull more, especially if the ponytail is getting caught on your shoulders, while you're turning it can just put more stress on those follicles. Finally, is avoid sleeping with wet hair, so your hair is already in a more vulnerable state when it's wet. So unless you're using a sleep cap with wet hair, a sleep cap can keep your head still and help your hair dry. That way, but if you're not using a sleep cap, then you can run the risk of just breakage and knots and when you wake up it could just be a big mess so avoid sleeping with wet hair. Let me know in the comments: how do you guys sleep with long hair and if you have any additional tips to add, please drop those as well. Don'T forget to join my facebook group, download the managed mains app and i'll see you guys in the next one peace.

Trav White: #SaveThePuppies - download the Mannered Manes app here - https://manneredmanes.io Also subscribe to Jesse's Barbershop - https://youtube.com/c/JessesBarbershop

Long John Sliver: This video could not have been any more timely! I’m watching it as I’m waking up and pulling hairs out of my mouth Thanks for everything you do, Trav! You’re a total lifesaver and the only reason I look presentable at work.

Ingvar: My hair is down to my waist and I have actually never bothered doing anything because loose buns can pull pretty hard, so I yolo it and never have any issues, which is probably a blessing

Dalton Pirtle: I use the top bun usually, but my hair is extremely curly, so after watching this I might have to go get a sleep cap and try it out

Johnathan Rhoades: I used to do the "hair over the pillow" but now I do loose top bun in satin scrunchie and that has been amazing for my fine 2a-2b hair.

thecloakedgamer: Is it safe to sleep on top of your hair. I have medium length hair, and I'm not really sure how to protect it from tension on my silk pillowcase

mario romero: I have curly hair and i’ve been using a sleep cap the past couple of months and it’s great

706redpepper: It’s been a mess and getting worse my hair is naturally red .. that’s why I’m here .. great tips ! Having a lot more tangles . After a shower I Sprayed coconut oil in my hair Used a big comb to work that in & using a face gator as a temporary sleep cap . Also with a light pony tail style or bun position I’ve noticed I’ll put my neck out of place or upper shoulders out of place.. been having bad nights of sleep because of that ..

ann martin: I do a high bun before sleep..( a loose one ) and that preserves the wave/curl and gives me volume the next day. requires very little work the next day to refresh. I don't brush wavy hair- just finger comb thru before ponytail.

العربي الوحدوي: Hey Trav. Thanks for the tips. How is the dermarolling going on? Are you still doing it regularly? Any results or improvements. Hope you can help us out regarding the patchy cheeks. Love

Neal Price: For very long hair, a loose braid can help keep the hair out of the way.

78nailbomb: I just go for a high loose bun. Half of it comes out in the morning. I'm fine with that. My hair do not get caught in my shoulders and my curly hair are not as tangled as it used to. Just make sure you do not tie it up too tight. It's a sure way to loose hair during your sleep. Long hair bros.

Vincent Lloyd: I've been using a sleep cap now for maybe a month or so now, maybe even a bit longer. I don't use it every night since sometimes I'm just too lazy to put it on, but most nights I do. I would absolutely recommend it especially if you use it after using something like an ACV rinse since the cap also acts as a protective hair "style" for when you sleep. It makes you hair keep the shine and feel like a new head of hair, at least in my experience. But even if you don't do the rinse, after washing it still just makes my head feel a lot better in the morning, and definitely doesn't tangle it as much. It also automatically makes the pre tip of silk pillow cases null since well you're in essence sort of wearing one on your head. I would say you guys should consider it 100%!

Saeed Parvar: Thank you trav you've helped me alot About long hair tips... Sleeping with long hair was one of my problems...but now I think it would be better ✨love from Iran

Jimbo EM: i don't use ties while sleeping, but I used to have the longhairs ties but they always pulled as much hair out when removing as the little generic black ties. I've used gimme brand ties which were pretty good and have been using those twisty curly "keychain" ties for a while now and it has be great!

