Long Hair Guy Cuts His Hair Off

  • Posted on 19 January, 2019
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

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I have long hair. It looks like this. I have been the long-haired guy for quite a while now I started growing it out my sophomore year of college. Today'S the day we chop it off now, there's two main reasons I want to cut my hair. First, is it's getting kind of like really nappy and gross, so it needs to get healthier and two. This might kind of sound weird, but I think I use it as a crutch. I'Ve legitimately told myself in the past I'll cut my hair once I get more physically fit. My long hair is like my thing that, like people think is cool or attractive, or you know what I mean. I don't want that. Excuse anymore. I want to be physically fit and healthy, and I don't want to wait for that. She probably won't want to be in a video in the morning really more that's going to be kind of dividing the blonde with the color down yeah. You said if I get bangs, you can get your haircut and I need an appointment. I mean, I think, I'm pretty good. Let me check it. You are looking at sexy. You almost have enough to Danny. Oh really, can we just cut her not to donate so like look at these little naughties, so I found out, I can donate if I cut off enough, so we just cut it all off and we're gon na give it away. So somebody else can have long, hair, good hair, pretty cool. If you remember secrets, my band Earth groans toured with them a couple months ago, their guitar player just moved to Nashville with his lady and I'm gon na help them move in yo dude. I think I'm here there's the truck. There'S the Richard in that good to see you, man, yeah, just put it down big Italy yeah I did trying current progress, got some stuff loaded, getting very sweaty, very tired, how's it going yo Richard what happened to minimalism. I got to get this boy on the pebble. Ism training come on burn those fat reserves, dude love! You guys we'll see you later you're welcome mission accomplished now, I'm headed home to shower, and then I'm gon na head over to my friend Christian's house for some halo. Oh, can you believe it actually cut it off? Look at this see like I can't even look at that. Just a little stub I feel fresh, I feel feel good feel clean. Here'S a nipple transition. You can never really have enough Lucroy, so yeah Christian, I'm on my way, brother, I'm on my way and we're gon na drink. Some whiskey and we're gon na play some halo because four DS and that's just what we do. Magne mark 3 yeah, my road man. So I can do my film stuff too. I should get in the blog game dude you should for real. If we use these lenses, how the hell me you have so Christian just gave me this Sigma. 30 millimeter, it's a 1.4. It I think dude. It is! That'S actually a really nice lens, I'm just giving me it's just pop it on real quick. This is actually a really nice yeah. It'S good. Are you sure you want to give it to because you do not have to know dude honestly, I never use it and go use it one day. Okay, hey this is my new lens. That'S 1.4! You know it's hit or miss. We won the last game, but usually we're getting absolutely wrecked. I would be playing a lot better, but I lost all my skill and I cut all my hair off it's true, I'm like Samson with Halo, yeah Christian. I had a great date with you tonight. I appreciate your presence thanks for the pizza and the halo, the new lens, thanks for respecting my new haircut have a good day.

Deadc0w5: dude I completely get the hair thing. I had mine grown way out and loved having it long, but for the sake of a tattoo Im getting and the YOLO mentality I chopped it... and, well it really messed with me for a long while. It was an attachment I had made to my personality and it's a weird thing to let go of.

tiffanyeberlinephotography: You are my #1 FAV youtube guy. If things change, i'll let you know. I was super scared to see what was going to happen with your mop but I dig it!

Austyn Kozak: Nothing like breaking in a new lens with some Broll

hey it's savanna: You are a nice guy & your hair looks great!!

RJ Carter: I was afraid you were going to cut it short. I'm glad you didn't. You have nice hair--I liked it very long but it still looks awesome. Very handsome...

Matt WhoisMatt Johnson: Step 1. Cut Hair Step 2. Grow Beard

Erika O: Hair looks good.

Barber Mike: But you did not cut all your hair off! 4:43 Lol Looks good though. 4:56 :-) 5:03

devon nicole: ohhh i was expecting clickbait tbh. it looks so good though dude

Crazy Clef Productions: I subscribed for the hair.

David Perez: The Bee Gees are back! Stayin Alive!

dralithi: It's the Con-Air Nicholas Cage look!

Michael Weibel: You look like from the one back the the future movie, this suits you.

Dylan Cabral: Love the guitar + b roll

Matthew Klein: Still cute though.


crisp: Wut is this, why do you only have 6.4k subs. I don’t understand

raul: You ve should cut it shorter

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