Zyzor: I’m glad I found this. I’ve been sleeping with it down and waking up with frizzy hair and feeling when I toss and turn the hair gets stuck under my body and yanked

Shobhit Sahu: Bro it's truly useful, i have longer than shoulder length hair and i used to sleep with open hair and everytime i woke up i noticed broken hair now i sleep with top bun and boom no broken hair anymore, really appreciate it bro thank you so much for it

Mike Bartkovich: Is a bun better than a ponytail when awake too or is it just because of friction when laying down? I always thought a ponytail was less stressful on hair than a bun

Yair Moreno: Down is my way to go too when I want my natural straight texture but lately I've been sleeping in two braids no fuss no brushing in the morning and nice wavy texture. Buns are a huge no for me no matter how loose it feels like hell overnight ❗

Garrett Hines: Great video! I have my kids peer review my content too . I haven’t tried a top bun, I usually go with a pony tail on the top of my head, I’ll have to give the loose top bun a try.

ZmTopReasons: Hey Trav, regarding your beard serum for growing out a beard, you used 2 ingredients castor oil and peppermint oil. But you didnt explain how much the ratio should be. Is it correct that for the serum for every 100ML castor we should mix 5ML peppermint oil? I would reallly appreciate it if u could clarify this. Thanks Trav!

Aensland: I also sleep with all my hair flipped over my pillow . I bought the cap that jessie recommended but i woke up with a real greasy scalp the next day. One day after washing so that was a no for me.

The Hentai Aficionado: Can hair breathe properly with a sleep cap? Been thinking about getting one because of curly frizzing and movement in sleep, but wanted to know about that first.

Balla Arnold: It is FINALLY time for me to watch this. Because my hair is long

Nightlong Vibe: I do not know why , but whenever i brush my hair after shower , there always seems to be more hair loss at the back of my head compared to anywhere else and i always wondered if it's because I sleep or lie on the back of my head for long that this is happening... Or is it because of something else?

eduard karpoev: Yeah I like 1, I rarely tie my hair to begin with cause it already kinda hurts my scalp even when I do it lose.

M K: I used to wear my long long hair up in that crown bun HOWEVER it still snags my roots and I'm afraid of receding hairline. Now I just do braid downs when I go to bed. Honestly I haven't seen breakage, I haven't had headaches and my hairline seems thicker.

Conan Bowtie: I've just been using my face cover. It's basically the same as the cap.

Sarthak Sharma: Thanks. Something I really needed since I started growing 2 years ago

The Gentlemann: idk how ppl sleep with their hair loose. its literally impossible for me, my hair is curly and really thick so its unbearable to have it all over the place, i def do a loose high bun. and never sleep with it wet or moist

Sj Twix: I was waiting for this for a long time ! Thanks !!

Nick: I use a cap but my issue is that I’m a tosser so I wake up and it always falls off every time and my hair is in a birds nest

Tony Hernandez: Off topic kinda but is rosemary oil good for your hair ?

Tommy Oliver: I definitely recommend the app to anybody that hasn't downloaded it yet

Benjamin pikoikj: Hey Trav, quick question. Do you brush your hair at night and then the morning?

Kanun Dhawan: Your sense of humour is pretty good. Puppies, and peer reviewed by my daughter.

Christopher White: Love the content dude!!

Viliu 維留: Great video! Shampoo bars could be an interesting topic.

Steve James: I have straight long bob haircut so I usually sleep the yolo way or with a salon clip. Thanks anyways

you know with Marty Kauffman: I’m with you man I’m too lazy to do any of those tips just yolo it

Ryan R. Cross: I have to sleep with beanie on, I have a very sensitive trigger on the right side of my head (In fact all my triggers are on my right side, with the armpit exception.) When active it kinda tickles me and makes me twitch, also its effect goes down to about my right thigh. The longer its active the more intense the tickle waves get.


christopher broughton: I put my head upside down and do a very loose plait. instead of satin pillowcases, I have a pair of silk boxers that I put on my head! I guess that's my night cap! haha, I never answer the door with it on though!

Fuzbear E: Mannered Manes is great I am planning to try some tips from the community tomorrow morning

Andrew Malik: My hair is really long. 4” from my waist. I put it on the inside of my t-shirt down my back. Not recommended for people who might wake up all sweaty for whatever reason.

DuffyLONER64: Yo THANK you!! I've always wondered what I should be doing

Floyd Freeman: I yolo it because I’m lazy and it seemed to work my whole life so I’m gonna stick to it also my hairs curly if that matters

Weregoat: I like to comb my hair over my face and velcro it into my beard; I work a late shift and it helps keep the morning light out of my eyes.

mäddy MØRGUNN: Thnx for this video..I really happy to have this information

Ming Ming: Is it ok to sleep with damp hair that is braided not tight?

Fahad: A mix of both? I flip my head and gather my hair to the front. while I'm upside down I wear a satan bonnet. No more frizz from the pillow-cover and the curls don't get ruined by my head weighing on them

Moose: The feeling of silk makes my body freak tf out I get the same involuntary response as somebody who just touched wet food at the bottom of the sink

Arian_: Hey man. Love your work. Could you do a dedicated video related to hairloss from the coof? I've been reading a lot of reports by people who have experienced this but I cant find any data regarding how common this is. Also it would be lovely if you could do a video on Zinc since apparently it's also a great way to improve you hair quality. Thanks for your hard work.

kc camargo: Hi, I'm not a guy but I have really long curly hair. I put my hair up on top of my head with a hair clip or sometimes a crunchy And I sleep on a silk pillow case too. I've never used a sleep cap. Does anyone really use one. If so does it make you hot or not. I get hot at nite if I have a hat or cap on. Let me know. Thx Trav. I enjoyed yur video

Jeffrey Krikie: I have a silk pillowcase for my hair, and at first, it's really weird and slippery but it feels SO good now. I can't go back to cotton pillowcases ever again.

Muhammad Faheem Hassan: 2:37 an attempt to make a science out of it. I liked it.

Jason Lindsey: I don't wear my hair long anymore but do you have sleeping suggestions for men with long beards and goatee's?

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RaisedUP2: Ethnic afro hair has worse long or short hair issue when waking up from sleeping your hair is either very puffy if you have coarse fro or if medium to shorter hair your hair knots into your head any suggestions beyond cutting it off?

Shibbzie: Love your videos love the voice creaks also

4ndr3s: Two years waiting for this to happen,

Göktuğ: I used to use a high bun but now i braid my hair

Donavan Ducane: I throw it over my pillow sleep I guess

6Pope9: Thank you, I did everything wrong

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It's me MURDER: I have curly hair and i can't really bun my hair specially the side should i use the sleep cap?

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karthik Paila: I sticked to pony tails all these years....not anymore...thanks mate

Lương Trần: Great

_zebaestian: ❤

Josh The gamer: I’m 11 I just got long hair long as my bum and I

myersenpai: I use a loose hair tie

han h: Prefer yolo, fore bun, or cap

Max Singer: gurl just get a silk or satin bonnet... black ladies know best

Ren: I yolo it.

Lance A: do you have any tips on what brushes I can buy for my hair

Pubudu Perera: ❤

hodenbacke55555: DONT SLEEP AT THE SIDE FFS

Kieren Moore: Fake news! Top 3 we’re basically the same thing, AND you left out the 2 best ways to sleep with long hair: (1) hanging upside-down, like Batman ‘89; and (2) between two Victoria’s Secret models.

Birb: Anyone know what headband thing Jesse was using in his hair. Comb w thing

Struggler: I feel bad for all my Sikh brothers

Lambchop: For men? We are gendering sleep now?

john Kahlout: Jesus??

Peter Onger: Hi. Can you advise how to wear my hair so that I have no work to do with it? I don't wash my hair all year. Yes, you hear well. In fact, I don't take a shower all year round and that's related to not washing my hair. I don't use any oils, varnishes, gels or anything. My hair is purely natural. So far, I only wear my hair in a cope, but after about three weeks they are very tangled, like one big dreadlocks. Paradoxically, they are tangled from roots to rubber bands. Then it takes about 30 minutes to comb them and I'll tear a lot of them. That's why I'm looking for a way to wear them so that they don't get tangled and centered. My hair is already long under my shoulders. In this video, I learned how to make a twisted high ball. well thank you I'm trying it out right now. Maybe that will solve my problem. The reason I don't want to take care of my hair is that I take care of my 82-year-old grandmother all by myself and it's time consuming, so I've cut off all the nonsense and pettiness. I'll tell you, it's a beautiful freedom. I did a lot of things unnecessarily and now I don't have to. I feel so great. And the natural scent of my body is so pleasant. At least for me. But I don't have bad reactions from others. I even do it on purpose to run to get sweaty and then without a word I'm with friends and then I ask if I stink and they say they don't feel anything. It's very strange. But great. :) Thank you very much for any advice.

KJELL HEMERYCK: More tips less talk

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